Xiaomi Xiaofang
February 9, 2017Insights

Chinese Big Brother is Watching You? The Xiaomi Xiaofang Cube Camera

The Xiaomi Xiaofang WiFi Cube Camera is extremely wanted nowadays; many sites now have an expected restock due to its massive popularity. The webcam is very cheap compared to all the functionalities and high-end performance that you get. Even brother and sister webcams can be combined to check an entire setting. After buying the Xiaomi XiaoFang WiFi Camera two software engineer friends wanted to test the relation with the more similar but expensive. Their question: "Is the Xiaofang webcam secure and is the webcam just a copycat of the SPOT webcam with a Chinese language interface?". They placed their results on Github, #fang-hacks, and created a custom image which enables users to update their Xiaofang with a clean English interface and with new features! The Github project becomes more and more a community project. Which is a very cool result!
February 6, 2017Reviews

Two Great Budget Headphones: Bluedio T2 and Superlux HD668B Review

Compare Imports took the challenge to find a cheap working headphone. During our search on different webshops, we bought the Bluedio T2 and the Superlux HD668D since they had excellent reviews on different webshops and the both were below 50 dollars. We both the Superlux HD668D on Gearbest and the Bluedio T2 on Banggood.
January 24, 2017News

Chinese Lunar New Year Spring Festival

Be aware of the Chinese New Year (CNY) on 28 January 2017. The CNY is the biggest festive and holiday for Chinese citizens. The festival lasts from January 27th till the 2nd of February and is commonly known as the “Spring Festival”. People from the mainland of China are hard working individuals. In that matter,... View Article
Gocomma Roidmi S2 Car Charger Bluetooth
January 3, 2017Reviews

Gocomma Roidmi S2 Car Bluetooth Charger

Do you want to listen to your music in your car without Bluetooth? The Gocomma Roidmi S2 is the solution for that problem. It’s a car USB charger, which can stream music from your Bluetooth phone to the FM radio. We did not know that this technology existed and was very curious if it worked... View Article
New Year Promotions
December 28, 2016Deals

China Online New Year Promotions

Deals, promotions, giveaways and coupons. Chinese webshops have an overwhelming amount of different discount weeks, it’s almost impossible to find what you are looking. We are helping you with that part. What are the best deals for each shop at the end of this year? Or which shop should you look? Of course it heavily... View Article
Stress Reliever Magic Cube
December 27, 2016Reviews

Stress Reliever Magic Cube / Fidget Cube

Several months ago kickstarter had a very successful project called the "Fidget Cube", which pledged $6,465,690 of its $15,000 goal. In the last month often a Facebook advertisement from Gearbest was shown with a similar cube for halve the price of the Fidget Cube. There are stories on product copycats from China derived from successful Kickstarter projects, even before the real production has started. Normally we would not support such copycats but this time we were to curious to try the product.
December 23, 2016Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Regular Backpack – Review

Xiaomi is mostly known about their smartphones and other electronics like the tablets, laptops and fitness trackers. But they are not sitting still and introduce new products to their brand regularly. And lately this is not only electronica, but also homeware, lifestyle, clothing and bags. Are those other products also as great? First Impression Gearbest... View Article
Lemfo E07S
December 15, 2016Reviews

Lemfo Smart Wristband E07S

There is a large variety of smartwatches and smart wristbands available, ranging from ten to hundreds of dollars. Many of the cheaper smartwatches either feature a colour screen and many features but, for instance, have a battery life of no more than a day, or have a good battery life but no screen at all.... View Article
December 13, 2016Reviews

Chinese Outdoor Folding Walking Stick

A friend asked us to find good quality Nordic walking sticks which need to fit in a suitcase when travelling and hiking. We did not know what to expect when buying foldable walking sticks from China. In our search we have found several walking stick options, non- and foldable, cheap and expensive ones. But due... View Article
December 9, 2016Reviews

Chinese Fake Dummy Camera

With the winter also the dark days are here and burglars are more active than other seasons. A fellow asked us if Chinese webshops also sell security detection systems for a fair price. Besides entire more expensive wireless infrared CCTV systems, like the popular TW VISION, we found a good and cheaper alternative. A realistic... View Article
Gearbest Christmas Promotion
December 7, 2016Deals

Christmas Shopping in China with Gearbest

Gearbest uses any reason to initiate a promotion, this time they announced Christmas Sales. Because it’s difficult to keep up with all the deals we mention the best drone deals for you. Christmas Promotion The offical promotion is huge and contains: Daily Santa Deals Flash Sales Santa Coupons EU Grotto US Grotto Christmas Gifts Besides... View Article