Dibea C17 Review – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Dyson V8 Alternative

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Electronic cleaning appliances in the household are becoming more popular; robot vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and cordless vacuum cleaners are present in future-proof homes.

For this review, we had the opportunity to choose between three different cordless Dibea vacuum cleaners. Dibea offers less expensive vacuum solutions than high-end brands like Dyson, Philips or Bosch. Which eventually resulted in the Dibea C17.

The Dibea C17, Dibea F6, and Dibea ST1601 are all quite similar; the cleaners have a suction power of 120 Watt, nearly the same dimensions, and related attributes.

The F6 although doesn’t have a HEPA filter section and has only a one-speed option, due to these specs we did not choose it.

The main reason to chose between the C17 and ST1601 is the tight design and is Dibea latest cordless vacuum cleaner. To be honest, the Dibea C17 is almost a one at one copy of the Dyson V8 which nearly five times more expensive.

Dibea C17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

But is the Dibea as good as the Dyson? Dibea C17 vs Dyson V8

According to the specifications, it does! The structure of the filtration system including HEPA filtration (captures small dust and allergens) is similar. This also accounts for the suction power, dimensions, click system, docking station and dust cup and design :).

Upsides Downsides
  • Easy to Empty the Bin
  • LightWeight
  • Easy to Use
  • No Direct Charging Plug
  • Hard to Clean Upholstery
  • Filter Needs Often Cleaning

What Did We Get? The Unpacking

Unpacking the box gives you the following elements:
– Main Vacuum Element
– Metal Tube
– Regular Head
– Bristle brush
– Long crevice
– Power Adapter with EU plug
– Docking station (Home Base)
– English User Manual

Easy to Set Up?

Setting up the Dibea C17 was really easy and straightforward, you just have to mount and click the desired set up for your cleaner. And when a different type of set up is required just release the slots again and click the desired parts. The English manual also elaborates on how to use and maintain the C17, we have scanned the manual which can be downloaded here.

The cleaner feels comfortable, decent and is truly lightweight. After using the vacuum cleaner we looked into the dust tank, it is quite funny to see all the collected dust, food and other sucked items together. Emptying the dust tank was very easy by just pressing the dust lock button.

Dibea C17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Three Different Setups

Complete Setup

The full setup (Main Element + Metal tube + Regular Head) we used to clean the house like we normally do with a normal vacuum cleaner. We directly noticed that the suction power is not comparable to a normal vacuum cleaner which is less effective and results in a longer cleaning time.

The amount of Watt indicates often on how strong the suction power is, a normal vacuum cleaner is around 600-700 Watt while cordless vacuum cleaners are around to 120 Watt.

A big surplus although is that with the metal tube and long crevice, you can easily reach normal ceilings height to remove i.e. spider webs or dust above closets.

The Car

The car setup (Main Element + Long crevice), an ideal setup to walk outside towards your car and clean easily the interior. The suction amount and long crevice work quite well. This definitely feels better than using an extension cord and a normal vacuum cleaner. We were surprised by the amount of dirt in the dust tank.

Quick Setup

The stairs and quick clean setup (Main Element + Regular Head). It feels good to clean the stairs without hassle in 3 minutes, while normally the cord is not long enough to cover the entire stairs.

A quick cleaning, which worked, was required after having drinking coffee with biscuits, milk powder and sugar covering the area. Also cleaning the dropped flour bag in the basement was resolved within seconds.


– Suction Power: 120W
– Dust tank capacity: 350ml
– Suction: 7000 Pa or 4000 Pa (two-speed)
– Power adapter: US plug or EU plug
– Noise: 65 dB
– Airflow: 20 m3/s
– Weight: 2.8 kg
– Lithium-ion battery output voltage: 26.5V
– Lithium-ion battery input voltage: 22.2V
– Lithium-ion battery capacity: 2200mAh
– Charging time (according to manual): 4 hours
– Working time (according to manual):  40 minutes (speed 1) | 25 minutes (speed 2)

Charging and Working Time

After fully charging the battery, which took 4 hours and 21 minutes, we tested the duration time at the two-speed option starting with three full yellow bars.  After 4:50 minutes the first bar disappeared, the second bar at 10 minutes and the last vacuum sound was recorded at 22:14 minutes.

Dibea C17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Our Recommendation

For light purposes, car cleaning, specific spots, ceilings and cleaning up food accidents this Debia C17 is really handy and a clever device. Specific places and spots, i.e. a hairy cat lying on the couch will be cleaned more often as pet hair is cleaned easily. This also accounts, for example, your car and stair which is normally a hassle.

We don’t think it is a good idea to replace your regular vacuum cleaner for the C17. But if you want a cordless and light vacuum cleaner for the spots which are hard to reach with a normal vacuum cleaner then the C17 is your friend!

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