KKMoon 1080p Wireless IP Camera from TomTop – Review

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Do you feel more secure when you will have the ability to keep an eye on your belongings? Or just want to know what happens at home when you are gone? Without all the hassle to set it up..

Luckily these days it is rather easy to get this done. You don’t need any expensive equipment, but there are small Chinese brand wireless IP cameras for just around $30 – $50 dollars.

With the KKmoon 1080p (720p) we had a connection within a few minutes and were able to use the app from our local network as well from outside.

Pros and Cons

Upsides Downsides
  • Good Night Vision
  • Motion Sensor
  • Price
  • Not easy to hide
  • Little documentation
  • Not many App options


Searching on KKmoon gives us a whole range of different products. Not only CCTV cameras but also headsets, door entry systems or car headlights. You will find most of the products at TomTop or their allied store, Cafago.

Browsing their website will show us their products. But when we looked for a more detailed explanation about the camera we could not find anything useful.

This is for us an indication that you should not expect much customer service from KKmoon. Probably the counter side from their excellent priced products.


KKmoon IP camera features

Do You Need Documentation?

Yes, you certainly need some documentation. Especially when installing the camera. But don’t worry they added ‘quick install instructions‘. For the other options you are on your own, so you should figure them our yourself. Like we mentioned the official website isn’t offering those further details either.

The Installation

First, you will need to install the KKmoon app. In the instructions, you will find the QR codes for the iPhone and Android apps. This will work pretty straightforward. Then, you will add the IP camera to the app.

It’s getting a bit more confusing at this point. You will have three options to connect to your device:

Scan the QR code at the back of the camera

We tried this one first because it seems the easiest one. However, the QR code is that small that we were not able to scan it ( we used the Xiaomi Note 3 for that).

WiFi Search

We tried this one without success. You will have to add your wireless network and password in the app. Your phone will send this information with some ‘weird’ sounds to the IP camera. A process which took a few minutes.  But in the end after a few tries we still not had the connection we wanted. So we went for the last option.

Find the Camera on the Local Area Network (LAN)

This is just the regular option, which is apparently not available over wifi. You will need to connect the IP camera to the LAN network with a cable. This option worked pretty fast and creating a connection with the camera worked in few clicks.

After this you can setup Wifi settings for the camera, then you can unplug the cable and use the device wirelessly.

KKmoon Camera Options 1080p

The App

For using the IP camera you will need the KKmoon App. When you added your camera to the app you are able to see the live stream. You will find options to take pictures, record the live view, switch quality, setup preset points, switch on the audio/mic or zoom in.

In the settings of the camera, you will find more options. Setting the motion sensor, configure saving locations. For example an SD card (up to 128GB) or an external FTP server. Next, to that, you can configure the video and audio settings or setting different alarm options when the camera detects movement.

It is Cheap, but still Solid?

The KKmoon feels solid but is a bit large, Approx. 120*105*130mm (L*W*H). Within the package, there is a small bracket for installing the camera on your wall or sealing. However, the camera needs to be close to a socket because there is no possibility for batteries.

With the two antennas at the back, the KKmoon 1080p feels and looks pretty solid.  So we can conclude that besides its price the housing and build is reliable.

What Are The Main Features?

Many IP Cameras are used for baby monitoring. Therefore you need a reliable connection with a good microphone and sound options. The KKmoon 1080p is in our opinion not a very appropriate option to use as a baby monitor.

KKmoon IP camera options

The setup is not that easy as a baby monitor, and you don’t have a connector and receiver (you will always need your phone), and it is somewhat large. We think it’s more useful for other purposes, like security or just keeping track of your home situation.

The motion detector, night vision (up to 8m), and loop recorder are perfect features to use when keeping an eye on your gate or other spaces.

You can turn/pan the camera by swiping at the App.  The camera will turn/pan a few degrees (fixed amount) with each swipe. So you are not able to turn the camera fluently, if you want to pan the camera to the other side, you will need to swipe multiple times and wait until the camera has completed its first step to command to pan further.

But there is a feature to help you with the latter problem. You can preset 8 different points. When you select a preset in the App, the camera will fluently turn to its new point of view.

The audio of the camera is not outstanding, but in most cases, it is enough for your needs. Just like mentioned earlier it will probably not fulfill when you use it as a baby monitor. The camera supports two-way audio. So you can speak and using the speakers of the camera.


– Power Supply: DC 5V
– Image Sensor: 1/2.7″ CMOS Sensor
– Horizontal Resolution: 1920*1080@30fts
– Lens: 3.6mm
– Infrared lamp: 11pcs lamps
– Infrared distance: 8M
– Rotation angle: Horizon:0°~355°; Vertical:0°~120°
– Preset: Support 8 preset points
– Min. illumination: 0.1 Lux
– Day & Night mode: Auto IR-CUT filter
– Compression: H.264
– Ethernet: Ethernet (10/100M Base-T), RJ-45 connector
– Wireless standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n
– Mobile Phone  App: iPhone/Android
– Onvif: Support
– Texture of material: ABS
– Color: White
– TF Card Slot: up to 128G(not included)
– Working temperature: -20°C to +50°C
– Camera Size (without bracket): Approx. 120*105*130mm(L*W*H)

Are There Good Alternatives?

Obviously, there are some other good Chinese alternatives. Because of the many choices, we compared the KKmoon with some other options.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera 1080p

This Xiaomi Mijia 1080p is in some ways very different from the KKmoon. It is smaller, looks more like a webcam. Has just a 180-degree rotation. But the main pro’s for this model is the App. It has more features and configuration options. The night vision is slightly better (reaches 10m) and you can charge it with a  micro USB cable.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera

Veskys c200

The Vesky C200 is more of a look-alike with our tested KKmoon, but somewhat smaller. It is slightly cheaper, and you can find the normal version for around $30 dollar and the cloud version for around $40. Its specifications are also a little less. You are able to use max a 64GB SD card, instead of the 128GB. The night vision works up to 5m, where the KKmoon reaches 8m.

Vesky C200


The KKmoon 1080p is a bit large but looks and feels solid. The App is sufficient but not special, and the customer service/documentation is not overwhelming. Of course, the price is great and together with the App, you will have an IP camera which is not simple but adequate.

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