Product Review | Earson ER-151

Earson ES-151

In short: Never had this kind of working audio quality for such a low price (including delivery). I was really surprised by the produced sound of this bluetooth audio device. But I’m not the only one, a few friends bought it right away. It’s definitely the best price/quality deal out there.


Earson ES-151* Brand: EARSON
* Model: ER-151
* Color: Black
* Material: ABS + Meral
* Audio Connection: By Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack
* Waterproof, Dust-proof, Anti-scratch, Shockproof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercise
* Output Power: 1.5W x 2 strong output power with outstanding sound quality
* Speaker Unit: 1.5″ x 2
* SNR (Noise-Signal Ratio): ≥60dB
* Power Supply: Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable Li-on battery or powered by mini USB
* Size: 15×5.6×5.6cm / 5.91×2.2×2.2inch

My package included:
1 x Bluetooth Speaker
1 x User Manual
1 x Lanyard

Connecting the device with my phone was quite easy! After a minute of unwrapping I could  listen to my music collection. Connecting is so straight forward that I didn’t need to use the manual. Also connecting to my laptop was no problem and if you are a real noob (or don’t have bluetooth) the Earson has a 3.5mm jack.

This video will give you a good impressions of what you will buy!

Hidden function: If you want to skip a number just press quickly the volume button and it will start the next song.

– Two speakers for a perfect sound quality
– Long battery life
– Solid and Waterproof
– Portable

– Distance depends alot on the other device you are using the Earson with: a laptop five meters, iPhone four meters and a bad quality bluetooth phone just two meters
– Just in one available color

If someone asks for an example of “bang for your bucks”  then you can definitely advice him or her to buy this product! He/she won’t regret it!
Chinese webshops to buy the Earson:

Banggood for $24.99 (I bought it here) With coupon 2f8d47 even 10% less.
BuyInCoins for $26.98
Chinabuye for $31.09
DealExtreme for $32.29
Tinydeal for $34.95
TMART for $48.99

Tip 2! Because these shops know it is a hot product, don’t mind to ask for the lowest price!

Note! The product itself can differ for each shop. We read that several persons received a version without at logo, others with Earson logo and others with no logo. But also the accessories can differ i.e. with/without audio cable or power mini USB cable.


  • I received my second ER-151 today but it isn’t the same as the one I’ve had since last year. Looks identical, sounds similar but the dramatic bass response is missing. It sounds like a child’s toy. I paid £12.50 for it so I’m not too upset but be aware. It might be faulty or there could be some dodgy fakes moving around.

    • Thanks for informing us, that’s good info!

      • I disassembled it after my review – it was unusable but I was curious about its internals. It seemed to be built as it should, speaker cones and passive radiator moved freely, class D amplifier and Bluetooth board present and correct. All components mounted so as to eliminate resonance and vibration. It should have sounded like my other ER-151, but it was distinctly inferior.