I5 Plus Smartband Review

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Smart watches are hot these days. Many of us already use wearables, and some also know the leading brands, like the FitBit, Jawbone and the Xiaomi Mi. However, as we already know from China wholesale web shops, they will have many other alternatives. And for today we will review one of them in-depth: the I5 Plus a worthy successor of the earlier I5 and comparable with the FitBit Flex. We would not call it a smartwatch, but more like a fitness/health bracelet.

Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Easy setup
  • Almost one week battery
  • 0.5 hour for full charge
  • Easy firmware upgrade
  • No data loss when not synchronizing everyday
  • App IOS and android compatibility
  • Not confident if it will survive water
  • Not clear how to read text message


Braceli Zeroner Health App

Easy to download from the apple app store or android store. But be aware! This smartband and app combination is only compatible with:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • iOS 7.0 or later – such as: iPhone 4S / 5 / 6, iPod touch 5
  • Must be Android 4.3 or later – such as: Samsung S4, Note 3
  • IWown I5 Plus – Options

    • Pedometer
    • Sleep monitor
    • Distance meter
    • Alarm
    • Call notification (vibration)
    • SMS notification
    • Application Notification
    • Sedernaty Alert
    • Find your Phone
    • Controle your camera

    I5 Plus – Experience

    After wearing the smartband for two weeks, I’m positively surprised. It is lightweight, and you will probably never miss a call again, the vibration is subtle but very effective. The quality of the wristband is excellent, and the clasp works great. And eventually, through tracking your steps a day, it is confronting to see that the actual target of 10.000 steps was difficult to reach (I entered it only once by walking a whole day through London city, 17k).

    I5 Plus – Positive

    It’s amusing to notice a call or your alarm on your vibrating wrist, and it works very well, missing a call is challenging. Another thing to notice is that the watch does not need a mobile phone connection every single day to synchronize the data from former days. The watch itself keeps the data of earlier days and synchronizes when the Bluetooth connection is restoring. The new hype about selfies is far easier with the possibility to control the camera of your phone with your smart bracelet.

    I5 Plus – Negative

    On the other hand, I encountered some small issues. It seems to be possible to read your SMS/WhatsApp messages, but eventually, I still don’t know how. I see who is sending the message, but not the actual text message itself. The statement about the water resistance is still not enough for me. But I don’t have the guts to test it out. Maybe in the future.

    I5 Plus – Design

    The design is plain and simple, in line with the price with no real fancy design. It’s a black (also available in RED (link) and Blue (link)) rubber wristband with an easy clasp. No fancy glitters. The led light is blue and not adjustable. It looks fine but makes the watch somewhat geekish.

    I5 Plus – New Firmware

    At the moment of writing this review, I upgraded the firmware (easy option within the app), and I noticed a big positive difference in touch reaction. The watch reacts more naturally and acts easily on finger swipes or the “I want to see the time” gesture.

    Compare Imports Conclusion

    According to price quality, we conclude a big: “YES.” If you like gadgets it’s fun to have; the statistics are marginal but fun (and more fun with more history). If we compare the functions on this smart watch with other big brands, which cost five times more this one is certainly a good buy. If you want to buy your first wearable, the I5 Plus is perfect to try and find out if you like the concept.

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    Help Others, Share Your Thoughts

    Comment below and share your questions and knowledge. Help each other with shopping in China, we all appreciate it.



    • How to fix my smartband?! I was firmware my smartband and when its finish, my smartband just blink light. Did anyone know to fix my (all people problem)

    • I can’t get the training mode to work, it only comes up with running. I swipe and swipe and swipe but it only comes up with running. Any ideas?

    • I just bought for my son and the training mode only brings up running. I thought there were more training modes?

    • I just got received my smart watch and it will sync to Zeroner with all my steps and stuff but not to Google Fit…. It won’t sync to Zeroner Health so I don’t have anything on it but link to Google Fit… I don’t get it.

