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The largest giveaway promotions are gone and GearBest is already starting the next one. A promotion which you cannot ignore, a giveaway every week until 21 December. Gearbest tries to introduce new brands with this promotion.

Which Brands?

Chinese brands are getting more known around the world. Most of us already heard of big brands like; Xiaomi, DJI, Huawei, JJRC, SJCAM and so on. However, there are of course many new ones which also offer nice products/gadgets. Most of them are selling their products through 3rd party channels and don’t have their own website/channel.

The brands around this promotion differ from clothing, flashlights to quadcopter accessories. The first three brands are related with each other and are the only ones with an official website.

  • ZanStyle
  • Zanflare
  • Zanmini
  • FuriBee
  • uTorch
  • Alfawise
  • GoComma

The Promotion

Gearbest tries to support these brands and therefore utilise a giveaway promotion. The promotion will END on 21 Dec and will give away a free gift for someone who bought the specific product in that last week. So maybe you bought something and eventually get it for free. See the official exclusive brand promotion web page for a full explanation and overview.



The ZanBaze is not a direct brand, they deliver some child brands like: ZanStyle, Zanflare and Zanmini. Totally different products with the same feeling “The Zan”. Nobody knows what it means, but it sounds great. You can find ‘some’ answers on their official website:

Our first impression of this company and their style is positive. Probably because they got some feeling for design and branding. They are relatively new and started their firm as far as we know in the beginning of 2016.


Chinese Brand ZanStyle

This brand does not got a offical website but it’s selling clothing. For now, just Jackets, Sweaters and Tees which you can only find on Gearbest. Find everything from ZanStyle on CompareImports.


Chinese Brand Zanflare

Zanflare just sells one main product, the F1 LED Flashlight. This flashlight got some nice reviews around the internet and if you are looking for a small but powerfull flashlight a product to consider. Their official web page. Find everything from Zanflare on CompareImports


Chinese Brand Zanmini

Zamini is selling good looking and modern kitchen gadgets. Their main product is the ‘melon slicer’, besides that they also sell chopping boards in different colors and an egg cracker. Look at their official website for more information. Find everything from Zanmini on CompareImports


Chinese Brand Furubee

They are easy recognizible by their ‘bee’ logo. For the gadget freaks in us probably the most known brand, FuriBee is specialized in RC gadgets. Their main products are small FPV Racing Drones/Quadcopters. Besides that, they sell parts, action cams and different accessories. Find everything from Furibee on CompareImports


Chinese Brand Utorch

Another flashlight brand which offers light solutions. Find everything from uTorch on CompareImports


Chinese Brand Alfawise

Alfawise has their focus on multiple product groups, they sell some premium TV-Boxes, Robotic Vacuum Cleaners and Smartbands. But probably the most unfamiliar product is their Oil-free Kitchen Cooking Machine. These kind of products are hardly findable in online China webshops at the time of writing. But we think they will be more roundly available in the near future. See also the earlier Zamnini kitchen gadgets. Find everything from Alfawise on CompareImports


Chinese Brand GoComma

Last but not least. GoComma offers some mobile accessories, from Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters.
Find everything from GoComma on CompareImports

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