August 2, 2017

Xiaomi MiPad 3 64GB – iPad Mini 4 lookalike

The Xiaomi MiPad 3 is the third tablet developed by Xiaomi. With is nice looks, good performance and portable size this tablet will definitely do the job like other tablets. To be honest there are no big updates since the MiPad 2 besides the iPad Mini look. Although software support is now of course up to date and will be future supported. Nowadays tablets are often used as a mediacenter when you are on the couch (second TV-screen), in bed or travelling but the tablet is also used as a reader for news and ebooks. Younger people (less than 30 years) uses the tablet also as a gaming device. This MiPad 3 tablet can run simple games but when it comes to heavy duty games it shows some lags.
July 26, 2017Reviews

Trash or Treasure E05 – Blitzwolf PowerStorm BW-PF1 6700mAh Power Bank

Charging your devices (Tablets, Laptops, Phones, Action Cams, Camera’s, Remote Controls, and Drones) gets more and more a habit in the evening. Trying to get every machine full again for the next day. Sometimes, you are not able to fully charge the device, or you just run out of battery through extensive use during the... View Article
July 25, 2017Reviews

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD Review

Xiaomi offers a lot of different products when looking at in-ear headphones they have more than 54 different types. Today we reviewed the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD. Their newest high-end model and with a great limited coupon offer on TomTop. In the past, we reviewed Piston earphones, and we could state that the... View Article
July 21, 2017Deals

FeiyuTech & Zhiyun Gimbal TomTop Super Coupon Codes – $100 Dollar

TomTop mentioned to us some great coupon codes and deals. Do you know the gimbal brand, FeiyuTech or Zhiyun? High-end gimbals for your smartphone or action camera from China. TomTop offers some outstanding coupons! FeiyuTech Vimble C $50 Coupon: HTY50FYTY Vimble C Sports got a completely new design! It brings a unique phone filming experience... View Article
July 19, 2017Reviews

Trash or Treasure E04 – Blitzwolf 25mm Macro Lens for Smartphones

The Blitzwolf 25mm Macro Lens is created for creating beautiful close-up pictures of small objects. It is actually a magnifier for your smartphone camera. In the video, we demonstrate the difference with and without the BS-LS2 and the difference in pictures. The Official BlitzWolf Website Is the BlitzWolf 25mm Macro Lens Trash or Treasure? The... View Article
July 14, 2017Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 Review

We tested the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2, the just updated successor for the version 1. Setting weight and health goals are easier and more fun with smart scales. However, many of them are pretty expensive. Today we review and test the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 which is far cheaper than comparable competitors. Does... View Article
July 12, 2017

Trash or Treasure E03 – iPazzPort KP-810-21S Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

The iPazzPort KP-810-21S Wireless Touchpad Keyboard is handy when using a different kind of machines on your TV that require a mouse or keyboard. For example, a TV-Box, Raspberry Pi or Home Theater PC where a keyboard comes in handy. The Official iPazzPort Website Is the iPazzPort KP-810-21S Trash or Treasure? This small keyboard is... View Article
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July 6, 2017

Gearbest new shipping method

Gearbest new shipping method: GearBest has since today a new Registered Air Mail shipping option. As for today packages from china to the United States can legally contain Textiles,powebank Quadcopters,Phones and many other prodcuts with batteries. The weight limit is up to 3.5KG, shipping fees are between $5 and $30 (making it cheaper than DHL)... View Article
June 29, 2017Reviews

Andoer AN5000 Action Camera – Review

Do 4K actions cameras for this price exist? Today we will test another affordable action camera from China, the Andoer AN5000 for just around $60 you will get a complete set of accessories and a hopeful camera. How does this one stand out versus the more expensive ones? We researched many online reviews, tested it... View Article
June 28, 2017

BlitzWolf BW-LT5 Pro LED Camping Latern Waterproof Powerbank Emergency

The BlitzWolf® LT5, also known has the BW-LT5, is a lighting solution for different purposes like camping, hiking, reading light or emergency light. The LED light has a stunning battery life up to 75 hours depending on the light mode. Using the compact designed LED light and its 5 different lighting modes is very easy. A good English manual with clear information is provided.
Xiaomi mijiaXiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera
June 16, 2017Reviews

Xiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera Review

Xiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera  is a 360 degrees Camera from Gearbest which we will review today.  The Xiaomi Mijia camera has an Ambarella A12Chipset with two fisheye lenses. Those two lenses make  a 360-degree image made by the IMX 206 sensor. The Xiaomi Mijia camera has a 3.5K video resolution with a built-in 1600mah... View Article