September 4, 2013

Italian Design Helmets from China

Retro helmets are HOT! Italian design scooters are famous for their fine lines, driving such a scooter has a touch of class. However, does models are often pricey and not possible for everyone. Even the parts and accessories are expensive. But when you buy them directly from China, you will save up 25 to 50 percent!
August 30, 2013

Search Less, Save more!

Compareimports compares prices, shop reviews and products from different cheap Chinese (and other countries, like India) wholesale sites. Like a lot of people we heard about importing cool products from the Chinese wholesale sites as Unfortunately at alibaba you can't buy only one product a time. But alibada has cheap products and free shipping. And that is what we want!
August 19, 2013

First Post!

Here it is, our new web blog! The place where we going to share new gadgets, help you with making a good decision, reviews or just bring news. Besides that it is our main communication tool next to Facebook to get in touch with the community and to make compare imports better on multiple aspects. Therefore, we need... View Article