Gocomma Roidmi S2 Car Bluetooth Charger

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Do you want to listen to your music in your car without Bluetooth? The Gocomma Roidmi S2 is the solution for that problem. It’s a car USB charger, which can stream music from your Bluetooth phone to the FM radio. We did not know that this technology existed and was very curious if it worked as expected.

Did You Know The Brand, Gocomma?

A few weeks ago we mentioned some new brands promoted by Gearbest, Gocomma was one of them. Their products are at the moment of writing only available at Gearbest. We assume that Gocomma is an initiative from Gearbest itself. They only have three different products. Besides the car charger they offer a tempered glass protective film for your smartphone and a simple two-footed power adapter.

What We Noticed About The Roidmi

We found out that Roidmi is not just the type of the product, but a complete brand. They started in 2015 with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which was, in the end, a big success. They started their production and started selling through the name Xiaomi Roidmi S2. Xiaomi supported their product because of their “smart devices” philosophy. The Roidmi (road mi) is used for their smart drivers.

GoComma probably liked the product and are doing the same as Xiaomi. Just selling the Roidmi with their name in front. As far as we know, both products are almost identical.

Some official sources about the Roidmi.

Upsides Downsides
  • Fast Charger
  • Easy Setup
  • Good Connection
  • FM Radio Always Sensitive for Disturbance
  • Did not Fit Properly
  • Background Noise with Microphone

GoComma Roidmi – Specifications

Roidmi stated that their product meets high standard safety requirements. With eight circuits protection, like temperature protection, short-circuit protection and output overcurrent protection. This together with noise reduction and quick connection creates a smart car device.

  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • High-quality Chip from AnaNaviTek
  • Refined Stainless Steel Electrode, Just Like the Apple Watch’s Surface

GoComma Roidmi S2 – Functions

The Roidmi adds some major functions to your car without Bluetooth. Stuff you could not do without the Roidmi S2 are:

  • Hands-free calls
  • Music playing
  • Navigation broadcasting
  • Voice recognition
  • Car charging 4 in 1

Playing music and receiving calls with the Roidmi and your FM radio works excellent. When listening to music and a call is coming in, it will automatically switch to the conversation. The microphone itself works fine, but as with most car-kits, the background noise is notable. People at the other side could hear us fine. However, a constructive conversation with the Roidmi is not recommending and presumably on the long run annoying.

The charger itself works great. If it’s faster than other chargers was hard to test. Normally when charging the smartphone and using apps at the same time, the battery seems steady. But, with the Roidmi it charged, and after a half hour ride, we gained some extra battery percentage. The voice recognition function did not work in our case, shaking the smartphone changed the song. Although, asking the Roidmi for a “Next Song” did not do anything. So to handle the music, you still need to use your phone.

Is Your Car Compatible?

One major issue is the compatibility. The Roidmi does not work in every car or cigarette lighter. Even if the beneath picture states that your brand is compatible. Check it first, because if the charger is not the same as the left one on the picture. It does not work.

Roidmi S2 Compatibility

Difference Between Versions

There are many different versions out there. Beneath an overview about the different Roidmi versions and functions. Besides the latter, there are also different versions for China and the international market. The main difference for those is that the Chinese version does not understand English in the voice recognition feature.

Roidmi -car-charger-version-overview

The Coolest GoComma Roidmi Function – Bluetooth to FM

The most powerful feature of this gadget is the possibility to transmit calls and music from your smartphone to your car FM stereo system. This works great. Just find a frequency which does not contain a radio channel and setup the Roidmi app on the same frequency. With just one click the noise disappears. Now you can listen to your music with your favorite app (we used Spotify). The sound was certainly not bad, no doubt it heavily depends on your stereo system (which is not that great, in our test car).

Roidmi s2 fm music bluetooth

The Roidmi Driver App

The Roidmi app is not that special, it’s actually pretty basic and is only necessary for setting up the FM frequency.

Buy the GoComma Roidmi S2?

If it fits on your car and you want to listen to your favorite music on your FM radio? You need clearly buy the Roidmi. This feature works great and will not disappoint you. The other features are somewhat less important and are also working to a lesser extent. Calling with the microphone works fine, but the sound is not great for the caller. The voice recognition does not always do what you want. But the charger is unquestionably worth it. So for a small amount extra than a normal car charger, you have the ability to listen to your music with Bluetooth.

Because the many different versions and shops selling the product. It’s surely worth to check out the latest prices.

Help Others, Share Your Thoughts

Comment below and share your questions and knowledge. Help each other with shopping in China, we all appreciate it.



  • Are you shore about this ? “version has a voltage of 5V while the Gocomma got 4.2V.”
    On produce title it says “Gocomma Roidmi 2S Bluetooth V4.2” and i suppose it means that it uses BLE Bluetooth 4.2.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your reply. Because of your comment, I doubt if it is correct. I will look it up tonight on the product box.

    • Hi, you are right. That statement is wrong, and it is about the Bluetooth version 4.2. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Ronald – CompareImports

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