Lazy Bag Fast Portable Inflatable Lounge Sofa

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Combining Air and an empty nylon sofa will give you an ultimate relax seat/sofa within several seconds. Last summer the lazy bag or look-alikes were very trendy. They were spotted in different colors on festivals, at beaches, campings, gardens and parks.

When you don’t like the color green you will have enough colors to choose from, even a camouflage color if you need to hide. The bag (without air of course) is portable and can be easily packed due to its own storage bag. At the start you will think what should I do? Installing yourself on your new created sofa is at first a bit tricky since you probably will slide off at first. When you are not happy with the “hardness” of the lazy bag you easily can adjust it by simply folding the inlet. Might sound vague but it won’t when it need to be adjusted.

Inflate Manual

The best part, this lazy bag is a fraction of the cost compared to the “branded” bags. And in our opinion the lazy bag is no less in quality or easiness. There are enough short tutorials on Youtube on how to collect air in the bag and get yourself comfortable within a few seconds. See the example below:

img_20160825_180338 img_20160825_180435

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