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There is a large variety of smartwatches and smart wristbands available, ranging from ten to hundreds of dollars. Many of the cheaper smartwatches either feature a colour screen and many features but, for instance, have a battery life of no more than a day, or have a good battery life but no screen at all. The Lemfo E07S appears to have positioned itself right in the middle. It sports a battery life of a week, according to specs, costs only about 15 dollars, and supports notifications, as well as several sports features. It seems like a lot of features for little money, but does it live up to our expectations? We put it to the test.


  • Battery life of about 7 days
  • IP67 waterproof (up to 1 meter for 30min)
  • G sensor
  • GPS
  • Call/message alert function
  • Functions to count steps, calories, distance
  • Music/camera remote function
  • Diameter of about 38mm
  • OLED screen

Build Quality

The watch itself looks quite solid. The strap (especially the locking mechanism) looks a bit weaker, but it hasn’t let us down yet. To charge the phone, a small addon can be clipped onto the back of the watch, which can then be plugged into a computer or charger. The USB plug is a bit too thin though, and because of this it doesn’t fit as well in every USB port.




The battery life of the wristband should be about 7 days. We left it powered on continually and had it on our wrist for about 16 hours a day, and it lasted five hours short of a week. The display goes to standby after 10 seconds, and can be triggered by pressing the button, or by lifting the arm (as if glancing at the watch).

The watch has many sports features, for instance, biking, hiking, swimming, and several indoor exercises, such as jumping jacks and sit-ups. It can also be used to control the music player on your android phone, and a camera (which is part of the app supplied).


The watch does not have a speaker, so there are no audible notifications. There is, however, a vibrate function, which (thankfully) can also be turned off. When a notification is received, the watch first shows the logo for the notification (for instance a WhatsApp logo), and then the message.. If there are several different notifications, it will mention how many notifications there are, but it will not display their contents.

The watch supports the following notifications:
SMS, Phonecalls, MobileQQ, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Skype and Whatsapp. Unfortunately a few very common apps are missing, such as Exchange, Gmail and Hangouts.


The watch has many sports features, making it appear very suitable for sports enthusiasts. However, the manual is very short, and lacking in detail. For example, when biking, the watch counts time, and something else (perhaps calories?) but the time is definitely not correct, and it is hard to be able to conclude anything from the other figure, not knowing what it is.

When using the situps function, it looks like the watch counts quite accurately: provided that the sit-ups are done in a somewhat abrupt fashion. When doing them more smoothly, the watch tends to miss situps every now and then.

Counting steps is also quite inaccurate: Walking a distance of about 300 steps, it counted 400 steps.

Navigating the Menu

Some web shops mention that the watch features a touchscreen. Though there is a touch-button, the screen itself is not a touchscreen. The menu of the watch can be opened by long-pressing the button. In general, a long press is used to select an option, and a short press to scroll to the next option. This takes some getting used to: there is no back button so if you accidentally scroll past the function you were looking for, you have to scroll to the end of the menu and then start again from the beginning to get to the required function.


The app that comes with the watch is called Smart Wrist Band. Though packed with features, we found that it is not stable on all phones. For instance on one of the phones we tested it with (Xiaomi Redmi 2), every time the trends function was selected, the app minimized. A reinstall of the app solved this, but it does show that the app is not perfect. Perhaps this also depends on the android version used (though it should support anything above android 4.3).


Though the watch itself looks quite good, it does not really excel at anything: It is not the best option for notifications (as many popular apps are not supported), the motion sensor is not accurate enough for sports, and the app is somewhat buggy. After a few weeks of wearing the watch daily, we found that the only feature of the watch we really used was telling the time…

However, if you all you intend to use the watch for are the (few supported) notifications and telling the time, this is probably a much better choice than most other cheap smartwatches, as this can actually display notifications on its screen, and yet has a battery life of about a week.

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