Eachine Bluetooth Streaming Stereo Audio Receiver Adapter Mic

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Like many other Bluetooth receivers the Eachine Bluetooth Receiver Music Streaming Audio Receiver can stream wireless audio and music. You can use it for Bluetooth audio devices to stereo, home theater systems or you can use it in your car. This Bluetooth receiver csn almost be used with any audio receiver with an audio input jack. In your car you can use it for car music or the use of smart phones to make some calls. This product has an echo cancellation microphone, and has a extra button so you can easily switch between music and smartphone use.


Pro’s and Con’s

Upsides Downsides
  • Size
  • User Manual
  • Working time
  • Microphone
  • Connection holds up to 10 meters
  • Sound sometimes distorted

Unboxing and Usage

It only took 8 days between ordering er receiving the product. After unboxing the package four items where found. A user manual in English, a Micro USB Cable, The Eachine Bluetooth receiver and a 3.5mm jack output. In the manual is elaborated how to charge and Pair the Receiver. We will shortly explain what you have to do to connect the device.
Connect the cable with a USB power converter and the LED light turns red. When the red light will switch off the charging is complete. I will hold to eight ours of playback time.
Press the Switch button(only button) for 5 seconds until the red and blue LED lights are blinking. Find the Eachine Bluetooth receiver on our cell phone and pair them. The LED lid turns blue and flashes slowly, for some devices you have to enter the passcode/password (default 00000). Once completed you can turn off the power and don’t have to pair next time.
If you had paired before, press power on during three seconds until the LED turns blue and flashes.
When the phone call is coming press the key just to answer,to call hands-free.

Quick Review and conclusion

Overall we thing this bluetooth receiver is a must have when you don’t a have a big bugdet. It is simply to use, You can use it to play music and for making phone calls. We tested it in the car and with the stereo/handsfree setting and didn’t had any problems using the Eachine. Sometimes it started to distort a little bit when the distance between the device is about 8 meters or more. When you will follow the english manual there is nothing what can go wrong. The echo canceling microphone is also doing his work because the phone calls went smoothly. I used it with my laptop, Android phone and iPhone and all those devices paired without any problems. MP3, Video Output and Spotify works great. Definitely worth the money!

Where to Buy?

The Eachine 3.5mm BluetoothV3.0+EDR Music Streaming Stereo Audio Receiver Adapter Mic is available at one shop.
It is now on sale at Banggood for the price of $5,90 dollars.

You will also find the Eachine products on Here

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