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Gaming is a skill which can be improved with a high end computer with powerful hardware and good components like a gaming mouse. Therefore the A-JAZZ (AJAZZ) Quake 7 gaming mouse has been reviewed and tested to see if a cheaper alternative can do the trick as well. 3,2,1…. Review!

All gamers know that a gaming mouse can make the difference between getting shot or surviving or of course KILLING SPREES. After ordering the mouse at Banggood the package is delivered within three weeks. After unpacking the package we found A CD-ROM with installation software and a fancy tin box which is used to store the mouse in.

AJAZZ Mouse – Features

– AVAGO 5050 Chipset
– Scroll wheel (which can also be pressed (third mouse button)
– Right en left click buttons
– Mouse speed up/down button to choose between 1800/1200/1600/2400 dpi (buttons are located behind the scroll wheel)
– Double click button (positioned on the left of the left-click button)
– Back button (to go to previous page when browsing)
– Forward button (to go to next page when browsing)
– A Quake 7 pattern that lights up and fades away (this with a cycle time of 8 seconds)
– A woven cord

AJAZZ Mouse – Ergonomics

The mouse itself is not very small, but it does appear to have been designed with small hands in mind. Of course, hands also come in different shapes and sizes so this is not necessarily a bad thing.

As my findings are not objective, I will compare the grip to that of a Logitech G500 gaming mouse (which used to be about 50 dollars). The left and right click buttons are a bit closer together, resulting (in my case) in the index- and ring finger touching the middle finger (which is not a great position to be in). A larger hand is not fully supported by the mouse when using palm grip, This may result in a cramped hand when using the mouse for longer periods of time. Using palm grip: the scroll wheel is a bit too high up.

These points all depend on the size of your hand, so if your hands are somewhat smaller, chances are it will be a lot more comfortable.

AJAZZ Mouse – Software

The CD-Rom contains a program that appears to allow you to set different profiles (for instance, different mouse-speeds), and to change the way the mouse lights up. However, it is is all in Chinese, with no (apparent) option to change the language. The buttons of the mouse all work correctly without this software, so this is no deal breaker, but it would be nice if at least an English translation was available.

AJAZZ Mouse – Usage

Out of the box, all buttons work correctly (tested with windows 10). A disadvantage of the mouse is that there is no indication of the current mouse speed. This means that adjusting the speed becomes trial and error. This could be a pain if the feature is used often. It may be worth mentioning that there is no resistance free scrolling option available.
The mouse appears stable: during several hours of gaming, there were no noticeable glitches.


AJAZZ Mouse – Quality and Design

Once connected, the Quake 7 mouse is hard to miss. It features a fading red pattern and logo on the back. This makes it easy to find in the dark, but the fact that it cannot be turned off (except, perhaps, in the Chinese software) can be a nuisance.
The mouse mostly consists of matte plastic. It look and feels like it is strong enough to withstand the occasional drop (though those should be limited by the fact that the mouse is wired). The mouse is connected using a braided wire. The plug is a little bigger than the average USB plug. This may result in problems when adjacent ports are also occupied. Please check  the A-JAZZ/AJAZZ website for more support and other products.

AJAZZ Mouse – Conclusion

If you require a mouse with gaming functions (such as speed adjustment and double clicking), this is definitely a useful mouse. It may not have as many options as a high end gaming mouse, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much either. If you are a hardcore gamer, you may want to consider a mouse with more options, such as adjustable weight, resistance-free scrolling, etc, or one with a design that does not stand out as much.

AJAZZ Mouse – Light effect on Youtube

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