Black Friday Coupon Deals Price
November 23, 2016Deals


Upcoming Friday it is the one and only BLACK FRIDAY again. In short; crazy discounts, coupons, free gift, be quick, limited items, lucky, 50% off, rockbottom prizes. All, but then also all, Chinese webshops will give their best promotions! On this day everybody is looking for the best deal and are acting crazy. Some website have already started their promotion or have sneak previews. All banners now will be about BLACK FRIDAY.
November 13, 2016Reviews

Chupad D501 – Car DVR – Review

Insurance and evidence in while driving are essential these days. When was the last time you encountered a lunatic next to you on the road? This is where a dashcam or Car DVR comes in, you will have your proof. Maybe you will record the new internet sensation! Specifications Name: Chupad D501 Chipset: Novatek 96658... View Article
November 3, 2016Deals

GearBest’s Overwhelming Singles Day 11-11 Promotion

Are you looking for the best deals on Single’s Day? Our earlier post shows them all. But, the promotions of GearBest are certainly the best. From Coupons, Gifts to Deals.. almost too much to look for. We try to give you some heads-up so you don’t miss the deal on something you want. Overview Coupon... View Article
November 3, 2016Deals

Single’s Day Promotions – 11 Nov

Singles Day, the real story behind this day is a bit vague. But what matters are the discounts. Chinese Online Webshops are trying their utmost to reach you with their best offers, deals, coupons and gifts. Single’s Day is nine times bigger than the more famous Black Friday. Why Single’s Day? The counterpart of Valentine’s... View Article
November 1, 2016Reviews

BlitzWolf Speaker BW-F3 Review

There are times in life when the average phone speaker just won’t do, but you also don’t want to haul your entire stereo set along with you. The BlitzWolf BW-F3 Bluetooth speaker may just be the solution. BlitzWolf BW-F3 – Features Bluetooth connection 3.5mm jack (3.5mm cable included) Micro USB connection for charging (USB cable... View Article
October 25, 2016Reviews

Reviewing the BlitzWolf BW-VR2 Virtual Reality Headset Glasses with Bluetooth

Virtual reality is what we believe a great thing in mobile technology. With the Blitzwolf BW-VR2 you will now have the ability to get a great sneak preview of the virtual reality. The Blitzwolf is compatible with 3.5"- 6.0" screen smartphones with the operating system Andriod or IOS. It works with up to 400+ VR Apps on the Apple store and Google Play. Youtube has a lot of videos and movies to view as panorama. With his ABS Shell, optical lenses and soft leather material around the eye area and with an headband it makes playing the VR Apps or watch 360 movies very conform. The adjustable Pupil distance and focal distance will let everyone be able to use this Headset. This Headset is only available on Banggood or Amazon.
October 19, 2016Reviews

NO.1 G5 Review – Smartwatch/Fitness tracker NO.1 G5 smartwatch review. The new stylish lightweight and sport-watch from the Chinese NO.1 brand. This affordable watch for just around 30$ dollar has many fitness functions and other nice features. Just read the review to see if it fits your needs!
October 3, 2016Reviews

Zeblaze Blitz Review

The Zeblaze Blitz could be used as a smartphone replacement. It’s just an Android phone with everything on it. But the main selling point for the Blitz is probably also it's huge downside. All those features.. it could replace your phone. However, do we want to replace our phone?
September 27, 2016Reviews

Lehoo Smart Glass/Cup – Review

I’m really bad at hydrating myself. Sometimes I forget to drink altogether, and sometimes I make myself a cup of coffee and then forget about it, so I end up drinking cold coffee - not something I recommend. The Lehoo Smart Glass might just solve these problems. To find out, we put it to the test.
September 20, 2016Reviews

Monixibi HDM1 Review

Today we tested a promising new headphone competitor from China, the Monixibi HDM1. An ergonomic, noise canceling headphone for around $45.00.
September 18, 2016Deals

Xiaomi Phones Limited Deals @ Gearbest

Be quick, Gearbest is offering some Xiaomi Phones with great discounts! Those Xiaomi phones are some great value phones and Gearbest are offering them temporally cheap. Like the XiaoMi Redmi 3 16GB silver version just $115,99 with the exclusive coupon code GB4Smart. Below you will find the other exclusive deals and coupons.
September 14, 2016Reviews

Cubot X16 S – Budget 4G Phone – Review

The Cubot X16 S is a well-made manufactured and designed phone by Cubot. Again as a budget phone (less than $120,-) this is build with decent specifications. The specs are mainly for the mainstream user who doesn't require a high-end phone. But it as the 4G functionality which will become the new mobile data standard by providers and the newest Android 6.0 Marshmallow preinstalled. On the market Cubot previous released a Cubot X16 without the S. We are not certain if the S stand for special, superb or successor but we know that they have upgrade the memory  and made some software changes.