Buying LED lights – Enlightening Tips!

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Replace your old light bulbs with new ones?

We suggest that you replace your incandescent light bulbs by LED lights. LED light has several advances compared with an incandescent light. The main advantage of a LED light is their lifetime, it will work ten times as long then the old light bulbs. Besides the lifetime, it will even use 90% less energy what of course will result in a decline of energy costs. Before buying and importing the right LED light bulbs we suggest you to read the tips below. These tips will help you selecting the right LED light bulb for you.

1. Fitting type

First of all decide which type of fitting you need. Use the picture below to make the right choice. You don’t want LED lights all the way from China with the wrong fitting..


2. Amount of Watts (W)

Look on your old lamp for the amount of watt (W) and compare those with the picture below, in this way you can find the matching LED watt. If you already know the amount of Luminous Flux (light density),  than look at the specifications below if they match your proper amount .
Watt to Watt

3. Temperature color

This tip is an important one! You can easily get disappointed if you receive a LED light bulb that enlightens another color than you expected (own experience). In Europe people like i.e more warm white lights but in Asia they prefer whiter light. Most sites have specified the temperature color mostly in Kelvin (K), the picture below will indicate the temperature and its corresponding color.

LED Color Temperature Chart

4. Choose the right model.

There are different LED light model types! Choose the one you want. Most of the time you see the models on the product image. Besides the latter, to be sure that you get the product you expected, take a look at the opinions of earlier buyers (reviews and stars).

5. Still not sure? Buy a sample

If you are still not sure whether you selected the right LED light bulb than we suggest that you just buy one as a sample. If it suits your requirements you can always order more, especially with free shipping!

6. Selecting and Buying

Now you know what kind of specifications are important, it gets time to search for the perfect light bulb. For this example I wanted a  “E27 Warm 5W Corn”  LED light. Searching at Compare Imports resulted in: E27 – 20 Warm – 5W. The more specifications you know, the easier it is to search!

Additional information:

  • Most of the LED lamps are not dimmable! Keep that in mind and don’t be surprised.
  • Other energy-efficient lamps that even work without electricity are solar lamps, they are quite handy in the garden.
  • Besides these light bulbs there are also LED lights for in cars and motors.

Good luck on your quest for the right LED lights!

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