Pipo P9 Review – High End Tablet for $220

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When you are looking for an high end flagship tablet with an affordable price, the Pipo P9 is a great option. Due to its powerful quadcore processor the tablet is FAST. Besides that the response time is perfect, a big screen with a sharp display and a decent battery duration. It doesn’t matter if you want to browse, watch movies or play small games this tablet will satisfy your needs. Heavy games aren’t tested (yet) but if I look at the specifications this won’t be a problem. Sorry, but Hayday seems to be pretty addicted.


plusCheap min Sound
plus Customs Roms min Camera
plus  Retina Display min Charging Time
plus  Quick & Fast min Glare Screen
plus Battery Life min Button Vulnerability
plus  Extended Storage
plus   HDMI

This tablet was bought after a search for a tablet which had to be affordable, decent battery life, a big sharp screen, HDMI support and a great modding community for the latest firmwares and ROMS. After the initial search four tablets seems to comply on the selected requirements namely; Pipo P4, Cube Talk 9X, Teclast X98 Air II and the Pipo P9. After reading review on AlieExpress, Freaktab.com and Tweakers (dutch site) the decision was made. The Pipo P9 got the best battery life, has an HDMI output and is a fast processor. Overall the AnTutu benchmark was 365548, the tablet of this review gave a  AnTutu score of 39400 with the installed firmware. Another seduction was the temporally 12% discount on Banggood.

Three weeks after ordering the tablet on Banggood.com it arrived. The ordered version has 16 GB internal storage, 64 GB external and 3G functionality (for future usage). The tablet arrived in a Styrofoam box and included;
The Pipo P9 Tablet  |  EU Charger  | USB Cable  | Adapter  | User Manual |  Warranty Card and a Leather Case Cover. A screen protector was already placed on the screen. After powering it up the battery was 84% and as expected Android KitKat 4.2.2.



The working speed and smoothness is excellent, no lags at all when watching 4K or 1080p movies. As well forwarding, play and pause works like a charm. Small games like Hayday acted smoothly and fine. All the extra installed applications worked without any problems (Telfort Live stream, YouTube, Netflix, Gmail, Skype, Chrome, Mozilla, Google Translate, Facebook and Google Maps). Not to mention, during usage the tablet didn’t get warm at all.

Portability, Battery & Charging

The PIPO P9 has a dimension of 248 x 173.6 x 10 mm and weights 580 grams. The tablet feels like a solid tablet which is firm and comfortable. All control buttons are placed on the top. In the forums people complain that the power and the escape button are somewhat vulnerable. With a rechargeable lithium battery of 8800 mAh you will get a decent battery time. Nearly 5 hours continuously full HD movies resulted in a battery drop from 95% to 30%. This is really a great plus! Using less brightness will of course extend the battery duration. Despite that the charging is a bit slow, it takes two hours to reach 0% to 44% and nearly five hours to reach the full 100%.

Display, Sound & Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS/3G

The display is amazing! A 4K movie was provided whichruns smoothly. You will certainly be amazed of the sharpness, colors and quality! It has a 1920×1200 display output and supports nearly all types of movie extensions. The HDMI output worked without any problems. The sound of the PIPO P9 was quite disappointing, the speakers are on the rear and are very small.The sound is fine but the quality decrease when volume is turned up. Combining the tablet with the Xiaomi Piston V2 and the sound is great again. The WiFi connection is decent enough, inside the home connection is good and Spotify plays smoothly. The Bluetooth chip works as expected, connected the Earson speakers was easy and a reach of 10 meters succeeded. The GPS and 3G weren’t tested since there was no reason to use them. In other reviews nobody complains about these functions so you can expect working GPS and 3G.

Other Features

The Front Camera has 2.0 megapixels and the back has 8.0 megapixels, with auto flash (also useable as flashlight). The front camera is a bit vulnerable, the construction is not very firm. The quality of the images where not very sharp and the colours a bit dim. White isn’t really white but . Although the camera is not that good it functions as webcam.

You can an active community and latest firmware, custom ROMs and tips for the Pipo P9 on the following websites; Freaktab.com, Archtablet.comTweakers.net(Dutch)

Where to Buy

The standard Pipo P9 version can be bought on different websites with different features (16-32 GB) (3G). Below you will find the tablets with 32GB and without 3G. Most of the websites contain the different Pipo types.

Banggood: $ 212,99



Tmart:$ 309.99

Fasttech:$207.70 (16GB with 3G)

Focalprice: $ 246.99


The following accessory is bought but not yet tested: 10.1 Inch Leather Case With Keyboard Function For PIPO M9 Tablet


Model PIPO P9 Quad Tablet
System Android 4.4
WiFi RSupport 802.11 b/g/n
Dim. 248 x 174 x 10.8 mm
Weight 580 g
Screen 10.1-inch IPS Capacitive Touch Screen
Pixels 1920×1200
Camera (back) 8MP 
Camera (front) 2MP
CPU RK3288 Quad Core Cortex-A17 1.8 Ghz
GPU Mail T764
Capacity 16-32GB
Battery capacity 8800 mAh/3.7 rechargeable lithium battery
Extend Card Up to 64 GB
Bluetooth 3.0/GPS/3G YES/YES/Additional
AnTuTu Benchmark 365548


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