Puridea i2 Bluetooth Speaker – Review

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Would you like to have a bluetooth speaker and a mobile power 2 in 1 device which can be holded on your bicycle then this review is definetly be worth to read. There are a lot of people who are using their headphones during cycling but with the Puridea i2 you could even make a call with the built in microphone. The powerbank has 8000 mAh (Gearbest says 10000mAh in their description) and this device has a flashlight in front of it with to LED Lights. Many China wholesale websites are offering such kind of devices/speakers but there are only a few with a lot of features like this one. For today we will review in-depth the Puridea i2 on his quality for all his functions.

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Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Great connection range
  • Easy connection through bluetooth
  • Bright lighting
  • Built in Microphone
  • Aux in jack
  • Micro USB cable included
  • Rainproof function
  • 8000mAh powerbank instead of 10000mAh
  • Not a great Bass
  • Not clear how to read text messages

Puridea i2 – Functions

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Mobile powerbank
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Handsfree Calls
  • Aux-in jack connection
  • Embedded USB Cable
  • Bicycle Stand

Puridea i2 – Experience

Unboxing the Puridea I looks like an high end product, the design of the speaker/powerbank is very smoothly and the stand if feeling very firmly. An english manual is included, which tells you precisely how to connect with your bluetooth device and explained all the functions of the buttons. To connect I switched the power key to on ( the device will tell you “power on”) and when to sync your phone with the device it tells you “your headset is connected”. That’s all you had to do. By pressing the flashlight icon twice the flashlight will switched on and by pressing it again twice is will switched off. On front of the Puridea i2 there are 4 led lights which tells you more about the powerbank status. It has a micro usb input and an USB output.The connection range it about 8-9 meters, after that it will stammer a little bit. The sound it great but it could have a little bit more bass. Playing time of this device is to 9 hours! The microphone works fine, and I could have a normal conversation wireless. You won’t often need the outdoor Lighting but the quality is perfect, it has a lot of brightness and the range if good as well. The powerbank is a has a less power then Gearbest is telling and runs hard when you are using the speaker in the same time. You could recharge your phone battery (Xiaomi Redmi note 2) about 3.5 times.

Puridea i2 – Bluetooth connection

Puridea i2 – Conclusion

When you are searching for one device which offers, a bluetooth speaker, a mobile powerbank, a flashlight and a bluetooth headset you should consider buying this device. The only negative detail is the quality of the bass. You can’t give a big party but when you are listen to the music by yourself the quality of the speaker is just fine. I’m using this item when I cycle, when I’m sitting in the garden and even on the beach. None of the time I had any problems with the bluetooth connection. You should not buy this thing if you are only using one of the many function of this device since there are better products on the market for each function seperatly with comparing prices.

Where to Buy?

This review speaker/powerbank/flashlight device is available in two colors at Gearbest (as a discount offer for now!):

Take a look at all bluetooth speakers on Compare Imports.

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