Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Black (Black) Review

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Simple, but pleasant smart band to wear with excellent working basic functionality


  • Tight design
  • Sit fine on the wrist
  • Great screen quality
  • Battery life is sufficient


  • Accuracy sensors are a bit disappointing
A while back I wrote a review about the MPOW D6 Smart Bracelet which I certainly was not dissatisfied with. I got a new smartband from GearBest to test, this time from a more famous manufacturer: Lenovo! The Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W to be precise.

In this review I will discuss the design, the setup procedure, hardware and software. Of course I will conclude with a conclusion.


The Lenovo is reminiscent of the MPOW D6 that I tested earlier, although the screen fits more seamlessly with the rest. I think the person is more beautiful than the MPOW anyway. It is a simple but functional design. The smart band hardly weighs anything. And that is exactly what is needed with a device like this. After all, you mainly use it for sports activities. Incidentally, thanks to the IP68 resistance, the smartband can withstand water and dirt. The MPOW D6 had to do with IP67. The strap, which is made of thermoplastic elastomer, is also fine on the wrist. It is a soft material that is reminiscent of the silicone straps of the Apple Watch, at the same time it feels a bit firmer as well. That is no downside, because in my eyes it is just a good choice of materials.

You will find a heart rate monitor on the bottom of the smartband. If you take the thing out of the smartband, you will see a USB port with which you charge it. That is actually no different from the MPOW that I tested, although you get the Lenovo in its entirety out of the band. With the other smartband you get it more out of a kind of casing.

A simple but functional design as I indicated earlier: that is the best way to describe what I think of the exterior of the smartband.


In my review of the MPOW D6, I indicated that the setup procedure was childishly simple. And in terms of procedure itself, the Lenovo Cardio Plus is not really different, but faster! At least, pairing via Bluetooth went faster.

Also with this smartband you use an app for this. After downloading you must register and log in. Then you provide some information about yourself, such as your height and weight, after which you can link a smartband. You attach the link to the smartband itself.

And for the rest … well, for the rest it’s a matter of finding out what this smartband has all in house. That will come of course after that!


Naturally, the smartband is equipped with hardware that makes certain functions possible. There is a screen, a CPU, there is Bluetooth, there is a heartbeat meter and so on. Of course I will go into that a bit deeper, and … well now.

Let me start with the screen: it is 0.98 inches tall (a difference of 0.11 inch to the MPOW D6) and has a resolution of 128×64 pixels (more than the MPOW, but in terms of pixel density hardly to any difference). And oh yes, it is an OLED screen.

The smartband has a Nordic 52832 chip with 64 KB RAM and 512 KB storage memory built in, exactly the same as with the MPOW. It all seems meager, but for a device of this class you do not need anymore. Of course there is also Bluetooth, version 4.2 to be precise. And finally, there is an 85 mAh battery that is charged in just about an hour. Stand-by the smartband lasts up to 7 days, according to GearBest. I have not tested it myself, but I think it is a realistic estimate.

I told you earlier that the Lenovo Cardio has a heart rate monitor. How does it work? Let me first say that – especially with products as cheap as these – such a sensor is often far from accurate. That does not mean that it immediately fails, but that if you are looking for something that is as reliable as possible, you can look better for an Apple Watch, for example. It has been proven that that of all smartbands and smartwatches certainly has one of the best heart rate monitors.

But returning to that of this smartband: in my short test the sensor remained 65-80 BPM in idle state. That seems reasonable to me, and it is certainly in line with how it is desired in the most ideal situation. In sports activities, however, that will be completely different and I doubt whether it is still correct.

The same can be said about the pedometer. After a few seconds ‘running’, I indicated that I had taken 15 steps. That is not exactly how it should be. It is possible that the movements I made were just not ‘real’, after all, it was purely a test that I carried out indoors.

Although a smartband is not intended as a watch, there is a clock with date display. A nice extra.

All in all, the software is not really extensive, but that is exactly what you expect from a smartband. And the hardware is fine in my eyes. Not very advanced, but also not below par for a device as cheap as this one.


The Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W is a simple but pleasant smartband to wear. The basic functionality is sufficient and despite deviations in the measurements by the heart rate monitor and pedometer that would not stop me from using it when running. After all, these deviations are also reasonably reasonable; it could have been much worse. Let’s not forget that the Lenovo is cheap: for about two decades at GearBest you get one already in the house.

So yes, it is not that bad either. It is a solid smart band for a low price. It has its plus and minus points, and I think the pluses just have the upper hand here.

With the price of $75.99 on Gearbest the cheapest and there are many other smartwatches ons other  webshops.

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