      Any solutions?

    • When someone calls me it doesn’t come up on my phone even though it has my number and is Bluetooth is connected

      • The watch busses….but does not show any messages. It showed a call only once. HOW DO I GET TO SHOW MESSAGES ON MY WATCH FROM MY PHONE.?

    • Hi,
      Can you use the smart watcher or bracelet even though your not synchronize to any phone or Bluetooth would the other application function, example the blood pressure monitoring would it still function without a phone link in to it.

      • I have a question. It is not possible for me to register,because I do not know what I have to fill in by: Phone. So first is email adress ,second is password and 3th is :phone. I have tried my number ,type etc etc. What do they want . I know it is stupid but who can help me?

        • I don’t know what to put in the phone part either it won’t go

    • How to i get my details to stay in the app? I confirm everything and all looks good, close app and open it agai and its all gone? Whats the fix?

    • Having trouble saving my personal data can type it in and confirm its all correct. Iexit the app and when i go back in to it the details i have entered have all changed! What can i do to fix this ?

    • Hi, my phone is Leeco2 with android 6, its detected by bluetooth, but it cannot pairing when I connecting device using zeroner or iwown fit. I don’t know, is it compatible with the phone????
      So, what can I do?

    • It now says parse error when I try to pair.

      • I am having the same issue did you figure out how to resolve it?

    • I have just bought the Bracel5 Plus. I have downloaded Zeroner. However it cannot link the two. I have a Sony Xperia

      • how did you resolve the problem? I seem to have tried almost everything but cannot link up.

      • You need to download Zeroner Health , i made the mistake of dowloading Zerona, there is a difference.Mines works fine now.

    • my i5 plus is not working , it just work for 2 days and get off , what to do ?

      • Hi Chirag,

        Try to reach the shop where you bought it. Or directly contact the manufacturer.
        They will give you advice about what to do.

        Good luck,
        CompareImports Crew

    • Same problem as many others. After having loaded I could see the menu and functions. Connected with Zeroner Health, but there was no syncing. And this was just one time. Now the led light is burning on and off, no other menu to be seen, swiping, pressing, no reaction. Cannot make a connection to my smartphone (Samsung S5), nor with Zeroner, nor with Zeroner Heath. Worthless. Don’t spend your money on this.

      • Try iWOWNfit from the same developer..It worked for me.. Zeroner work for me either..

        • * Zeroner dint work for me either

        • Thank you!! Zeroner and Zeroner Health did not work but iWOWNfit did! I can connect now!

          • Ayaw na gumana nung watch may ilaw lang n white. Nagumpisa lang to nung ngupdate ng firmware.

    • Hello! I just bought the i5plus today and now the led light is turn on. I couldn’t find way to turn if off. Nothing show on screen when I touch just only the light. Please help!!!

      • its happen to me also. the led lights still on i couldn’t find how to turn it off. anyone can help me on this. i just bought from online. and received this things today. please help me.

        • Im haveing the same problem it was working for like 10 minutes and now only the light is blinking on and off when I tuch the screen can someone help me out

          • i have the same problem. i just had my i5 smart watch. I was trying to do an upgrade but then I could not connect my watch anymore and it keeps on blinking. I also couldn’t turn it on anymore.

        • Any news? How you reset the device?

        • Any news? You solve the problem?

      • How you solve this problem?

    • i cant login in zeroner….help me

    • Uninstall Zeroner from phone on any app that has paired with the I5 Plus. Make sure I5 Plus Bluetooth icon didn’t appear, meaning is not connected to any phone device.
      Go download “Zeroner Health” from Playstore/iTunes and install. After install, pair your I5 Plus with this Zeroner Health app. After pairing, settings with I5 Plus will automatically appear in the app. Click firmware update to update your I5 Plus. While updating firmware, make sure phone is fully charge, don’t turn off screen of the phone and leave your I5 on the table. The latest I5 firmware I have now as of 16 September 2016 is version This version allows your I5 to go into Portrait/Vertical or Landscape/Horizontal view, 20 different sports setting, sports reminder, twitter, LINE, Gmail notification or select your favourite app for notification.

