Elephone Elecam 360 WiFi Action Camera Dual Lens with exclusive coupon

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This is one of the many 360 degree cameras from large manufacturers in China. For example the AMkov AMK100s, the Insta360 and the .. The Elecam is made by Elephone, which mainly produce smartphones and action cameras. Gearbest gave us the ability to review the Elecam 360. There is now a coupon code “compareimports” which can be used at Gearbest which will let you purchase the Elecam for only $127.99 with a 32GB micro SD card. What it does and the pros and cons are discussed below.

Hardware and Design 

The Elecam 360 comes in a black cube-shaped plastic housing with two opposite objective. With the size of  6.0 x 4.9 x 3.3 cm and a weight of 106 grams is very compact.



The camera is equipped with two lenses with a viewing angle of 220 degrees. Together, the lenses conduct 360 degrees. Up on the front side and the back side is the surface grooved, what the grip is increased.On the top of the housing we find a 0.96-inch screen, this is purely to support you in which mode the camera is active, and how much time you are filming/photos you can shoot. 

Inside we find a 1500mAh battery and should for for recording an hour continuously. A door on the side of the camera has a micro-USB connection and the slot for the memory card. The maximum size for the Micro SD cards is 32GB.  


On the bottom you will find as with most 360 degree cameras a tripod thread. The Elecam has a Sunplus SPCA6 350M – iCatch chipset with a 4 megapixel CMOS. This will  include the video resolution at 1920×960 with 30fps, and the resolution of the picture in 3008×1504 pixels . 
Package Contents: 1 x Camera, 1 x Bicycle Mount, 1 x Helmet Mount, 1 x 1/4 inch Adapter, 1 x 3M Sticker, 1 x USB Cable




The Elecam 360 application  can be downloaded here(android) or here(IOS).  With WiFi you will connect your camera with your device (Android or IOS), this app will give you much more information to show you what you will see through the camera. 
 In the app, you can toggle between photo and video, select different viewing options, see the  battery and Wi-fi check status and  are able to change settings.  With the app  you can have a live view on your recording movie, or you can save this on your phone/tablet. To Upload the movies on Youtube you should have a look over here and here. I didn’t tested yet.

Image quality

The Elecam360 has two opposing lenses with a wide-angle of 220 degrees. This covers a entire panoramic view with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. Single images are in the full resolution with 3008 x 1504 pixels stored. If you compare the image quality of the Elecam 360 with high end 360 camera there a differences, the contrast is good, the colors are a little bit grayish but importantly the stitching between both lenses will give you some quality faults, especially when the brightness is different from the two cameras. 


Camera use

To use the camera without the app, it is very simple. Just turn the power on and the LCD Display will tell you the battery level and the current mode. This camera has three control buttons: on/off button, Wifi button and a recording button. to use the many on the display just use the WiFi button.

Conclusion-Elecam 360

The Elecam 360 makes at first glance a very neat impression. The image quality is adequate and the operation is very simple. The application is very handy and there is a live view. You can use this camera to upload on Youtube and Facebook with some effort and use a PC or a Mac. In addition, it has a very reasonable price. There are to main disadvantages: the built-in battery and the different qualities of stitching of the to individual cameras. Use the coupon compareimports for a fixed price of $127.99, this will include a 32 GB card. This will be valid till 30-05-2017.

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