Must Have devices for the best Selfies!

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Must Have devices for the best Selfies! While writing this blog 179,610,800 messages with #SELFIE are placed in Instagram. Also the number of apps that is related with the term selfie is increasing. Apple store has now 1235 apps for iPhone and iPad and Google Play 499 Android related apps.

In daily life you now see Selfies everywhere; during a night out, on festival and even on your well-deserved holiday. Or are you the tourist with a Telescoping Selfie arm at sightseeing’s and viewpoints!!???. Off course we also take them selfies by our own, since it is fun and you can show our friends where you literally are at the moment.

Everybody nowadays knows what a Selfie is. Wikipedia defined the following definition:” A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.” In the Netherlands the term selfie is officially recognized as a word and is encompassed in the dictionary.

You should buy the Selfie gadgets from China because this is a lot cheaper. Now with their warehouses the Stick could be delivered in 5-6 business days!

Selfie Stick/Monopods

In the recent years many devices where developed for taking the best Selfie with an eruption of buyable items as result. There are about 250+ different Selfie Sticks and monopods included in our website with each their strength and weaknesses. But how to buy a stick that matches your expectations and requirements?

STEP 1: Type of “Camera”

The first step to consider is for which device(s) will you use the stick. Some sticks can be used for multiple purposes but often sticks are made for smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and Gopro’s or similar. Most sticks are compatible with multiple phones like and iPhone 6,Samsung Galaxy or other smartphones. If you have to use an adapter or a strap make sure that this will be included.

STEP 2: “Integrated shutter button v.s. Bluetooth shutter function”

Some Selfie sticks or monopods have an integrated shutter button. The stick simply presses a button which activates the shutter function on the phone. These sticks are mostly used with digital cameras and Gopro’s or similar. A better and more reliable option are sticks with a Bluetooth feature, the Bluetooth becomes like a remote controller for your smartphone. You can make pictures with the use of connection software on your Android or IOS devices. Since it has the Bluetooth feature, which is often compatible with multiple phones, you can probably use with different phones.

STEP 3: Material/Mount

Sticks can be made of different materials, most of them are from aluminum which is light, strong and waterproof. A lot of the monopods has a soft foam grip that prevents slipping. Some sticks are made to prevent you’re camera to sink to the bottom of the ocean when taking it into water!

Floater stick for Selfie

Step 4: Load,Range & Angle

Finally look at the maximal load,range and angle of the monopod that fits you and you’re photo device. Most of the devices have a maximal load of 1,5 kilogram. The range can vary between 25 cm and a maximal extendable length of 110 cm. Tip: Buy a selfie stick with a ball head so every angle can be used.

ALTERNATIVE devices for making a selfie:

Multifunction 3-in-1 Fisheye + Wide Angle + Macro Lens

Multifunction 3-in-1 Fisheye + Wide Angle + Macro Lens


Bluetooth Camera Shutter

Bluetooth remote shutter

It’s easy to use, have an communication distance of 10 meters, pocket size, is compatible with the IOS and Android Smartphones and tablets buy an app on apple store or google play.

Selfie Camera Mirror

 Selfie Camera Mirror



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