      • Another options is install “iwownfit” from playstore/itunes and follow the steps above. iwownfit, zeroner health and zeroner are from the same company.

      • iOS: Linksmart application: Not Viber, messenger notification, and messenger call. I’m angry

        But there is viber call, sms, call, calendar notification.


      • hai, i been using i5 almost one year, two day my i5 suddenly die, i though cause empty battery, but when i try to charge, not thing come up on screen, event vibrate when you start plug in on the usb port connect to electrical power, why is that happen? please give me info…is this the main problem issue? thanks, i really need info, btw i am using iphone 5

        • same thing with me. have been using for a month, however, no display

    • My iwown i5 plus smart watch has been bought from China. Now I m from Bangladesh. The user manual, which is with it is in Chinese version, I don’t know Chinese language. So, I look for the operating system of my watch through the internet, but the operating system which I find from the internet, doesn’t match with my watch though my watch is same as shown in the internet. So, though it is almost more than 1 month is running, I have purchased the watch but still now, I don’t find any system to set the time and date of my watch. Pls help me by giving a perfect solution. The brand and model of my watch: iwown i5 plus smart watch. I m waiting eagerly for your kind response in my email address. Thanks a lot

    • This i5 Plus is not very accurate, the steps and calories are way off!! Frustrating! Waste of money!!

    • i just got 2 bracelets and neither will turn on or do anything. they are both fully charged. any ideas?

    • How to get remote camera control to work with Iphone 5S, IOS 9.3.5

    • Only the bright lights, but does not display it
      what do I do?

      • yes also me has same problem

        • have you found any solutions, cause i have the same problem now … kindly mail me

          • what is your email?

            • Will it work in iPhone 4. How to make it to work in 4

      • Hi can someone help me, I got my i5 two days ago, I have downloaded the app and paired it to my phone, but I don’t it has synced because I cannot get all the functions to work

        Thank you

      • Me too, it worked for about 10 seconds then disconnected. Only been getting the light since and it won’t connect

    • Generally I do not learn post on blogs, but I wish to
      say that this write-up very compelled me to check
      out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.

    • To use this app without any connection issues, use the latest version of the app “Zeroner Health”.
      As soon as I used that app I connected really easily and quickly.

    • My band works fine with calls and SMS notifications but not showing whatsapp and Facebook notifications. I have tried to turn options off and back on many times but not working.
      Kindly help me.

    • How do get the messages and calls to show up on my watch??

    • Does not work after loosing BT-connection once. Cannot log into app. Cannot pair device. Sucks!

    • When I try to recharge I attach unit to computer as required. As soon as I do this the unit starts buzzing and will buzz until charge is done. I am unable to do anything to stop the buzzing to get the unit to work properly.

    • Don’t waste your money. The app times out before you can set up your account. If you try to email, it gets returned bc no such address…I guess i’ll just buy a fitbit instead……poor product and service

      DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!

      • Same here. Can anyone help?

        • Bought mine an 7 days later does not work nowhere to send it back or number call t….to bad cause I love it ….guess its not worth it

          • Mine is working well. Can receive sms & whatsapp notifications, call notifications, track my walking steps, how much calories burnt, track my sleep. Overall, satisfied with the product 🙂
            Oh btw, i used the Zeroner Health app on android google play!

    • The clock on my watch is 30 minutes behind my iPhone! I have disconnected and reconnected them both through Bluetooth but the watch is still behind by half an hour. I have changed the time within the app from 12 hour to 24 hour to see if that sorts it but still no joy. Please help how do I get them to match up

      • Exactly the same problem here! Just received 3 of these in the mail and all 3 have the same issue with connected to my iPad and my iPhone… It makes no sense. Each time I reconnect the time is reset to the hour at :00 minutes…

        • If you change your iPhone time format to 24 hours the correct time will show on the wristband. Hope this helps

    • How do I change the time on my smart bracelet? It hasn’t change to 24h and hasn’t reset when pairing with my iPhone.

