Paypal covers your return shipping cost! China web shopping without care!

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After a couple of rumors it is finally there! Chinese webshopping is now even more attractive since PayPal announced that they will cover your return cost for you! Shopping without care! If your purchase is not what you expected or a defected item is received you probably want to us this option! Sorry for all the exclamation mark but this is exciting news.


PayPal will pay the return costs with a maximum of 30 euros per return and maximum off twelve times until December 2015. Worldwide! Off course the main condition is that your payment was done with Paypal. How does it works?

PayPal states the following;
“Asking for your refund is easy. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Just don’t forget to keep your posting receipts.”
1. Go to the claim portal & fill the online form.
2. Add your posting receipts.
3. Submit your claim.

If your claim is approved your refund will appear on your PayPal account in 10 days. On their website PayPal states that it also counts for abroad shopping websites.
CompareImports except that a lot off the Chinese webshops will support this option by Paypal and will adjust their support service in a positive way.

CompareImports advise to keep all you package materials, receipts and manual etc. Since the webshops might need this information to accept your reclaim.

How to apply?
Go to this website and enter your PayPal account.
For conditions see:

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