Gearbest – XK QuadCopter Discount Sale with Giveaway

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The upcoming week Gearbest is offering great deals for all drone enthusiasts, the premium XK Drones are for Sale. The deals start at Aug 22 – 12.00pm UTC, with more discount when earlier! The excellent deals are for the following models: XK X251, XK X250 and the XK X100, though there is more! Gearbest in cooperation with CompareImports can give away an XK X250 if you enter the competition.

XK Drones

XK it is the luxury department of WLToys. XK was launched last year and being the premium division of WLToys means XK produces some really awesome drones. They feel solid and have some great looks, XK Quadcopters stand for fun, speed and design. Their official website.


Enter the giveaway

Bring your Friends, share it to social media sites up to 10 entries
Check out the XK Brand Sale Website Page – 2x Entries
Choose your Favorite RC Drone – 4x Entries
Visit GearBest RC on Facebook Page – 2x Entries
Tweet about GiveAways 4x Entries

Note: Gearbest will facilitate the raffle contest and will pick the winner via random draw, they will also facilitate the shipment once the winner is chosen.

XK X251

This quadcopter has the most options compared to the other deals. At the time of writing Banggood is offering the XK X251 for $120 dollar, far above this deal! The XK X251 is an intermediate level drone with a flight time of 12 minutes and a control distance of about 300m. It’s major feature are the high-quality brushless motor which acquire more torque and therefore the X251 is a very fast and quick model.


  • Fast and a good punch
  • Hardy ABS structure
  • Configurable radio transmitter


XK X251 Promotion

XK X250

This is the quadcopter we are also giving away, the official site. This quadcopter is getting good reviews all over the internet, always scoring above 80%. The nicest feature is the 5.8G real-time transmission and headless mode. FPV flying makes drones much more fun.

Another strong point in the X250 is its flight performance. It is remarkably stable and precise in the air despite weighing roughly the same as a typical Syma X5SW. Everything about the X250 seems precisely dialed in that it is simply great fun to fly. The X250 is just one of those toy quads you want to own just for the fun of flying. (

XK X250 Promotion

XK X100

This micro quadcopter is not for beginners, that’s because it has some really nice acrobatic features. It’s got a 3D and 6G switch function and inverted flight mode.

What you’ll notice first about the X100 is that it comes with a controller that allows you to switch between 3D and 6D modes. What does this mean? In other words, you’ll be able to fly the X100 in acrobatic or ‘acro’ mode, thereby allowing much greater control over the aircraft compared to other micro quadcopters. (
XK X100 Promotion

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