October 25, 2014


Happy Halloween everyone. CompareImports ordered 5 scary masks to see how they fit and of course just for fun. There will always be an activity where you could use the masks. The blog includes a tip that will improve the effect of the wearing a mask. Selfies were made, so judge for yourself if and which mask you should buy.
the P6 and P7
October 20, 2014Reviews

Review: Huawei P6 vs (Preview) Huawei P7

Chinese first big manufacture on the smartphone market. Huawei! The P6 is thin, good looking and great features. Is the P7 a worthy successor? Android 4.4.x, quad core, good cam's and more. Is Huawei ready to compete with the iPhone and Samsung.
October 12, 2014

Must Have devices for the best Selfies!

a Selfie is hot! There are multiple devices made to make the perfect Selfie including the Selfie Stick/Monopod. But which Selfie Stick will match your expectations and requirements? A few tips to decide which Selfie Stick suits you!
Unpacking the OnePlus One
September 29, 2014Reviews

OnePlus One – Hands On Review

The OnePlus One is a real flagship-killer which can compete with the likes of the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. We got one through the invite system and will now share our experience with you. Is it too good to be true or is it a great phone for a great price?
OnePlus One invites are here!
September 29, 2014Deals

OnePlus One Invites Giveaway

We have a couple of invites to give away for the international version of the OnePlus One sandstone black 64GB model, on the official oneplus website. Come and get them while they last!
DealExtreme Warehouse
September 7, 2014

Worldwide Warehouse Options – Pro’s and Con’s

An additional option is the opportunity to ship your desired product from a warehouse close by like Europe, United States or Australia. The main reason is that they want to offer a shipping method that is supposed to be quicker. You can find an overview of those warehouses in the post!
Xiaomi 10400mah Powerbank
August 26, 2014Reviews

Product Review | Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi Power Bank

The MI Power Bank is the ideal backup when your phone/tablet or other USB powered device is out off power. Due to its high 10400mah capacity you have enough power to revive your device. It's ideal during your travels or having a fully charged one in your car. A big plus is that the battery cell technologies are from LG and Samsung which makes it a reliable power bank. The MI Power Bank is available in the colors; blue, gold, silver, grey and red.
Earson ES-151
August 22, 2014Reviews

Product Review | Earson ER-151

The Earson ES-151 is the best deal for a portable bluetooth audio device! It is definitely the most popular one, it is waterproof, has a high quality of sound and is pretty cheap. So play that music!
oneplus phone1
August 1, 2014News

Oneplus Phone

The OnePlus is a very good new smartphone, but a bit hard to find a shop where to buy. Cheap, Chinese and Good. OnePlus is a newborn Chinese phone company. Aiming to be a big player on the high-end smartphone market. So look at the blog post for more information.
April 25, 2014News

Rumors On Upcoming Phones

Hi there, there have been a lot of new announcements about mobile phones and cool features. A summary of the latest news:
Lot of different team shirts
April 20, 2014Deals

2014 FIFA World Cup

Getting ready for the world cup; shirts, fun gadgets 12 juni in Brasil, first kick off of the World Cup 2014. A lot off people will enjoy this event. Pubs, homes and squares will fill with soccerfans all dressed with jerseys, hats, scarves and flags ect. Will you be the one not wearing orange, blue,... View Article