July 16, 2015Reviews

I5 Plus Smart Watch – Review

Smart watches are hot wearables and many of us know the main brands, like the FitBit. However, as we already know from China wholesale webshops they will have many alternatives. And today we will discuss/review one of them in depth: the I5 Plus a worthy successor of the earlier I5.
phantom DJI drone
June 27, 2015

Quadcopter Best Buy Guide- July 2015

More and more persons are asking us for advice on where and which drone we find the best. This best buy blog is for all of you which are considering to buy a drone. Nowadays everybody knows what a quadcopter, also known as drones, is since those flying creatures are hot and often in the news. For instance the illegal drones above the Eiffel tower and drones to capture poachers in Africa. On the internet there are numerous publications about regulations on operating a quadcopter, due to it massive possibilities and threats the laws are in most countries still a gray area. Please check before you buy a quadcopter the laws and regulations about flying a quadcopter in your country. In this blog we will inform to find a suitable drones which suits you. Not matter if you are looking for a high end drone, drone with camera or just a cheaper drone to play with.
June 1, 2015Reviews

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router

The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router is a budget high performance router with great functions and high transmission rate.
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May 16, 2015

Compare Imports is Hiring!

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May 10, 2015

Ubox R89 RK3288 Review

The Ubox R89 is one of the best media player available at the time of writing, mainly due to its Rockchip RK3288. Tinydeal gave us the opportunity to review this Android TV Box. The reviewed Ubox R89 is also known as Tronfy RK3288 and Bleelink Ubox R89. With its pre-installed Android software and Kodi Media Center you can easily set up your own Media Center. With Google Play your favorite applications (Netflix, YouTube, Spotify) can be installed and used.
April 22, 2015

Voyo Mini PC Review

In short the Voyo Mini PC is a slick mini high performance PC which can be used as a media center. Yes we highly recommend this product and would like to thank Geekbuying.com who gave us this opportunity to test the product!! You will get an untouched pre-installed Windows 8.1 Bing (including drivers) mini PC which can directly be used. If you want to turn it into a media center just install Kodi. It is just unbelievable that such a tiny device can be so powerful for a good price. Buying a desktop or laptop with the same specifications will at least cost you three times the price and than Windows isn't included. CompareImports is really surprised by this high quality product and again would recommend it to everyone.
April 13, 2015

Rikomagic (RKM) MK902II RK3288 Review

Rikomagic (RKM) MK902II is the latest/newest release in the Rikomagic mini PC series and is their new media player flagship. LightIntheBox gave us the opportunity to review this media player. With its pre-installed Android software and Kodi you can easily set up your own Media Center. With Google Play you can also install and use your favorite applications like Netflix, Youtube and Spotify.
April 1, 2015Reviews

Review: Wecast Miracast HDMI Wireless Dongle

ChinaBuye gave us the opportunity to review the WeCast Miracast Wireless Display Dongle. Besides this written review a Youtube review is made which can be found on this page. The question that had was: Is the dongle a good working alternative to a Chromecast? After reading this review you will get the answer.
March 15, 2015

Slick Wireless Touch Panel LOFREE MT-200 | ChinaBuye

ChinaBuye was so friendly to give us the opportunity to test and review the LOFREE MT-200. The LOFREE MT-200 is a wireless touch panel with the possibility to control almost many device which support USB OTG (On The Go). With one button you can change the touch panel into a QWERTY keyboard. The touch panel is ideal when having a media center or controlling a compatible device from a distance! The touch panel only cost $12.99 and for that price you will get yourself a well bought top seller item!
March 10, 2015

Turn your cat/dog into a Lion

Every cat lover and puppy owner sometimes stares at his/her pet and imagines how the pet will look if it was a small tiger or lion! A cat seems to have nine lives, why won't you allow him one lion life? Well now you can temporarily upgrade your cat/puppy to a Lion. For less than $8 dollar which is including free shipment you can get an "Artificial Lion Mane Wig".
Stufz burger maker step 3
March 5, 2015

Make your tasty signature burger with StufZ

Everybody dreams about eating a big tasty burger with all the ingredients that they like the most! (except maybe vegetarians) This gadget makes it possible to make a tasty stuffed burger yourself in just a few easy steps. "Your signature burger" like Stufz states. Now you can make the best burger in town yourself!
Cheerson CX 10 Mini Front
February 26, 2015Reviews

Cheerson CX 10 Mini

The Cheerson CX-10 Mini is a great remote control toy. It is the ultimate starter drone because it is so inexpensive (~16 USD). But also more experienced pilots will have their fun with these since they are so small that you can even fly with them indoors -- at your own risk of course. Read our blog to find out more.