Monixibi HDM1 Review

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There are already some fine headphone brands in China, we know Meizu, Somic or Superlux. Most in a range between 20 and 60 dollar. For today we tested a new promising competitor, the Monixibi HDM1. An ergonomic, noise canceling headphone for around $45.00.

The official Monixibi website (in Chinese)

Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Sound Quality is very realistic
  • Frequency Response is great
  • Adjustable ear pads
  • After a few hours, some pressure on ears
  • Holder not usable
  • Remote Control, does not what is claimed

Monixibi HDM1 – Specifications

  • Color: deep space blue, aurora purple, lime green
  • Equipment: suitable for IOS and Android devices on the market mainstream
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20000Hz
  • Frequency range: 15Hz – 20000Hz
  • THD: <0.5%
  • Plug Type: 3.5MM line
  • Weight: 260G
  • Line length: 120CM
  • Headphone sensitivity: 113 ± 3db

*From the official Monixibi website

Monixibi HDM1 – Design

The design of the HDM1 is elegant, and it is available in three color patterns. Those colors are somewhat flashy but not annoying. The Monixibi logo is elegantly incorporated in the ear pads.





Monixibi HDM1 – Wearing/Fitting

One of the major decision points for a headphone, but heavily dependable on everyone’s personal needs. The HDM1 tries to accomplish this with a universal rotating system, to fit your head curve perfectly. They reached their goal partly, the stiffness of the headband is a positive point. Becuase of this the headphone does not slide off easily, however after a few hours of wearing it could hurt a little on the ears.The headband itself is easily adjustable and feels solid, so you don’t have to worry to break something.

Monixibi HDM1 – Package

Monixibi got some feeling about styling. The package is clean and simple white with their logo on it. The headphone self is clicked in a fabric holder which they claim to have patent on. It’s foldable thus it’s not taking much space, but it is not that useful. Getting the headphone back in is too difficult to accomplish in a few simple steps.

Monixibi HDM1 – Sound Quality Test

The sound quality is one of the other major points to buy a headphone. And we are really excited, the sound is great in comparison with the price. In order to test the HDM1 in an objective manner we used this website to test the headphone. It’s still affected by the human ear however, it gives some good indications.

Frequency Response
We could hear the tone at 30Hz, which is a great result.
“This number represents the lowest boundary of your headphones or earbuds frequency extension. Good headphones will go as low as 20 Hz, the lowest limit of our hearing.”

Dynamic Range
This indicated the isolation of the headphone. How bigger the number below full scale, how better the isolation of the headphone and the possibility to hear soft sounds.
The Monixibi HDM1 scores between 30 and 36 dbfs (decibels below full scale).

Driver Matching
Sending the same levels to both ears. As far as we could hear this test is properly fulfilled.

Binaural Test
This test is very good! We listen to knocking on a wooden door. And the sound is astonishing realistic.

Regarding sound quality the Monixibi HDM1 scores remarkably well. Take the price into account and this certainly is a must buy.

Monixibi HDM1 – Features

The headphone got a small remote control on the wire. Which should: 1. Anwser/End/Refuse or 2. Vol+/-, Pause/Play, Last/Next Song. However, when using on an Android phone only the button in the middle, to Pause/Play worked with Spotfiy. We only tested it on an Android 5.1 phone, but this test disappoints.

Monixibi HDM1 – Noise Cancelling

This headphone got a Noise Cancelling feature. Handy when working in a noisy environment. However, does it really work? There is no switch for this function. So, that makes testing the feature somewhat harder. Because, the over ear pads will reduce environment sound also. Eventually, I think the noise canceling feature does some job into closing off the background sound. Don’t buy this headphone when you certainly not want surround sound on an airplane. The noise cancelling is not good enough for such situations.

Monixibi HDM1 – CI Opinion

We are really enthusiastic about the Monixibi HDM1. For this price it has some really nice features and the sound is great. Of course there are some minor down points, but those count for almost every headphone out there. Overall a very good product from Monixibi and we are probably going to hear more from them in the future.

Gearbest provided us this Headphone to review, you could find it over here.
Everbuying and Tomtop also offering this new model.

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