    • My 15 plus will not keep a charge for more than 24 hours.I now need to charge every day.Any ideas as to why this is happening?

    • is there another app, beside zeroner?

    • is the 15 plus compatible with the Samsung Tablet E Lite or does it have to be a phone

    • I went swimming with my I5 Plus and the first time it was OK. The second time I did that the light came on and the screen freezes. I waited till the battery discharges before the light turned off. I then recharge it and it works. This morning I swam with it again and the same thing happens. I now am waiting for the battery to again discharge and see whether I can then recharge it and whether it will still work. I don’t think it is waterproof as claimed, well certainly not for swimming with it !!!

      • I think you are right – and I bought it specially for that reason. However after swimming a few times with it, it has stopped working.

        Absolute con, highly DO NOT recommend anyone buy this product. There’s no replies how to fix any of the problems people are experiencing either.

      • The waterproof claim is for only 1m or 3ft. Not good for swimming but for accidental splashes and quick drop in a puddle is fine

      • It has only IP65 rating (Protected against low pressure jets if water from all directions, limited ingress permitted). So in one word – just SPLASHPROOF.

    • I am interested in getting a custom version of his I5 smart bracelet – is some way to connect with manufacturer to find out if possible and the price>

      • good luck trying to cantact anyone…all emails get returned

    • Hello,
      I’ve just received my bracelet today while I was checking the app there was a function called upgrade frame work of the bracelet or some thing like that I tried it but science I did that it just starts led light and the screen doesn’t function I can’t deal with it or pair with it.
      What is the problem?
      can anyone help T_T

      • I have the same problem and I need solutions!!

        • Me too

      • Me too, heeelp!!!

    • My i5 plus is not receiving calls and messages, what do I do to fix it?

      • I have also turned all push reminders on

    • i received my i5 plus yesterday but the time in my bracelet is 2 hrs off.how do you reset the time.?thank you.

      • Ditto problem with the 2hrs time. At first it was no problem as it adjusted to the right time as soon as I switched Bluetooth on (I don’t like to have it on all the time as it really drains the power ) but now – nothing ?. I’ve tried to switch on/off to see if that helps but that’s also a problem. Followed the instructions (left to righg etc) but still doesn’t switch off ?.

    • I received my i5 plus smart bracelet yesterday. After getting the password by email, changing the password to register and then attempting to login with my email and password….. A bubble pops up when I hit login that says login… but it does not take me to the setup pages at all??? I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I haven’t seen others post about this. I have tried turning my phone off. Turning bluetooth off and then back on and uninstalling Zeroner and then reinstalling it???

    • Is it work with galaxi s 5 android 5?

    • Hi, the time in my bracelet is 20 min off. Any suggestions to fix it?

    • I accidentally hit the icon that looks like a search tool. Unit made beeping noise and now I can’t turn it back on. Is there a way to get it back on?

      • That tool finds your watch if lost.
        Should turn back on automatically.
        Maybe try charging it.or go to lower off then hold to turn on .

    • How do you change it from Military time to regular time??

      • There is an option within the zeroner app to do so.

        Zeroner app –> Device Setting –> 24 Hour toggle button

    • It comes up with network connection error everytime I try to register it…it’s worthless if I can’t use it….Help!

      • Me too! Did you manage to sort?

    • I recently bought iwown i5 plus and I have a problem… I can’t find way to clear the data stored in bracelet. Tried to swith it off but data isnt cleared

      • Figured it out?

      • Any info about resetting or restoring the watch to ‘factory settings’ would be awesome!!!
        Please let us know if you found anything about this!

        • I tried to upgrade the firmware . but it will not turn on. its only a blue light. What to do?

