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Daily deals, regular discounts, and thousands of coupons all over the place. Are you also becoming crazy about the different prices from China webshops? It is almost impossible to find the best price in this overwhelming mass. On top of that, they often change their regular prices! They tell us that everything is for sale. But, those older prices are most of the time total nonsense.

Because of this problem we started to track the prices ourselves. We want to know if a product is cheaper than before. The results are incredible. We were expecting, of course, some discounts now and then, and we had a little presumption that they were changing their prices regularly (up and down).

Don’t Get Fooled!

And now we have the evidence! You certainly have to watch when you are buying a product. Prices will go up and down with sometimes more than 30%!

But that is not the only finding. All those deals and stated percent of discounts… those are often far from true. Our price tracker will show the true discount which is often far less, or even in some ridiculous cases 0%!


The above example is a product with a real discount. Knowing this kind of information will help us all with saving money!

Which shops change their prices frequently?

There are certainly some winners in this section. Banggood, Gearbest, TomTop, Geekbuying, and Light In The Box. These shops are most frequently changing their prices, and not always in your advantage. If you are considering to buy something at these shops, check the variety first! Maybe it is better to wait a few days or go for the sale right away.

The above shops are not the only ones which are changing their prices frequently. Almost all the others are changing their prices too. Some in tiny amounts (up and down) others with nice discounts but far less regular. Shops from which we could not identify a price change yet are FocalPrice, Zapals, and CNDirect.

China Online Clothing Shops

Price Changes are not as usual at the Chinese apparel shops. SheIn and Romwe change their prices now and then.

Newchic is an example of how the main stores operate. They offer stuff in their flash sale section, sometimes products with more than 50% discount! But, in reality when checking the price tracker we just see a 10% discount. Of course, this is still a discount but something different than they mentioned. And this is the case for all their flash deals.

Rotita takes this even one step further. On their homepage, you can find their “weekly deals”. With 40% plus discounts, in reality, your discount is 0%! You are just tricked, they state everywhere that their products are in the sale. However, according to our price tracker, this is not true.

This indicates the real value of our price tracker, you will see immediately if shops are fooling you. And we don’t like to be fooled!

Why do Chinese shops change their prices frequently?

We are saving price history data since September 2017 (it’s a new feature). We started because of our presumption that shops changed their prices much frequently than we initially thought.

Now we know that they change their prices often we try to figure out what their intentions are, what is the relation between different price changes? When do shops give a discount and when do they raise the price? Of course, this all depends on many different factors, but there must be some consistency right?

Banggood Price Change Tactic

Banggood is the most obvious price changer of them all. They have the habit to change their price regularly with equal amounts up and down. The Down-Up-Down-Up-Down strategy. In the example below, you see the price change between $109.99 and $81.70.


So in the case of Banggood products, it is certainly worth to spot the trend and buy at the right time!

Miniinthebox Decrease Price Tactic

Mini in the box shows a different tactic with new products. The Down-Down-Down strategy. We are not sure what their motives are, but it seems that there are lowering their price until a product starts selling. In this example, the initial price was $6, and over a period of 1.5 months, they decreased the price in small steps to $1.80.


This kind of price discounts are hard to spot at the beginning but when the trend is visible, you can try to wait a little while longer with your purchase.

Temporary Discount (Or Increase)

Besides the latter most common patterns we also found some others.

At first the parabola. A sudden change in price followed by a getting back to the original price. This is the scenario with for example daily deals. They are lowered one day, and the following day they will get the original price.

You will find this one not only with a price drop but also with a price increase. Obviously, you will not find those products in the “daily overpriced” section of the shops. You can only figure this out with our price tracker.

price-tracker-price up-up-down-down

Many Small Price Changes

The last one is an example of the shop, Chinavasion. They are more of the small but many price changes. In the example below the changed their price 19 times in 1.5 months within a 6 dollar range. So no big discounts but just tiny ones.

We are not sure why they are doing this. Although, there is no real advantage for you as a customer; the discounts are just too small.


Final Thought

Hopefully you will like our new feature and it will help you with saving money. If so help us to build this service further by sharing this article to your friends! Thanks.

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