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With smartphones becoming faster and faster, it seems like they drain their batteries faster
too. There are a lot of solar chargers out there, so which one do you pick? We had a look
around and found a water­ and shockproof one for 9 dollars.


– Suitable for charging iPhones, Ipads, Android phones, GPS devices, camera’s, etc
– Waterproof and dustproof, strong, shock proof, and drop resistant
– Chargeable by solar energy (200mA) or USB (1A)
– 8000 mAh battery
– Output: 5V, 2*1A
– Indication light to show how much charge there is left


The charger seems pretty tough, but doesn’t look like it’s waterproof. It has two USB ports,
and a micro USB port. All slots are covered by flaps which don’t look like
they’ll actually stop water from getting inside. There is a hole on one end that can be
used with the (included) carabiner clip to hook it up to, such as on your belt.
There is a solar panel on one side of the charger, and a flash light on the other.



How it works

The button, located next to the solar panel is used to trigger the battery indicator and the flashlight:
a. pressing the button once triggers the battery indicator
­b. pressing the button twice turns the flash light on (full brightness)
c. pressing it again (when the flashlight is already on) toggles through different flashlight
modes: full brightness, slightly dimmed, and flashing)
­d. pressing the button twice turns the flashlight back off

Charging and Battery Test

When charging, regardless of whether this is by USB or on solar energy, one of the
indication LED’s flashes. This could be a very useful feature, because it indicates whether
there is enough light to actually charge the battery. However, we found that though daylight
is enough to trigger the indicator, it is not really enough to charge the battery: we had it
charged about halfway (two bars) and left it in the window sill. After a week it was still at two
bars! For charging, we therefore recommend using the USB connection: it charges the
battery in a few hours. However, the solar panel is of course a nice feature when there
are no outlets around. The battery of 8000mAh should be enough to fully charge a tablet once or twice, and a average phone up to three or four times.


We were a bit disappointed that charging it using solar energy takes so long. However, even
when ignoring the solar feature, it is a really useful powerbank to have around, for instance,
when camping. If your’re interested, you can get it at TinyDeal for 9 dollars. This is a limited time deal!

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