October 18, 2017Reviews

Teclast Tbook 16 Power Review – Windows & Android Tablet PC

This review is written in Office 365 in Windows 10 on the Teclast Tbook 16 Power itself! Everything was already pre-installed and worked smoothly from the start. My first impression, the Tbook runs sleekly while writing, browsing or watching videos on YouTube. Although working and playing with its touchscreen works well an external keyboard and mouse... View Article
October 16, 2017Reviews

Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush – DDYS01SKS Review

Do you brush too hard according to your dentist? Brushing your teeth is often more difficult than you think. There are some tricks to brush your teeth in the best way. You can try to do it just by yourself.. but if the toothbrush can help you? The Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush will tell... View Article
October 10, 2017Reviews

Electric E-scooter – E-Step Carbon Fiber from China – Review

Are you traveling a lot with the public transport? The most time you lose when traveling with public transport is when getting or waiting for your connections. With the electric scooter this problem will vanish right away. But instead of getting rid of this time loss in our busy daily lives, it is gratifying. Just... View Article
September 11, 2017Reviews

Chuwi Hi10 Pro with Keyboard – Review

Are those small Chinese tablets good to use as a laptop? Or could you better keep using them as a regular tablet? And what about tablets with Windows 10 (dual-boot) and an external keyboard? The Chuwi Hi10 Pro got both and it really feels like using a regular notebook. The keyboard types as smooth as... View Article
September 8, 2017Deals

Banggood 11th Anniversary – First Day Best Sellers

The 11th anniversary is underway! We still have more than 24 hours left, so enough deals to catch. Banggood provided us their best-selling products from day 1! 1. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – $16.99 – With Coupon! 2. Eachine EV100 FPV Goggles – $99.99 3. Xiaomi Note 4 – $161.99 Best Sellers Day 1 Xiaomi... View Article
September 6, 2017Deals

Banggood 11th Anniversary – Hand Picked Best Deals

Did you already look at all the available deals on the Banggood 11th Anniversary? A bit too many to find the real deals? We hand picked the best deals and checked if there is really no better price out there! Handpicked Deals Doogee MIX 5.5 This is one of the major deals from the Anniversary.... View Article
September 5, 2017Deals

Banggood 11th Anniversary – (Sep.7 to Sep.9) – 72 Hours Discounts

From Thursday to Saturday, 72 Hours of the most astonishing deals. Banggood is known for their low prices compared with their competitors. But now they even go one step further; their 11th anniversary is a big coupon spree with substantial discounts. Not just for a handful of items, but for almost all! They have divided... View Article
September 4, 2017Reviews

H96 Pro Plus Review – Android 7.1 4k TV Box

Looking for an Android 7 and Kodi 17 TV-Box? Read this review about the H96 Pro+ from TomTop (also known as the Alfawise H96 Plus Pro) got both pre-installed with the newest versions. We tested and compared the H96 against other famous models (Minix NEO U9-H, MECOOL BB2 Pro, and Tanix T8 Max). Is this... View Article
August 24, 2017Deals

Banggood Xiaomi Earphone Coupons with 25% Discount

Banggood is offering some nice earphone coupons. They have discounts on all the available Xiaomi (In-Ear) Earphone Models. Original Xiaomi Hybrid Pro Read our Earlier Pro HD Review Now: $19,49 Discount: 25% Coupon: ff9e70 Valid: 2017.9.12 Original Xiaomi Sport In-ear Read our Earlier Mi Sports Review Now: $21,59 Discount: 20% Coupon: fce616 Valid: 2017.9.10 Original... View Article
August 22, 2017Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Smart Shoes Review

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes are fashionable men sneakers. Gearbest gave us the opportunity to test the Mi Shoes this summer. How do they fit and do we like it as a wearable? Looks and Style First of all, don’t confuse these shoes with the Smart Sneakers with built-in Xiaomi Chips. The Xiaomi Mijia Shoe... View Article
August 18, 2017Deals

MEIIGOO M1: budget 6GB RAM Killer Flagship @ Gearbest

Recently, a new Chinese smartphone brand named MEIIGOO has been catching people’s eyes by releasing a killer smartphone with 6GB RAM and dual rear camera: MEIIGOO M1. MEIIGOO M1 is designed to be a mid-range smartphone, but it packs in a number of specs more akin to the premium side of the market. Now, let’s... View Article