    • Hi, for the first week my band worked great..However after recharging it the band is out of synch, the time is wrong, the data collection incorrect and when I use the app on the phone it keeps closing.

      • Try turning your phone off and then back on and resyncing the bluetooth. It worked when my bracelet was out of sync with my phone. Good Luck 🙂

    • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. When I first got the band the caller ID and text ID (both with names if the person was in my phone contact list) worked. A week later, the incoming phone caller ID works, but with a text it only says “SMS message received” without a name. Also, can’t seem to change to miles instead of kilometers, registers on the band in miles, but on the phone after walking all day the tracker says “zero”. Everything else seems to work great!

    • I have just purchased the watch..but I can’t seem to see the incoming calls or messages.
      Please help on how I set this feature up.

      • smae problem….did u figger it out?

    • Thanks , I have recently been searching for info approximately this topic for a while
      and yours is the best I have found out so far.
      However, what about the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the supply?

    • I have auto sleep on but when I try do it myself I do not get the bed icon just the moon and stars… any ideas?

      • I have the iPhone6 with OS 9,2.1 and everything works as advertised. The incoming text messages alerts and the message show on the i5 , the incoming call alerts show , all data transfers from i5 to iPhone6 with no problem there either and the SLEEP MODE works great too . I just have 1 question. When in the “Device Connection” using ZERONER , I see my device (i5) and it shows “connected”, but the light blue circle shows “Unpaired”. Is this normal? As mentioned above all works great . The only snafu is on occasion my i5 will “Unconnect” but that’s rear and an easy fix , oh yea and the included manual is kind’a vague to put it mildly . I’m pretty good at figuring this stuff out so again , no bid deal. Thanx … Jer

    • I have auto sleep on but when I try don’t myself I do not get the bed icon just the moon and stars… any ideas?

    • It worked fine for a few weeks then I accidentally turned off bluetooth on my phone and now it won’t reconnect. Can’t set the time or anything right on the band now. What are the steps to connect please (I’ve lost the somewhat limited instructions!)?

    • Hi All,

      Whats the latest official firmware for the i5 Plus?

      Im using with an iPhone and all works well. But I have seen comment elsewhere about updating to firmware v3.0+ giving extra functionality

      Mine still shows V1.1.0 and the zeroner app tells me “Already Newest Ver.” when i check for update.

      Any ideas. Do I perhaps need to borrow someones elses android to get an update? and if i do will it still be compatible with my Apple device?


      Here’s link to others talking about higher firmwares:


      • did you ever find anything out? mine is doing the same thing.

        • i downloaded the chinese version of zeroner – just search iwown in app store. then through one of those i was able to update to

          It gave me a vertical time display and other functions, but i lost whatsapp notifications and the remote photo capture. Also couldnt get it to sync through zeroner and after much faffing, resets etc got it to work through another iphone app iWOWNfit which seems to be the updated more stable version on zeroner.

    • My 15 plus died after charging not the time can’t show up only the texts and phone call shows up. Can someone help

      • My watch has died, I charged it for about 8hr. Now the time doesn’t shows up but someone calls me or text I can see it . The othe thing is that it’s vibrating continuous. Can someone help

    • My phone is moto x play with 6.0(marshmallow), I am having an issue to pair with smart bracelet i5 plus

      • Hi, Can you sync the data with Google fit?

      • Hi, same here, did you find any issue to oyur problem?

        • UPDATE : you have to connect GPS to pair the device.

          • Have GPS on but still won’t reconnect. Who do we contact to return faulty goods?

          • Yeaaaaaaaa!mm thank you. That’s was the missing key for me. Had to have me GPS on. Now I have to figure out how to confirm the pair with my bracelet.

