Electric E-scooter – E-Step Carbon Fiber from China – Review

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Are you traveling a lot with the public transport? The most time you lose when traveling with public transport is when getting or waiting for your connections. With the electric scooter this problem will vanish right away. But instead of getting rid of this time loss in our busy daily lives, it is gratifying. Just drive with 20km/h on your electric E-Scooter back to home. We tested it in detail, and it kept strong in stormy winds and rough city scenes.

Quick, Easy and Entertaining!

We tested it when traveling from home to the CompareImports office, a 15/20 minute trip through Amsterdam. It is possible to drive 2x 18 minutes in the highest gear and at maximum speed. With 20km/h you will overtake easily bikers who are sweating and struggling against the wind.

The E-Step is without any extra effort very maneuverable. You will get familiar with riding the step in several minutes. And with a few minutes more you will master the e-scooter enough for getting in real traffic. We think that eventually everyone wants one!

Using the step was actually very relaxing, you appear relaxed at the office. But in our case, it was more a luxury mean of transport. The real ability is when you travel with the public transport and have to walk to your point of destination.

Pros and Cons

Upsides Downsides
  • Pretty Fast
  • Charged within 2 Hours
  • Good Shock Absorbers
  • More Fun with Nice Weather
  • Battery Time (at max speed) 35 minutes
  • Mileage with 90kg (at max speed) 12km

Our Adventures with the Electric E-scooter

We drove the E-scooter mostly from home to work and back, but within different weather environments. From flow riding in the sun till fighting against the stormy winds, rain, and falling branches. It will succeed in both! However, there are some points to mention when riding it in the storm.

At first I was a bit worried about obstacles on the road, like branches, sidewalks, tree roots which break the way, unequal paving stones. But that was in the end certainly not necessary. The shock absorbers are doing their job well! I was stunned how easy the step gets over those barriers.


I am not sure how and when it happened. But besides the E-step survived the storm it lost its taillight. It was attached to the back mudguard. A bit weird because you can also use the rear mudguard for braking. It’s somewhat difficult to do, but it is possible.

One point to mention when driving in the rain, the mudguards are not guarding everything! After a few minutes, I recognized that the mud from the front wheel gets straight on my pants through a small uncovered hole at the front (the hole gets there because of the folding system). Fixed that issue with just putting my front foot above it (easy fix). But when I arrived at the office, I saw the same problem has occurred at the back wheel. So, my pants back low side was a bit muddy. Something which the back mudguard should keep it off. But apparently, that did not work like expected.

Driving against stormy winds was no problem. But without too much wind and slightly downhill we got a top speed of 28km/h! With this step, you will quickly overtake cyclers (which cycle at an average speed).

The Features

Here you can find the tested E-Scooter.

– Powerful 250W motor, max 20km/h speed
– 5200mAh battery ( included in product )
– Data display screen in the handlebar showing speed, remaining power and working time
– Easy to fold/unfold
– 5.5-inch solid rubber tires, with anti-slip texture
– Lightweight but tough carbon fiber body
– Double shockproof springs in the front wheel
– Highly bright front light and braking rear light

Easy to Handle

The kick scooter got a handbrake and gas throttle on the steer. The right clip is for handling the power and the left one for the front brake. The top side of the step is covered with an anti-slip texture. So you still have grip in wet conditions.


Charging is Pretty Fast

The battery is placed in the front rod. You will feel it heathen up slightly when driving for about 15 minutes. At the front, you will also find a very bright LED light, which you can turn on and off but you are not able to adjust the direction. At the rear, it is possible to use the mudguard for breaking, which is a bit hard. So using the front brake is easier. But, be careful with braking too hard (with the front brake) when you travel at top speed.

You can charge the E-Scooter with an adapter, it is fully charged within 3 hours. The adapter looks like a regular laptop adapter so that it will fit in your bag. Folding the kick scooter can be done with the handle at the front. Carrying the step is doable but not very pleasant. With its weight of 6.7kg it is lighter compared to other models, but still a bit heavy for lifting it on longer distances.



Charger type: EU plug
Folding: Yes
Wheel Number: 2 Wheel
Seat Type: without Seat
Battery: Li-ion battery
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight): 15-20km

Maximum Mileage: 18km
Maximum Speed: 20km/h
Max Payload: 120kg
Permissible Gradient (depends on your weight): 16-20 degree
Battery Rate: 52W
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Motor Rated Power: 250W
Charging Time: 3 hours
Working Temperature: -10 – 40 Deg.C
Product weight: 6.7kg
Package weight: 9.6kg
Product size: 92 x 40.50 x 100 cm / 36.22 x 15.94 x 39.37 inches
Package size: 104 x 19 x 29 cm / 40.94 x 7.48 x 11.42 inches
Package Content: 1 x Electric Scooter, 1 x Charger, 1 x Wrench, 1 x English User Manual

What About Alternative E-Scooters?

These days there are many more alternatives. E-Scooters are hot, and you can find a lot of them in China. We will shortly discuss some other steps from China. All comparable with the version we tested, but with the difference that they are branded.

Xiaomi M365

At first, the most famous one. The Xiaomi M365. The main differences with our tested model are the bigger weight and size. And its power of 500W with a top speed of 25km/h.
Find the most actual prices for the Xiaomi M365.

– Maximum Speed: 25km/h (common mode); 18km/h (energy-saving mode)
– Cruising Distance: 30km
– Maximum Motor Power: 500W
– Max Load: 100kg / 220lbs
– Charging Time: Approx. 5 hours
– Unfolded Size: 108 * 43 * 114cm / 42.5 * 16.9 * 44.9in
– Net Weight: 12.5kg / 27.6lb

A nice review about the pros and cons of the Xiaomi M365.

Ninebot No. 9

This is a cool brand, Ninebot is a brand related to Segway Robotics. Ninebot No. 9 on Gearbest is on the offical website the “Ninebot KickScooter ES1“.

It’s price is around $459.99 dollar, so a bit more expensive than our tested e-scooter. The specifications are slightly the same. The main difference is their statement about the maximum mileage. They state it will last 25km on one battery. Which is a bit weird, because the scooter itself is heavier and the motor power is 500W. So besides that, it is more powerful and heavier, it is a bit contradictory that the mileage is larger. Compare prices for the Ninebot No. 9.

Rcharlance HS – HK7

Rcharlance is a new brand from Gearbest, they already offering multiple E-Scooters. The HK7 is almost identical when comparing it with our tested model. The weight/size and specifications are identical. They only state a slightly smaller maximum distance. The price of this model is around $200 dollar. Compare prices for the Rcharlance HS – HK7.

Why We Should Buy It?

Good kick scooters are still around $300 – $500 dollar. Our tested model fits within that range. Is it worth to buy an e-scooter for $300 dollar? We enjoyed riding it, but with the current specifications, it is only useful for short distance travel. Which is a bit disappointing.

The more valuable question is, is the E-scooter more than a gadget? We think that the maximum range is a bit too low for giving the E-step a sufficient purpose in our daily lives. You need to be an early adopter and just need to enjoy new stuff and gadgets. If you are such a person, then you need to try it. It is fun, relaxing and the future way of traveling.

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