Linxtech IN1601 FPV Drone – Review

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The future of drone flying is FPV (first person view). But learning to fly FPV can be a very expensive hobby. Therefore, there are some cheaper models so all the beginners can learn to fly FPV. Today we review a small, cheap, with all the features we need for a drone. The Linxtech IN1601.

We got it from RCmoment and tested it comprehensively. Besides the Linxtech we also collected some alternatives to consider!

Pros and Cons

Upsides Downsides
  • – Cheap
  • – Many Features
  • – WIFI FPV
  • – Short Flight Time (5 min)
  • – App Manual Not Readable
  • – Not Able to Fly with Wind

What Did We Get?

At first, the package. Everything was packed very well with enough protective foam. The box itself is very small, but you will find everything you need inside.

1 * IN1601 Quadcopter
1 * Remote Controller(Mode 2)
1 * 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po Battery
1 * USB Charging Cable
4 * Spare Propeller
4 * Propeller Protector
1 * Phone Holder
1 * English Manual


First Person View – Test

The App

In order to connect your phone with the quadcopter, you will need to download the app (called HTS-UFO). Just scan the QR-code in the manual. The app itself is very basic, the first screen consists out of three buttons. First, instructions how to connect the phone to the drone. Second, settings like flight params, button tone, and SD card info (for your phone). Third, the actual interface to interact with the IN1601.

When you start the drone, it will send a WIFI signal. Connect your phone to that specific network to use the app and get the FPV view. When connected it will immediately stream its camera view, this works great when you are not flying.


For a drone this size, it truly got a complete list of features. The FPV feature, but also the altitude mode, headless mode, take-off and auto-landing button. Next, you can set some waypoints and let it fly automatically.


The controller is a bit small, and unlike the firm drone itself, it feels a bit light and cheap. The phone holder is easily mountable, but removing it is more difficult. I think not even possible without breaking it (we did not have the courage to test it..). I have a pretty large 6-inch phone, and it fits perfectly in the holder. Setting it once and you can just slide your phone in simply.

The controller needs two AA batteries (which are not included). It got the major buttons like you would expect, trimming, take a picture or easy take-off. But that is it, no extra buttons or features. You will need to control all the other functions through the app on your phone.



The camera is 720p, which is not marvelous but it does what it needs to do. There is also a 0.3MP version available which is slightly cheaper.

The Drone

The Linxtech IN1601 feels quite strong; the housing is not completely secured so flying outside in the rain is not recommended. At the back, you can easily remove the battery in case you want to charge. At the front, you will find the camera which you can slightly modify in the up/down direction. In the most upwards stand, it will still not see the horizon (when standing on the floor). But when you are flying this is a nice point of view.

The foldable propellors work as expected. The mechanism is sturdy enough to keep position when flying. However, with the propellor protectors mounted you are not able to fold it in any way. Next, to that, you will find four spare propellors but no spare protectors. I lost one protector on a hard landing, it jumped away, and I was unable to find it ever since.

We once flew into a wall (without the protectors on), but probably because of the foldable propeller elements, it kept as good as new. The legs just folded back in.


Charging the battery is fast, you will re-charge it within a half hour. The USB charger will light up red when the battery is charging and not yet full. But as fast as you can recharge it, it is empty within a few minutes. The FPV flight time is around 5 minutes.


Item brand: Linxtech
Item model: IN1601
Item name: quadcopter
Remote controller: 2.4GHz mode 2
Gyroscope: Six-axis
Main material: ABS
Battery charger: USB plug charger
Resolution: 720P
FPV transmission: 2.4 Ghz Wifi
Functions: Sideward flight/Turn left/right,Up/down,Forward/backward/3D rollover/WIFI FPV/Headless Mode/Altitude Hold
Control Distance: About 30m
Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 200mAh lipo battery
Battery Size: 38 * 24 * 18mm
Flying Time: 5 mins
Charging Time: about 40 mins
Battery for Controller: 2 * AA 1.5V battery(not included)
Product weight: 28g
Product size(folded): 63 * 63 * 30mm
Product size(unfolded): 90 * 85 * 30mm


Alternative Cheap FPV Drones

We choose two different foldable FPV drones. Both are larger and heavier than the Linxtech. The main differences besides the size are the controlling distance, fly time, and charge time.



Brand: JJR/C
Item model: H45
Item name: quadcopter
Remote controller: 2.4GHz and Wifi controlled
Gyroscope: Six axis
Main material: ABS
Battery charger: USB plug charger
Camera: 720P
FPV transmission: 2.4Ghz Wifi
Functions: Sideward flight/Turn left/right,Up/down,Forward/backward/WIFI FPV/3D rollover/Headless Mode/Altitude Hold/Voice Control
Control Distance: About 50m
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh modular lipo battery
Battery size: 68 * 20 * 10mm
Flying Time: 5 mins
Charging Time: about 60 mins
Product weight: 86g
Product size(folded): 207 * 106 * 36mm
Product size(unfolded): 207 * 187 * 25mm

An overview of the cheapest JJRC H45 shops.

Goolrc T37

Brand: GoolRC
Item model: T37
Item name: quadcopter
Remote controller: 2.4GHz mode 2
Gyroscope: Six axis
Main material: ABS
Colour: Red
Battery charger: USB plug charger
Resolution: 720P
FPV transmission: 2.4Ghz Wifi
Functions: Sideward flight/Turn left/right,Up/down,Forward/backward/3D rollover/WIFI FPV/Gravity Sense Control/Headless Mode/Altitude Hold
Control Distance: About 40m
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh lipo battery
Battery: 58 * 17 * 7mm
Flying Time: 5-8 mins
Charging Time: about 60 mins
Product weight: 79g
Product size(folded): 135 * 65 * 25 mm / 5.3 * 2.6 * 1.0 in
Product size(unfolded): 160 * 135 * 25 mm / 6.4 * 5.3 * 1.0 in

Find the GoolRC T37 for the best price.


We have mixed feelings about this cheap Linxtech IN1601 FPV drone. It is very cheap and got multiple interesting features, which all work like they should. However, the flying time of fewer than 5 minutes is a downer. Of course, this is a problem every drone has, but a flight time of 8 minutes or more is certainly more fun.

It sounds great that the drone is foldable, it even works like a charm. But, you will have to unmount all the protectors first. Besides, the phone holder is not that easy to remove.

The App is basic but does what it needs to do. The manual whatsoever is good enough to set up and install everything. But the picture about the different app options is ridiculously small, so you will have to find the functions of the various buttons for yourself.

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