            • My GPS is on, still doesn’t connect 🙁

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    • how do I change the time on my smart bracelet 15

      • I have the same problem,the time is two hrs off

        • It’s done on its own when you sync it with your phone.. I have been using it from two days now and it’s works fine. Loving it

    • Hi,
      I need help, I cannot connect the i5 smart band with my Samsung galaxy note 3, I tried several times and it does not paired. I power off and on and try connection again, also failed to connect.

      • I had the same issue. Tried many times, but the radar icon didn’t show up. BUT when U power off the I5plus and then power it on it hows 4 digit. Immediatelly tap on bracelet and U will see the radar icon. As fast as possible open Zeroner app and try to connect (pair) with bracelet. I managed to fix it that way.

      • I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 and it keeps saying braceli5-2704 unable to communicate and won’t connect

    • how o i turn off the annoying flashing light have tried to hold the button down but get a funny noise on my phone thanks erika

      • In the app – find “Remind Light” and turn that off.

    • The plastic bit of the display screen is coming up and won’t switch when pushing the buttons have had watch for a week ? What can I do

    • Hi. I’ve had my wristband for about 3 weeks. Has been working but for last 3 days the sleep is not registering. The sport is fine. Just getting no record of the sleep. Using an iPhone 5. Please help.

    • I have a problem to use sleep monitor mode. I see in the guide. they said didn’t do any things it will start sleep mode when the time is 20.00-9.00 but I wait until 3 day it didn’t show a graph to me.what should I do to get this mode work
      (I use ios 9.0)

      • Within the Zeroner App you need to turn auto-sleep on.

        Alternatively when you go to bed swipe through to the sleep icon and hold down to select , thus putting it into sleep mode.

    • caller id notify is not work on iphone 5 ios 9.2. how to fix it ???

      • To fix the notification problem u have to download the app on an android the upgrade the firmware the connect it to your iPhone and it should work. It work for me

        • Could you explain that in more detail please I have iPhone 6

          • Borrow someone android phone then download the zeroner app on the android and connect you watch to the android app. After which go to updates and update the watch. After update is complete then u can connect the watch to your iPhone and u should start getting message on your watch from your iPhone

            • there is not update and still can get emails or messages on iPhone 6

    • I’m using iphone 5 ios9 and notifications aren’t coming through for sms or calls. Iv tried on both apps zerona and iwown. Any suggestions??

    • Is there other app we could use for older cell that would work with the watch ?

    • Heeelp me pls
      My phone is Iphone 5s with IOS 9.1.
      I can’t pair to my iphone, It just repeat pair request again and again, only Step counter work :(((
      HELP PLS

    • Hey guyz whatsapp, fb, skype, sms n so on all these notifications actually works…
      I have iphone 4s and at first i was getting only caller id and sms notification. Now getting notifications from whatsapp skype and fb too..

      Iphone users just follow below steps

      – open phone ‘settings’
      – scroll down till u find whatsapp (fb/skype..)
      – under ‘Allow whatsapp to access’ I have switched ON all the feature
      – under ‘notifications’ again i have switched ON all the features
      – under ‘Alert style when unlocked’ i have selected ‘Alerts’ 3rd option

      After doing this setting I started to get notifications and followed same procedure for other apps too

      Since i dont have an Android phone i am not sure about this setting .. But im sure it definitely works in android too

    • whatsapp and the SMS text and gmail functions dont work. pretty shit since with the $16 dollar mi band and $1 app you can do much more with app alerts. sadly no time display on mi band otherwise i would have stayed ://

      I also find the screen WAYYY to sensitive with lighting up. by just moving my hand a little it already lights up. No option to disable that :/ waste of battery.

    • this does not work on iphone 6s. you cant enable the notifications.

    • I got the I5 Plus Smartwatch on 10/24/15 and got zeroner app but it wont let me register keep saying network connection error. Is there any other apps I could use so I can use this?

