Lehoo Smart Glass/Cup – Review

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I’m really bad at hydrating myself. Sometimes I forget to drink altogether, and sometimes I make myself a cup of coffee and then forget about it, so I end up drinking cold coffee – not something I recommend. The Lehoo Smart Glass might just solve these problems. To find out, we put it to the test.


  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • LED screen displays temperature of cup contents
  • LEDs warning for hot content or bad quality water
  • 2 hourly drinking reminder function
  • Energy saving function
  • Inside of the cup made of stainless steel

Do not rely solely on the purity indicator on this glass to determine whether water is fit to drink!

Build quality

The cup appears to be of good quality. The inside is made of stainless steel, and the outside of hard, white plastic. It’s very well finished. Thanks to the somewhat thick sides, the cup isolates somewhat too. A lid is included, so it should be able to keep a drink warm (or cold!) for a while. The lid contains a rubber ring, to keep the cup from leaking. The cup holds about 300ml.

The bottom comes off, by twisting it, allowing you to change the batteries (2*AAA). There is no rubber ring here, so I do not recommend submerging the cup (for instance, for washing it), as water might get into the battery compartment. It can, however (according to the manual), be rinsed or cleaned with a damp cloth. It is advised to do this regularly to maintain the accuracy of the purity test.


The cup has a smart energy saving function. When it is not touched, the display and indication led turn off after a couple of seconds. When the cup is touched (for instance when being picked up) it turns on again. Thanks to this, the battery will probably last quite long.

There is a LED ring around the cup, which lights up green, blue or red depending on whether the quality of water is excellent, average, or inferior quality. To test this, first we used safe-to-drink tap water. The cup lit up blue, indicating the quality is average. This seems accurate enough.


In order to get some more results, we also tried the following:

First test: Bottled water. We expected this to be pure enough, but the cup still indicated that it was of average quality. Perhaps distilled water would do the job, but we do not have access to this.

Second test: We then tried salty water (tap water with some added table-salt). With a little salt the indication LED was still blue, but when more salt was added it turned red. Salty water is therefore apparently considered impure, which is fair enough.

Third test: Then, we rinsed a used cleaning rag in water, and poured the water in the cup. Theoretically, this water would contain all sorts of bacteria. However, the light turned blue.

As the manual does not state what technology is used to determine the purity of the water, we cannot state which impurities will and will not be detected. Therefore, we do not recommend using the cup to determine whether water is safe to drink. It may give an indication of minerals present in the water, but it may not detect all bacteria.





Temperature indication

The two digit LED display displays the temperature of the contents of the cup. The temperature is approximately three percent too high, compared to several other thermometers. When the contents of the cup are above 50 degrees Celcius, the LED ring lights up, warning that the water is hot. Note that when the contents are over 50 degrees, this means that there is no purity indication, as the LED ring cannot display both at the same time.

Drink-reminder function

It is possible to set an alarm reminding you to drink very two hours, to turn it on, the button on the bottom should be pressed until a long and a short beep is heard. To turn it off, the button should be pressed until a short beep is heard. Of course we tested this, and found it to be quite accurate. The alarm is a little loud to our liking.


The Lehoo Smart Glass is a great product, and it does exactly as advertised. Though the purity- and temperature indicators are not completely accurate, they still give a nice indication, which could really make this Smart Glass a fun product to have. Also, the drinking reminder can come very useful.

We would like to state again though: do not rely solely on the purity indicator on this glass to determine whether water is fit to drink!

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