Onda V820W dual boot Windows 10/Android 4.4 tablet Review

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I spotted this Onda V820W for just eighty dollars. Eighty dollars for a dual boot Windows 10/Android 4.4 tablet. It appears too good to be true, but is it? I bought this product form Gearbest and within 2 weeks it arrived from China. There were no customs duties we had to pay, fortunately. What are the specs for a tablet of 80 dollars? I put it to the test.

The Description on Gearbest looked like we had a great deal, the “Portable Perfect Onda V820w Dual OS Tablet PC” with a 2 GB Ram, 32 GB Rom and a 8 inch IPS Screen.

Upsides Downsides
  • Price
  • 2GB Ram
  • Stable Software
  • Dual OS
  • 8 inch Screen
  • Camera
  • Sound, Headset and Speaker
  • Plastic backcover

Specifications, Hardware and Battery Life


CPU: Intel Z3735F Quad Core 1.3GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphic Gen7 processor
RAM + ROM: 2GB + 32GB offers ultra-fast surfing online, video playing and 3D gaming experience enhanced with DDR3L memory which makes all applications faster. Whether it is needed for work, study or play, it will suit your all needs
TF card: Up to 128GB (not included)
Windows 10 system + Android 4.4: The latest system with more excellent interface, compatibility and running effect
8 inch screen: 1280 x 800 WXGA IPS screen offers good experience for watching videos and browsing the Web
Bluetooth 4.0: Supports fast transmission of data, pictures and files, and more faster than Bluetooth 3.0
HDMI output: You could use a HDMI cable to connect your tablet to output the tablet display onto TV screens, monitors or projectors, creating your personal home theater
Gravity sensing system: Can fluently and sensitively run various applications
Other functions: WiFi/MP3/MP4/Calendar/Calculator supported

The battery was tested in Windows and Android, to ensure that the performance is about the
same. I tested it by playing a few series on Netflix, with the screen at 50% brightness. The
tablet lasted around the five hours. With this price, there won’t be found any other tablet with a longer battery life. Inactive, with just the display on (set to 50% brightness) the battery lasted for approximately 5.5 hours.

Design and Display


The tablet looks a bit cheap, mostly because it is not very well finished: When you look closely at the corners of the tablet, you can see a thin line, where the sides meet. It’s made of plastic but the Onda V820W does feel solid. The back has a pattern on it, causing it to feel somewhat rough. The tablet will slip easily, but the dust will stick easily to it

The 1280X800 screen is nothing to write home about, but it does what it’s supposed to do.
Normally I’d recommend a higher resolution, but of course, in this price range, this will be
hard to find. It appears bright enough, so should be usable outside too (though direct sunlight will probably be a problem, as with most devices).

Performance, Software and Camera


The antutu score of the tablet is 44899. The fast processor in combination with the 2GB’s of RAM results in enough performance to be able to use the tablet for multitasking, as well as some casual gaming. The graphical user interface is very responsive in both Android and Windows. In Android, about 500MB of RAM is used for the operating system. In Windows, this was about 800MB.


The tablet ships with Android 4.4 and Windows 10. Changing OS does not happen at startup, but from inside the OS: From Windows to Android can be achieved by selecting the “DualOSSwitcher” shortcut on the desktop, and from Android to Windows can be done by dragging down the upper right corner of the screen and selecting “OS switch”. This takes
somewhere between thirty seconds and one minute.

The USB OTG works well: Using a micro­USB to a USB cable, a keyboard or mouse can be connected with the tablet.
The Android ROM uses the Onda Launcher: all apps are on the home screen and there is no app drawer. If you’re not a fan, this can easily be helped by installing a launcher of your choice from the play store, which comes pre-installed. Many of the apps installed by default are Chinese. If your Chinese, like mine, is not great and you want to get rid of them, they can be turned off easily in the App­lication Menu (no root is necessary). Of course, they will still take up space, as they are only turned off, not removed. When booting into Windows for the first time, a setup wizard helps to configure the device to your liking. However, this is also in Chinese. English can be selected in the wizard, but in order to actually download the English language pack, a working internet connection is needed, after which a reboot is necessary. After the reboot, the language should be English. Not everything translates perfectly, so every now and then you’ll run into some Chinese characters.
All  Kind of Chinese Apps
windows1 (1)


The camera is quite a disappointment. There is no flash, and the camera does not allow for manual focus. Taking pictures inside is almost impossible, and pictures outside are ok for short distances, but the camera lacks detail. The front-facing camera is even worse: it may be good enough for video conferencing, but that’s about it. Below You will find some pictures made by the back camera.

Sound Quality, Connectivity & Storage

Sound quality

The sound quality of the onboard speaker is not very good. It will probably work fine for VOIP, but it’s really not good enough for music. The 3.5mm jack would be a great solution to hook it up to your stereo, but this appears to be very sensitive to interference. For instance, when using Youtube (in Windows as well as in Android) there’s a lot of high-pitched squeaking, and sometimes distortion. At times the audio is perfect, but at times the interference is unbearable.


The tablet has an 802.11 b/g/n wifi functionality. The reception is average and very stable in both Android and Windows. There is no sim­-slot. The tablet has Bluetooth 4.0. I tested it with both a We loop Tommy Smartwatch and a
Plantronics headset. The smartwatch did not work, as the app required is not compatible with tablets. The headset, however, worked fine.


There’s a total of 32GB of storage. As the tablet is dual-boot, however, this is divided between Windows and Android. Android thinks it has 32GB available in total, but this is actually 12GB GB (as the rest is reserved for Windows. As Android takes up part of this, a little less than 7GB is available. The available space is indicated correctly.Windows has a partition of about 20GB in total. The Windows installation takes up most of this, leaving about 6GB available.


In Conclusion, this tablet has both some excellent features and some large disadvantages. We like the fact that the tablet performs so well, has 2GB of memory, and that the software is quite stable as well (often cheap tablets/phones come with buggy software). However, the camera is really not of any use except perhaps some casual video conferencing, and the sound is another disappointment, both from the internal speaker and from a headset.Because of this, it is hard to recommend this tablet. If you have no intention of using the camera or listening to music, this is a nice little tablet at a reasonable price. The combination of windows and android make this tablet very versatile. However, if you need the audio or the camera, I would not recommend buying this tablet.

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  • So good a article ! i think the Onda is the best window tablet brand. My last tablet is the the Onda V80.It is wonderful.
    However,It is different somehow at present.The new android tablet is coming.I buy the Onda android tablet from the Gearbest android tablet. Its price is cpmpetitive. I often buy android tablet from this website.

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