How to Track and Trace your order

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This blog will provide you information about tracking your order and the process. Everyone who ordered from a Chinese webshop wants to know when they can expect their parcel(s). If you have experience with ordering from several chinese webshops you are obviously familiar with delays. But also surprised and astonished of how fast delivery can be sometimes! E.g. when you are lucky your order could be delivered from the warehouse in China to your front door in Europe within 5 days! And even in case of delays the parcel will always arrive (if you ordered from a trustworthy webshop).

Your Track and Trace Number

While shopping online, there will always be an estimate of the expectation that the package should arrive. You can often chose several shipment methods which all vary in price and delivery time. When an order is placed, and a confirmation is sent, you will get a status update about the shipment details. Most of the time you receive an email with the message that your order has been shipped, and they provide the track and trace number for your order.

Note: Not all products get a track and trace code. Most of the time no track and trace code is given in case of a low value purchase.

Some sites (like BuyInCoins) even make pictures of your parcel(s). This gives you a good indication on how big the package will be and what the status of your order is. An example is given in the picture below — please also take a look at how they spell the word ‘deliver’ :).

There are several ways to get informed on the current status of your order:

  • Let the webshop check it for you
  • Inform at your national post office
  • Check it yourself

Track your code by your own

CompareImports will give a brief description on how you can trace your order all by yourself with the use of your track and trace code. After receiving the track and trace number you can use the following websites to track you order and check the latest status:

How does it work?

Just go to one of the above websites and fill in your track and trace code. Our recommended choice to track your order is, They just released an upgrade and added the functionality to track multiple orders at once. Besides that their website has a very user-friendly interface.

Note: The tracking system is just an indication! Sometimes the status is still ‘dispatched’ or ‘in transit’ from China while your mail man is knocking at your door to hand over the parcel. Why does this delay sometimes occur? We don’t know (yet). Even when you check your status a week later, your already delivered item can still be in transit.

TIP: When checking a track and trace site and your search is returning Chinese characters just use Google Translate to translate it! Sometimes this provides you with useful information.

Often a track and trace code is changed when entering the country of destination. Most of the time your national postal company has a website where you can convert your old code to the new one.

Common delayed issues

Most common problems/issues why parcels are delayed:

  • Item is not in stock and therefore shipped at a later time
  • An entire container/shipment could be thoroughly inspected by customs
  • Your order is inspected/checked by the customs of you country
  • Or of course a bridge is open, a ship sank, a train exploded, a plane crashed, etc, etc — just kidding! (we hope…)

When you are really having problems with your order, and your patience is tested, do not directly make a Paypal dispute or an angry review. First try to contact the service department of the webshop were you placed the order!! Try to resolve it friendly and ask a coupon as compensation for any inconvenience caused. If this does not work just make a small threat that you will make a dispute or will post a negative remark online. Then they certainly will react and resolve the problem. If there is one thing they hate, it is bad publicity.

That’s it for today. Good luck with your future purchases. And don’t forget: you can always come back to compare prices ;).

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