JJRC H6C-2 Cheap Quadcopter with Camera

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The JJRC H6C-2 is one of the most popular and best reviewed budget quadcopter with a camera! The quadcopter is available on many websites and at some websites the “most value products” or recommend product. The control distance is around 80 meters! As a small quadcopter the flight time is around 7 minutes. Due to its popularity all sites also offer spare parts which makes this quadcopter maintainable for a longer period.

JJRC H6C-2 – Features

  • 2MP camera
  • 350mAh battery
  • Approximately 7 minutes of flying time
  • Display on remote
  • 360 degree flip
  • Headless mode
  • One key auto return
  • 13.4*13.4cm
  • 4 channel controller

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JJRC H6C-2 – In the box

  • Four replacement blades: 2 white, and 2 black (note: they are mirrored, so basically there is one of each)
  • A tool to help remove blades
  • A micro sd card reader
  • A micro sd card
  • A protective frame
  • Four little plastic legs (to use when the protective frame is not used)
  • JJRC H6C-2 – Battery

    The quadcopter contains a 350mAh battery, which is roughly equivalent to other similarly priced quadcopters. It lasts 7 to 8 minutes, as advertised on the box, and takes a little less than an hour to charge, When the battery runs out, the LED’s on the quadcopter will start to blink. You then have some time left to land the quadcopter safely.

    JJRC H6C-2 – Quality

    Of course, in order to fly, a compromise is made between the weight and the quality of the quadcopter, but this particular one is quite strong. It has suffered a few rough landings, but they have not resulted in any damage. This particular quadcopter includes a removable protective frame. Despite the frame, the blades come off quite easily, and tend to break easily (especially when landing a little hard or running into things). Spares blades are included, and additional blades can be bought for a few dollars. The build quality of the controller is not very good, but it will probably outlive the quadcopter (as it is far less likely to crash into lamps, ceilings, trees, etc.)

    JJRC H6C-2 – Camera

    The camera is fixed and pointed to the front, looking down at an angle of 15 or 20 degrees. This is useful when filming or taking pictures at great heights, but when flying low the camera is quite useless, as all it will record is the ground. One cannot expect much from the camera in this price range, but I was not disapointed at all. The pictures the camera takes are quite good (for a 2MP camera). A camera icon appears briefly on the controller screen when a picture is taken. The camera also has a videomode. When this is activated a little camera icon appears on the controller screen (and stays there until the videomode is deactivated). The quality is not bad, as can be seen in the picture and video attached to this review. The video shows a slight ripple across the entire recording, though. Perhaps there is moisture in the camera or the lens is somewhat wobbly, as this ripple has only shown up recently. Aside from this, there are two large disadvantages to this camera. The first is that it is fixed. This means that for any horizontal adjustment, the entire quadcopter has to turn, and vertical adjustment can only be achieved by tilting the quadcopter forward or backwards, resulting in (often unwanted) horizontal movement. Second, there is no stabilization on the camera, so it is almost impossible to keep it steady. There is also a microphone on the quadcopter, but this is not really useful, due to the noise that the quadcopter itself makes when in flight. Also, the quality of the microphone is terrible.

    JJRC H6C-2 – Screen

    The screen displays whether or not the camera is active, the status of the controller battery, the amount of pitch and roll correction active, the amount of throttle, and whether the light is turned on. Some of these can be useful, but in general one will probably find himself keeping a close eye on the quadcopter, instead of the lcd screen.

    JJRC H6C-2 – Flying

    Quadcopters are not easy to fly. This particular model allows for so called ‘new players mode’, which should make the quadcopter easier to fly. The disadvantage is that a different configuration is used (on the controller), which probably makes it harder to go back to the usual configuration.
    As with all quadcopters, controls are sensitive, and it takes a good amount of practice to master the quadcopter. The auto return function is not very stable, and therefore I do not recommend using it. The times I’ve tested it the quadcopter returned at full speed and then crashed. The wind has a great effect on the quadcopter, so it is not recommended to fly outside on windy days. Of course, the quadcopter only has a limited maximum speed, so when there is much wind, it is simply impossible to correct for it.

    JJRC H6C-2 – Conclusion

    This is a fun quadcopter, which is definitely worth the 45 dollars. The camera is a nice add­on, but do not expect it to return high quality footage. If you are mainly interested in this quadcopter for the camera, it might be worth looking into other quadcopters too, such as the DM007 (also reviewed on this website), which has a 360 degree camera. If you are not so much interested in the camera, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives on the market, such as the Eachine H8 Mini, which (at the moment) can be bought for as little as 14 dollars.

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