January 24, 2016

Kotion Each G4000 Gaming Headset – Review

Gaming with a headset activates triggers your awareness and intensity, the game you are playing seems more realistic. You just want to hear all small details. Does a good gaming headset have to be expensive? A Sennheisser PC320 Game headset, which has a good mic and headphones costs about 65 dollars while the spotted Kotion Each G4000 gaming headset is 16 dollars. Is this cheaper alternative worth a try? We put it to the test, to see if it’s any good...
January 12, 2016Reviews


This smartphone has been provided to us by the good folks at GearBest.com. The Xtouch is Bluboo's 2015 flagship smartphone and aims to bring a lot of value at a competitive price. We have put it through two weeks of usage in order to properly test it for all-day usage. Read our review inside!
January 9, 2016

A-JAZZ Quake7 – Review

Gaming is a skill which can be improved with a high end computer with powerful hardware and good components like a gaming mouse. Therefore the A-JAZZ (AJAZZ) Quake 7 gaming mouse has been reviewed and tested to see if a cheaper alternative can do the trick as well. All gamers know that a gaming mouse can make the difference between getting shot or surviving or off course KILLING SPREES. After ordering the mouse at Banggood the package is delivered within three weeks. After unpacking the package we found A CD-ROM with installation software and a fancy tin box which is used to store the mouse in. 3,2,1.... Review!
TDS Xiaomi Quality Tester
December 28, 2015

Xiaomi Water Quality Tester – TDS Pen

A handheld water quality checker made by the well known Xiaomi. The TDS tester can be used to verify the total dissolved solids in the water. You can ask why should I buy this device when I know that my drinking water quality is high? Well we don't have an answer to it but when you are living in a developing country where water has to be treated you can use this device to check the quality of the water. Or when you are travelling and want to know the quality of the water of the Ganges in India or when you a just a curious person of course. Anyway this device works like a charm despite the fact that the standard manual is in Chinese.
December 18, 2015

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S waterproof sportwatch with Heart Rate and sleep monitor for less than $30!

The new sportwatch Xiaomi Miband 1S (E-491546) with Heart Rate monitor is more than HOT and might be the best Christmas Present! It is the successor of the MiBand which was one of the best sportwatch with overall great reviews and support by users and Xiaomi themselves. The MiBand 1S was introduced in November 2015 and directly on several Chinese webshops you could pre-order them at prices starting just from $26,-. There is a huge run on these sportwatches and still no one can tell which website is going to deliver them the fastest.
December 9, 2015Deals

50L Outdoor Tactical Sports Camping Hiking Rucksack Backpack @ Banggood

We recieved from Banggood the 50L Outdoor Tactical Sports Camping Hiking Rucksack Backpack and tested it for a few months. Our conclusion about this backpack is that it has a good quality price rating, so if You are in search of a cheap hiking backpack you could/should buy this one!
November 28, 2015Reviews

Doogee X5 – 1GB/3G – the best budget phone?

The X5 is a budget phone which is manufactured by the well known manufacturer Doogee who have a great history of making high end but cheaper phones. Considering the fact that this phone can be bought for as little as 60 dollars, it’s a very nice phone. It’s well-built and performs well enough for everyday use. If you’re looking for a smartphone that can do a bit of everything and don’t have much money to spend, this is a good buy. However, do not buy this if you’re looking for a smartphone to use for games, or if you require a good camera.
November 6, 2015

Review: Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphones

Xiaomi has done it again! The Xiaomi Piston Version 3 has not been an update of the Xiaomi Piston 2 but this is looks like a whole new product.
October 19, 2015Reviews

BlitzWolf™ 9.6A 48W 4 Port USB Car Charger With Power3S

The BlitzWolf is now sold over 1300 times @ Banggood and has been reviewed most times with 5 stars! Blitzwolf is an upcoming Brand and provides mainly Powerchargers, Car Chargers and Monopods. BlitzWolf developed a special charging technology called Power 3s which supports all the needs in charging. You can use this Car Charger with Power 3s for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, Xiaomi, HTC, Meizu, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Digital Camera, PC, Xiaomi Yi, Sjcam Camera and more. Overall no failure or malfunctions where found. This car charger is available in black and white and are available at Banggood. It is a little bit more expensive then other car chargers but this one is definitely worth a couple of dollars extra!
October 7, 2015

JJRC H6C-2 Cheap Quadcopter with Camera

The JJRC H6C-2 is one of the most popular and best reviewed budget quadcopter with a camera! The quadcopter is available on many websites and at some websites the "most value products" or recommend product. The control distance is around 80 meters! As a small quadcopter the flight time is around 7 minutes. Due to its popularity all sites also offer spare parts which makes this quadcopter maintainable for a longer period. This is a fun quadcopter, which is definitely worth the 45 dollars. The camera is a nice add­on.
October 4, 2015News

Eachine Bluetooth Streaming Stereo Audio Receiver Adapter Mic

Like many other Bluetooth receivers the Eachine Bluetooth Receiver Music Streaming Audio Receiver can stream wireless audio and music. You can use it for Bluetooth audio devices to stereo, home theater systems or you can use it in your car. This Bluetooth receiver csn almost be used with any audio receiver with an audio input jack. In your car you can use it for car music or the use of smart phones to make some calls. This product has an echo cancellation microphone, and has a extra button so you can easily switch between music and smartphone use.
September 19, 2015

Chuwi Vi10 Android and Windows 8 Tablet – Review

It's probably one of the best money to value tablets on the chinese market at the moment. Other reviews gave this tablet a great score and CompareImports was also very exicted about the perfomance of the Chuwi Vi10. Of course it's not a High end tablet but certainly a tablet with an top mid range performance for the price of a budget machine. That together with great extras makes this one to consider!