Xiaomi Yi action camera GoPro’s alternative

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Action cameras like GoPro are hot! The development on these cameras went very fast, nowadays they are very small, can be attached on almost everything and have Wi-Fi opportunities. Even navigation manufacturer TomTom is making their own action camera called TomTom Bandit. And with a waterproof case you can easily dive with your camera up to 40 meters deep! Due to its small size action cameras are also sold has high quality dashboard cameras. This review is about the Xiaomi Yi camera which is one of the best action cameras for a really decent price. In this review also a video quality comparison is included with the video settings 1080p 30fps.

From the three action sport cameras that we have (Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM SJ4000 and the SJ4000) the Yi is by far the best camera to use. This product is another great Xiaomi product. The full product name of the reviewed camera is: Xiaomi Yi Ambarella A7LS BSI CMOS WIFI. Although this site is not English you will get an good idea about the quality and features.

Extra Accessories:

  • Selfie stick
  • Waterproof case
  • Xiaomi Yi Action WiFi Camera

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    Xiaomi Yi – Specifications

    Model Xiaomi Yi
    Price +/- $70,-
    Color White/Jungle
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 60.4x42x21.2mm
    Weight 72 gram
    Processor Ambarella A7LS
    Sensor Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS 16 Million Pixel Sensor
    Video format MP4 (Hi-Fi H.264)
    Video Capture 1080P(60fps/48fps/30fps/24fps),960P(60fps/48fps), 720P(120fps/60fps/48fps), 480P(240fps)
    Picture Resolution 16MP, 4608X3456 pixels
    Time-Lapse 0.5S/1S/2S/5S/10S/30S/60S
    Wireless function WiFi (up to 100 meters) and Bluetooth 4.0
    Battery 1010mAh lithium-ion battery (TIP: Powerbank can be used)
    Android/iPhone app Yes/Yes

    Xiaomi Yi – User Review

    Overall the camera rocks for this price! The following features are some which make this camera impressive:

  • The video quality overall is more than acceptable!
  • The Xiaomi Yi app is working flawless and setting up is easy.
  • The 720p (120fps) setting is stunning the quality of slow motion recording is high and fun to play with!
  • The time-lapse function is awesome, you can use it i.e. to record sunrises and sunsets! Play which setting suits you for which setting.
  • At first it is hard to tell what all color of LED indicators mean and when the camera is on video or picture mode. But after reading the guide within the app is all will become clear. Besides that the camera has an option, lens rectification which will stabilize your video recordings. The camera will adjust and cut a bit of the recorded screen, normally must be done by video software. A disadvantage is the missing LCD display. When no smartphone is available (or a empty one..) you don’t have any idea what you are exactly filming and you cannot watch your previous recordings.

    Xiaomi Yi – App

    The Google Play app can be downloaded here.
    The Apple Store app can be found here.

    When a firmware update is available the app will inform and install it after your approval.

    Xiaomi Yi – Video Review

    In this video review we compare the SJ4000 (fake), SCJAM SJ4000 and the Xiaomi YI.

    Take a look at the Xiaomi Yi on compare imports.

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