      • Iwown for geek

    • I recently bought this wristband was so impressed I bought one for my daughter at same time worked great ,,,,ive had for over 1mnth then bought one for my husband and other daughter and cant register them I noticed an update so I did that and now I cant log in either I did find another program by same people that works called iwown its in app store exactly same except you dnt get twitter facebook and skype msg but the rest works fine better than nothing i only did the update today

    • No ils not waterproof i try it in my shower it was ok but when il go swim she die. … lol

    • I cant get the application Zeroner to register, tried different email addresses and different iOS and Android, same issue. Anyone else have this issue or a fix? Never had a chance to use the bracelet since the app wont register with the device. Please help.
      Thank you.

      • I have the same problem — cannot register. “Mailbox Format error” is the message no matter what email I enter. My phone has Androi 5.0 (lallipop). It should be compatable, right? Please help!

        • Be aware that there is no space at the end of the email address. Android seems to put a space after it sometimes. If you backspace you can notice it.

        • android 5 seems add a space after .(dot) in email, yahoo.com becomes yahoo.com and you can’t easily figure it out:(

          • Hi,
            I cannot get on the app, it won’t let me register.. keeps saying connection failed, anyone knows why?? Thanks.

            • Same here. Really miffed, spent almost $30 on this thing and I can’t register for an account, change the time or date, and it somehow racked up 100 calories from just sitting on the wall charger. And since the time is wrong, the sleep tracker won’t work properly.

    • Product doesent work with apple iOS 9 needs update the app crashes when trying to pair

      • yes, same problem here

    • I just bought the i5plus but zeroner not compatible with iOS9 and so I did not even get a chance to adjust the time. So smartband become completely useless. Is there an alternative application compatible with this device?

    • Zeroner is not working with ios9. The app crash as trying to pair with the device. No ios9 comparable version available

      • Hi Mohan,

        We did not test the app on iOS 9. Hopefully they will update the Zeroner app. We don’t have a view on that one. Compatibility is not the best characteristic of Chinese products.

        The CI crew

    • Hi with regards to the notifications I’m having the same problems.
      Seems like a waste considering that everything else works fine.
      Is there a way to contact the manufacturer directly regarding this.
      Seems like that is the max it can do.

      • Hi Andrew,

        There is some problem with the manufacturer.. It’s unknown. So we don’t know where to ask our question.

    • Sms problem Hey I can’t get my bracelet to notify me of the text messages, It is notifying me of calls but that is all. Phone I am useing is galaxy s5 active.

      • It is possible.. but we also had some problems with that part.

        • I am having the same issues. Has anyone figured out a solution to this issue?

      • Was there a solution to this issue? I am having the same issue

      • I cannot get notifications of text, just of calls. How do you turn on SMS notification? Even if I can’t read it, knowing I have a text to receive is more useful than.. not knowing. Defeats the purpose of the wrist band for me.

        • I have had no issue with messaging on my s5…on the app you have to turn on the messaging….tap the 3 bar icon on upper left hand corner…push messaging…tap on sms select what message you want to use…I can only seem to get one notification at one time. I haven’t figured out how to connect phone messages and like my Gmail at same time. But I get my messages just fine. Hope this helps

    • My i5 Plus worked great for ~5 days on the charge that it had from the factory. Once it died, however, I can’t get it to charge. I’ve tried it in several different USB ports/devices, backwards, forwards, etc… The included ‘documentation’ was absolutely no help.

      • It just worked fine for me. Just plug it in any usb port.. from your desktop or laptop? Mine is fully charged in 30 minutes. If not you probably have to contact the webshop where you bought the I5. Good luck!

    • when i ordered this i asked if it would work with android 5.0 an they said yes, there has to be a way for this to work with android 5.0

      • Hi LeRoy,

        We tested it with Android version 5.0 and did not have any problems. What exactly does not work?

        Kind regards,
        The Ci Crew

        • Why would you answer this and not the other Questions? Why won’t the band Bluetooth pair with my iPhone 5? It said it would and it doesn’t.

          • I get a message error every time i try to register on my iphone 6s.

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