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Vacuum cleaning: One of the most important, yet most pointless, household tasks there is. Important, because if you don’t do it, your house will look like a desert in no time at all, and pointless, because by the time you finish, fresh dust is already settling on your carefully cleaned floors. How awesome would it be to never have to vacuum clean again?
Taking this into account, you may understand my enthusiasm when I spotted a microfiber mop ball on, for about 10 dollars! We ordered it and put it to the test.

Mocoro Mop Ball – In the Box

We found a black, plastic ball, and four brightly colored microfiber covers: yellow, pink, green and blue. The mop ball takes one penlight (AA) battery (which is not included). This can be inserted by twisting the two halves of the ball, and then removing one screw to get to the battery compartment. The ball seems out of balance, but this turns out to be the way it gets around.

Mocoro Mop Ball – How it works

The way the mop ball moves around is much like a hamster ball (where the hamster runs up one of the sides of the ball to move it around).The weight inside the ball is constantly pulled towards the ground by gravity. There is a little motor inside the ball, however, that moves the weight back up when it approaches the bottom, causing the ball to keep moving. There is no ‘eye’ or anything on the ball, to see where it is going.

Because of this, in combination with the irregularly shaped covers (they are not perfectly round, and have a tennis-ball-like pattern on them) the ball moves around quite randomly. This is both a strength and a weakness: it means that the ball can move around an entire room without human intervention, but it also means that you cannot ‘tell’ it to go in a certain direction, or clean a particular area: it will move wherever it wants.

Mocoro Mop Ball – Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Independent (except when it gets stuck)
  • Takes care of dust or spider webs quite well
  • Not as noisy as a real vacuum cleaner
  • Moves around randomly, therefore, in time, cleaning the entire room
  • Noisy (it can be quite distracting)
  • Sometimes gets stuck in corners
  • Does not clean as well as a vacuum cleaner
  • Does not clean as well as a vacuum cleaner

Mocoro Mop Ball – Our Experience

To test the mop ball effectively, without having to chase it around the room with a camera, we set up a small test area with a few planks. The result can be seen below.

We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of filth gathered by the mop ball. It must be noted however, that not everything sticks to the ball. Particularly crumbs and sand grains do not stick. What we also found was that the ball sometimes gets stuck, for instance in corners. All it takes is a kick to get it going again, but this does mean that the ball is not completely independent.
Because the ball is not equipped with a sensor (such as a camera) it cannot detect the location of dust, and therefore will not change direction when there is dust close to it (as can also be seen in the video.

It’s quite noisy, due to a number of things:
– The motor makes a humming sound
– The zipper (holding the cover together) is quite loud on hard floors
– The ball runs into walls, doors, furniture, etc

Mocoro Mop Ball – Conclusion

This mop ball will never replace a vacuum cleaner, due to the fact that it simply does not clean as well. That being said, we really like it. Though it does not do a perfect job and has a couple of downsides, in general it does what it promises: get rid of (most) dust. Also, because of its sharp price it is much more accessible than an actual vacuum cleaner.

If you’d like to give the mop ball a try, it can be bought from TinyDeal, for about 10 dollars (till 20-06-2016).

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  • Please email me instructions on which screw is removable to the battery compartment. It came with no directions. I taken out each screw and still can’t find the batter compartment. At least a picture of the inside of the ball indicating which screw to remove would help.

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