Doogee X5 – 1GB/3G – the best budget phone?

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  • Brand: Doogee
  • OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Screen: 5.0 inch
  • Resolution: 1280×720
  • Core: MT6580 1.3GHz Quadcore CPU
  • RAM: 1GB
  • ROM: 8GB
  • Battery: 2400mAh
  • BAND: 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • BAND: 3G WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz
  • Rear camera: 5.0MP
  • Front camera: 2.0MP

Doogee X5 Everbuying

Doogee X5 Everbuying

Doogee X5 Everbuying

Doogee X5 Everbuying

Build quality

The design of the phone is simple, but well finished. It contains a matte black rear cover, and therefore does not slip out of your hand easily. The rear cover is a bit wider than the front of the phone, which takes a bit of getting used to.


The resolution of 1280*720 is good enough for a phone with these proportions. Of course, a full HD resolution would result in sharper images, but this cannot be expected from a phone in this price range.


The phone ships with Android 5.1, which is not bad at all: many cheap phones still ship with Android 4.4. In general, Doogee does not add a lot of apps or a launcher of their own, and this phone is no exception: the Android version looks pretty much like stock android.


WiFi reception is fine, comparable to other mobile devices. The same goes for bluetooth.
The bluetooth connection is stable, working flawlessly with both a bluetooth headset and for data transmission between two phones. However, when paired with a smartwatch (the Weloop Tommy), no notifications are sent to the smartwatch. This is a known issue the Weloop Tommy has with Mediatek chipsets, so this may not apply to other smartwatches.


The GPS works very well: A fix is obtained almost instantly, and navigation works flawlessly.


The phone has a 5MP rear-, and 2MP frontcamera. The camera works fine as long as there is enough light, but deteriorates rapidly when used inside, or when capturing fast-moving objects.


The phone has 8GB of storage. As about half of this is required for the operating system, this leaves 3.5GB free to be used for apps, pictures, etc. The memory can, however, be expanded using the microSD slot.


The phone contains a 2400mAh battery. This is not particularly big, but enough to make the phone last for a day, with about 2-3 hours of screentime. Of course this depends on how intensively the phone is used. A few real-life examples:
Day 1: Taking the phone off the charger at 06:30, it was used to navigate to and from work, about an hour in total. It was used casually (mostly Whatsapp) for the rest of the day, the screen was on for a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes. At 22:00 the battery had 38% (an estimated 9 hours) remaining.
Day 2: Taking the phone off the charger at 06:30, it was used only for Whatsapp, and about 5 minutes of phone calls, a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes screentime. At 22:15 the battery had 55% (an estimated 18 hours) remaining.
Day 3: Taking the phone off the charger at 06:30, it was used for about half an hour of navigation, for quite a bit of Whatsapp and about five minutes of phone calls. A total of 2 hours and 25 minutes of screentime. At 21:30, the battery had 36% (an estimated 9 hours) remaining.


Using the antutu benchmark app, the score of the phone is 20315. This is only slightly slower than the Xiaomi Redmi 2, which was also reviewed on this site, but costs about a hundred dollars. During everyday usage, the phone is very responsive.

Doogee X5 Everbuying Benchmark

Doogee X5 Everbuying Benchmark

Doogee X5 Everbuying Benchmark


Considering the fact that this phone can be bought for as little as 60 dollars, it’s a very nice phone. It’s well-built and performs well enough for everyday use. If you’re looking for a smartphone that can do a bit of everything and don’t have much money to spend, this is a good buy. However, do not buy this if you’re looking for a smartphone to use for games, or if you require a good camera.


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  • unfortunately when on wifi the phone doesnt show notifications from whatsapp anymore after an hour or more since last usage.
    only when opening whatsapp again manually, new messages will suddenly arrive.
    it;s a very annoying problem with most of the chinese phones, which all kill the background process

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