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CompareImports ordered several scary masks to see how they fit and of course just for fun and Halloween. Also we were wondering if the masks were indeed what we expected from the product pictures. The following masks were ordered from BuyInCoins and Chinabuye and shipped for free:

Hot V For Vendetta Anonymous Movie Guy Fawkes Vendetta Mask Halloween Cosplay
$1.62 | BuyInCoins



Saw Puppet Masquerade Horror Mask Chainsaw Massacre Party Cosplay Halloween
$2.09 | BuyInCoins


Ghost Scream Face Mask Costume Party Dress Halloween
$1.96 | BuyInCoins



 Stylish Killer Shape Masquerade Party Halloween Mask
$2.91 | Chinabuye


White Mask
Stylish White Masquerade Party Halloween Mask
$2.96 | Chinabuye



All the masks were ordered on 3 October and arrived two weeks later.
Unfortunately the scream mask (shipped separately by BuyinCoins) didn’t arrive on time and is not taken into account in this blog. All the mask feels firm and have an elastic band to wear the mask. Only the white mask looks cheap and has a band which you have to tie for yourself. The elastic band has our preference.


When wearing the mask we noticed that a better effect of the mask can be created by wearing a hoodie something else that “merge” the mask with your body.

A Short Summary:

  • White mask: Looks cheap, doesn’t really fit, is to small for a European face
  • V for Vendetta mask: Looks good, fits well and is AWESOME
  • Killer mask: Weird shape, fits well but mask is too large
  • Saw mask: Looks good, not very comfortable, needs “hoodie” effect and is by far the most scary


The masks from BuyInCoins were both very satisfied! The two masks from Chinabuye were a bit of a disappointment and also more expensive. Best mask and cheapest mask is the V for Vendetta mask! Most scary mask is definitely the Saw mask. Overall conclusion is that ordering mask form China is extremely cheap and free shipped to your home worldwide. You can get a mask for less than $2,- and steal the show on parties. Funny thing is also that a lot off people want to try the mask when showing, especially the V for Vendetta mask is popular. We are sure that after reading this post more people will buy the V for Vendetta and the Saw masks.

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