Review: Sonun SN-A01

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After buying the Sonun SN-A01 earphone at it was time to review this product. A replacement was needed after losing my fifth set of earphones. The mission was to find a cheap and durable earphone.


The most important requirements for the earphones was the price. Earphones are utensils which are easy to loose and can break by using them for biking and running in rainy weather. Or when keeping them in your trousers when their are getting washed (also big brand earphones won’t survive this by the way). So the price had to be cheap! Another requirement are the looks, nobody wants earphones with a cheap look. so it had to be a bit stylish. Since loosing earphones is an issue, a colourful earphone is welcome which makes it easier to find them. Also it had to be an in-ear earphone which helps reducting ambient noise. A off course the 3.5mm plug is required since it should be compatible with many devices.

Searching was quite easy, in the overview the looks of the Sonun SN-A01 were quite nice and they matched the requirements. DealeXtreme offered them for $3,- (including shipping). Colourful with a red and a black wire. A big plus is that Sonun is a fast growing Chinese brand. They are producing all kinds of head and earphones.

Sonun SN-A01

13 days after ordering the Sonun in earphones at DX they parcel was delivered. As expected DealeXtreme packed it good, see below:

dx pakket


The first impression the Sonun SN-A01 was what a large “cable” splitter. The flat strong cable gives a firm impression and the three different pairs of in-earplugs assure you a nice fit.

earphone sonun a01 1


my phones

As you can a black/red earphone was bought. Sonun have a variety of colours for the SN-A01 as shown below:

collage sn-a01

Sound and Quality

A good fit makes the ambiet noise reduction better. The stereo sound is quite clear and strong. Whit a high volume up the bass get a bit squeaky. The flat strong cable of the Sonun has a small disadvantage, it doesn’t function that well as a radio antenna. Most phones use the 3.5 mm earplug as antenna to receive a radio signal. Using the microphone for the headset function is definitely good enough. Also the useful pick up button works! This was tested on the Huawei P6 Android phone.


Unfortunately at the time of writing this blog DealeXtreme don’t sell these earphone anymore. But you can still buy them at Priceangels or Focalprice. Prices in November 2014 are around $ 5,-.. Check the actual lowest price at or thought this direct search link.


Sonun SN-A01 is a good buy. Overall a reasonable earphone for a good price! With Sonun as brand you will receive a quality certainty from China. And the colourful earphones makes it easy to find them back after loosing them.
Despite the fact the its a good earphone nowadays the AWEI ES-Q9I might be a better consideration. Mainly the bass quality is better but still not that colourful as the SN-A01.

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