NO.1 G5 Review – Smartwatch/Fitness tracker

Share This Post With Friends! no-1-g5-smartwatch NO.1 G5 smartwatch review. This new stylish lightweight and sport watch from the Chinese brand, NO.1. This affordable watch cost around 30$ dollar and has various fitness functions and features. But is it actually a SmartWatch or a Fitness Tracker? Just read the review to see if it fits your needs!

Is the NO.1 G5 a Smartwatch or a Fitness tracker?

In our opinion the watch is something in-between, it got some modest smartwatch features. But it’s more a fitness tracker within the design of a watch. It has the main features for fitness, like a pedometer and sleep tracking capability. Although, we are also able to sync our contact list, call, read messages and change our music.

Upsides Downsides
  • Installing the Fundo App was easy
  • NO.1 G5 Bluetooth connection works fine, also syncing
  • Charging takes about 1 Hour
  • Bluetooth distance pretty short, 5-8m
  • Not waterproof, IP55
  • No visual features in app for sleeptracker, pedometer

NO.1 G5 Specifications


NO.1 G5 Design

NO.1 G5 is available in three different colors- Gold, Silver and Black. The watch got a sportive look, especially the black version. The watch itself is made from stainless steel and the band from delicate TPU plastic. The clasp is sometimes irritating within your wrist. It’s not that annoying, but this finishing could be nicer. The G5 is IP55 water and dust proof, this means that you cannot shower with it. But washing your hand should be no problem. Charging the G5 is easy, just plugin the mini usb on the watch. We don’t need some extra connecting piece.

NO.1 G5 Functions

It got many nice features, like:

  • HeartRate, Sedentary, Pedometer and Sleeptracker
  • Contacts, Dialer, Messages, Contacts, Call logs and Notifier
  • Stopwatch, Calendar, Calculator and Alarm
  • Music, Anti-Lost
  • no-1-g5-smartwatch-functions

    NO.1 G5 Watch faces

    There are some watch faces pre-installed. If we want to have more watch faces we have to download .vxp files to our phone to sync them through the Fundo app with the G5. See the video about the pre-installed faces.

    NO.1 G5 Storage

    The watch got 64 MB internal storage and no possibility to add a sd-card. The operating system and pre-installed features probably take up almost all free disk space, because when installing new faces I got a “device is full warning”. It’s not possible to remove one or several apps (only for the extra installed apps which are shown in the FunDo app), it’s just “remove all” or reset the watch. We were not able to see the disk on a laptop.

    NO.1 G5 App

    The watch is Android and iOS compatible (We tested it with an Android phone). In order to use the watch with your phone, you have to install the FunDo smart device app. Which can be done with the QR code available on the watch. The app is very basic and does not provide many visual features about your personal tracking. This is somewhat disappointing and is less fun than to view some nice graphs about your progress.

    The official website for the Chinese brand, NO.1, take a look to find the latetst firmware.

    NO.1 G5 Overall Score

    Overall we are pretty positive about this watch, but you don’t have to expect much. The NO.1 G5 is just a glorified fitness tracker with the looks of a watch. If that is what you want the G5 is perfect for you. Do you want more smartwatch features? Take a look for some other smartwatches. Or do you want a fitness tracker with a cool visual app? Look further through all fitness trackers on CI.

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    • I quote “when installing new faces” How do you install new faces? the stock ones are mediocre to say the least, i have scoured google for instructions for this watch but no luck.

      • Hi JJ,

        We accomplished to install some watch faces through the fundo app. However, those were already available within that app.
        We didn’t try to install some watch faces from the internet…

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