October 7, 2015

JJRC H6C-2 Cheap Quadcopter with Camera

The JJRC H6C-2 is one of the most popular and best reviewed budget quadcopter with a camera! The quadcopter is available on many websites and at some websites the "most value products" or recommend product. The control distance is around 80 meters! As a small quadcopter the flight time is around 7 minutes. Due to its popularity all sites also offer spare parts which makes this quadcopter maintainable for a longer period. This is a fun quadcopter, which is definitely worth the 45 dollars. The camera is a nice add­on.
October 4, 2015News

Eachine Bluetooth Streaming Stereo Audio Receiver Adapter Mic

Like many other Bluetooth receivers the Eachine Bluetooth Receiver Music Streaming Audio Receiver can stream wireless audio and music. You can use it for Bluetooth audio devices to stereo, home theater systems or you can use it in your car. This Bluetooth receiver csn almost be used with any audio receiver with an audio input jack. In your car you can use it for car music or the use of smart phones to make some calls. This product has an echo cancellation microphone, and has a extra button so you can easily switch between music and smartphone use.
September 19, 2015

Chuwi Vi10 Android and Windows 8 Tablet – Review

It's probably one of the best money to value tablets on the chinese market at the moment. Other reviews gave this tablet a great score and CompareImports was also very exicted about the perfomance of the Chuwi Vi10. Of course it's not a High end tablet but certainly a tablet with an top mid range performance for the price of a budget machine. That together with great extras makes this one to consider!
September 3, 2015

DM007 RC Quadcopter 6 Axis Gyro Explorer UFO

The best feature of the DM007 spy Quadcopter is the camera which can be used to film and/or to take pictures. The camera shoots HD quality and has a 2GB memory card. It has an unrestricted 360 degrees view and two visible flash lights for flights in the dark/night.
September 2, 2015Deals

Portable Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

The Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a mid range high performance speaker with good quality sound. It is often compared with the Earson audio boxes and for each brand there are proponents. It supports most Android and IOS devices, has a long battery time and a modern futuristic nice design. Also other devices with a Bluetooth option like computers,tablets and laptops are supported. The main cons are the charging time and the missing volume buttons on the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth speaker to increase or decrease the sound. The Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth speaker was bought at Gearbest for a price off $22,56 and was shipped within 14 days to the Netherlands. For an extra dollar Gearbest can send them from their EU warehouse directly. A lot of china Wholesale websites are offering them within the same price range. So time to test it out ourselves.
August 27, 2015

Xiaomi Redmi 2 – User review

This blog about the Xiaomi Redmi 2 is provided by a CompareImport user and quite recognizable. “After sitting on my Doogee DG550, cracking the screen, I found myself in a position where I had to either replace the LCD and touchscreen (costing approximately 50 dollars), or buy myself a new phone. Though the Doogee offered a lot of bang­for­buck, I found that the software wasn’t always stable, resulting in some annoying bugs, like the wifi disconnecting regularly, and the GPS sometimes failing randomly. Not knowing for sure whether the bugs were software related and whether they could be solved, I chose to buy a new phone, instead of spending more money on the old one. Instead of buying another Doogee, I decided to go for a phone from a manufacturer with a better reputation: Xiaomi. I chose for the successor of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, the Redmi 2 (1GB RAM).
August 19, 2015

Xiaomi Yi action camera GoPro’s alternative

Action cameras like GoPro are hot! The development on these cameras went very fast, nowadays they are very small, can be attached on almost everything and have Wi-Fi opportunities. Even navigation manufacturer TomTom is making their own action camera called TomTom Bandit. And with a waterproof case you can easily dive with your camera up to 40 meters deep! Due to its small size action cameras are also sold has high quality dashboard cameras. This review is about the Xiaomi Yi camera which is one of the best action cameras for a really decent price. In this review also a video quality comparison is included with the video settings 1080p 30fps.
August 13, 2015Reviews

Zeblaze Rover Smart Watch – Review

Present year we are seeing wearables everywhere. Apple just introduced their Apple Watch, Sony already have their smartwatch and then of course Chinese brands are not that far behind. The options, quality and price of those products differs greatly, so what is eventually the best pick. CompareImports try to help you to figure out which smartwatch is suitable for you. Due to the wide range we will start with just one. The Zeblaze Rover (MTK2501), which already has some pretty good reviews on the web. Is a 'smart' watch not supposed to make life easier? but is the Zeblaze Rover really able to fulfill that task?
August 9, 2015

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Recently, I was searching for a sound system that I could connect to my mobile phone via Bluetooth. I've had many stereos in my life, including a boom box and a very nice home theater system for my television. But one thing I didn't have was a speaker to allow me to hear music I play from my cell phone. Here is my review of the Xiaomi (Mi) Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker.
July 16, 2015Reviews

I5 Plus Smart Watch – Review

Smart watches are hot wearables and many of us know the main brands, like the FitBit. However, as we already know from China wholesale webshops they will have many alternatives. And today we will discuss/review one of them in depth: the I5 Plus a worthy successor of the earlier I5.
June 27, 2015

Quadcopter Best Buy Guide- July 2015

More and more persons are asking us for advice on where and which drone we find the best. This best buy blog is for all of you which are considering to buy a drone. Nowadays everybody knows what a quadcopter, also known as drones, is since those flying creatures are hot and often in the news. For instance the illegal drones above the Eiffel tower and drones to capture poachers in Africa. On the internet there are numerous publications about regulations on operating a quadcopter, due to it massive possibilities and threats the laws are in most countries still a gray area. Please check before you buy a quadcopter the laws and regulations about flying a quadcopter in your country. In this blog we will inform to find a suitable drones which suits you. Not matter if you are looking for a high end drone, drone with camera or just a cheaper drone to play with.
June 1, 2015Reviews

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router

The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router is a budget high performance router with great functions and high transmission rate.