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When visiting China web-shops you often see radio control vehicles. Popular products are radio control (RC) cars, helicopters and drones. CompareImports organized in collaboration with Banggood, DealeXtreme, Focalprice and MiniInTheBox a race with different RC cars. RC cars can be found in all kind of sizes, prices, specialties and brands. To indicate the diversity off the cars and give you an idea what you can expect when buying one we organized a RC Race.

The participating web-shops had the freedom to suggest/provide a RC car of their choice. After consultation with the Chinese web-shops CompareImports elaborated the following four race locations. CompareImports would like to thank especially Banggood for its great communication and faith and DealeXtreme for making this race possible.

  • A skate park where a race with obstacles will be made
  • An half pipe where jumps and tricks
  • Indoor shots with the smaller cars
  • The beach where we tested the cars on rougher surface

Since we can imaging that you don’t want read everything and just want to watch the movie click below on the play button.

The Four Cars

1. Banggood gave us the awesome opportunity to test the robust and heavy FS 53910 1/10 2.4G 4WD Brushed RC Desert Buggy


2. DealeXtreme provided us the WLtoys WL2019 Mini High-Speed USB Charging 2-CH Car. They offered this smaller radio-controlled car for review and the race. .


3. Compare Imports obtained the WLtoys L959 Off-Road Buggy by Focalprice,this buggy also available at on DX and Banggood.


4. Funny enough MiniInTheBox also provided the WLtoys WL2019 Mini High-Speed USB Charging 2-CH Car.


Unfortunate we couldn’t include both WL2019 in our race since they run on the same frequency channel. This means that react on the same controller and not control independently. Although the 2 channel feature we couldn’t find how to change this even Google did not give us a solution.


In November the cars arrived one by one with the postal worker. Banggood won the first delivery race :), a larger package than expected was delivered.  Unfortunate customs picked out the package and import cost had to be paid. The box included;

Desert Buggy car | 220V charger | Controller | Battery | English manual

The box had already been opened, probably all functions were tested in the warehouse before it was send. The packages from DealeXtreme and MiniInTheBox were nearly the same. A single box included;

WL2019 car | USB charging cable | Controller | Chinese and English manual | Safeguard circle for tricks and jumps | 10 Roadblocks

The last racing car that arrived was the WLtoys L959 which also was a big package and contained;

L959 Buggy car | 220V charger | Controller | Battery | English manual

In the manuals of the bigger cars pages where included with part numbers which can be used to order broken, defect and spare parts.

TIP 1: Don’t trow away your manual since you might need it in the future! 

After the unboxing all cars were charged like indicated; Desert Buggy 3 hours, WL2019 45 minutes and L959 3 hours. The charger could be directly connected with battery within the Desert Buggy car and the battery integrated in WL2019 car. For the WLtoys L959 the battery first had to be removed and placed in the charger. The batteries from the bigger cars can be removed which has the advantage that the battery can easily changed with a spare battery.

First Impression

Since we first didn’t know which radio control cars we could expect it was hard to decide if there would be difference between the cars. After receiving the cars it quickly become clear that the WL2019 was much smaller than the other two cars. Afterwards we could have known since all the product description include a scale compared to a normal car. It sounds logical but most people, including us, forgot the size off the cars when compare cars by pictures, lesson learned :). WLtoys is a known and reliable brand and has a large offer of RC cars.

TIP 2: Don’t get surprised and be aware of the car size!

It’s clear that a competition between the cars will not be fair, therefore we mostly highlighted the two bigger cars apart from the WL2019.

– The WL2019 comes across as a car which is fun to play with indoor.

– The FS Desert Buggy looks and feels like a Monster truck which can be handle heavy terrains and complicated surfaces.

– The L959 gives the impression that can go fast and looks like a smaller Formula 1 race car.

TIP 3: Wonder if you want a RC car for indoor, outdoor or both!


The controllers of the cars where slightly different. Our first impression after using the WL2019 controller is that it’s not comfortable to hold and several control buttons were useless since they don’t have a function. A good option is the “gear” option where you can control your speed. The Desert Buggy and the L959 are performed with a trigger finger to control speed and forward/backwards and a steering wheel is used to give direction. All controllers needs 6 AA batteries to power them. Steering with the Desert Buggy and the L959 is first a bit weird since it is a different controller than a normal. But after a few times steering is very easy! The controller of the Desert Buggy has several fine tune options so that you can adjust it like you want.

TIP 4: If more playtime is desired, please consider a spare battery!

The control distance of all the cars is good and did not gave issues. As you would expect the WL2019 had the least good reach but is enough for this small car. The FS Desert buggy and WLtoys L959 have both an excellent control distance which becomes clear when playing on the beach.

The playing time for Desert buggy is around 15 minutes, the WL2019 is around 8 minutes and L959 10 minutes!

Skate Park race

For our races we used several camera’s. One of them which we need to enlighten is the popular SJ4000 which can be bought in several chinese webshops. The WL9595 was slightly adjusted so that we could mount the SJ4000. The result of the shots satisfied us a lot and CompareImports therefore recommends this camera. The SJ4000 made HD quality shots, is easy to use,waterproof and very steady.

The race on the skate park was good for testing the acceleration, handling and speed. Overall the L959 was the best car, good acceleration and easy to handle. The WL2019 is also easy to handle since it’s small. The FS Desert buggy was most stable on some hubs, not that strange since it’s a 4×4 wheel drive.

Skate Park Freestyle

The best car to jump with is the FS Desert Buggy which is very stable and landed perfect. Probably because off its weight and great suspension. The WLtoys L959 also was impressive in the skate park. An excellent hang time but landing was quite difficult. Because of the difficult, slippery ground, power and its lack of weight we excluded the WL2019.

TIP 5: A slippery surface (wet) makes it hard to find grip! 


For the indoor shots we only used the WL2019 since the space was to small for the other cars. Indoor we made a small jump and slalom. Off-record; the cats really amused themselves with the cars.

TIP 6: Amuse your cat with the WLtoys WL2019! 


The beach is FS Desert Buggy’s homeground. With his 4×4 it even can ride in deep loose sand, the L959 had much more trouble with deep sand. Steering was like expected with both of the cars easily. It was really fun riding on the beach and it looked like the cars also enjoyed it.  The L959 accidentally hit the seawater when we were riding on the beach.The power was still on but the connection between the remote and car was gone. Back home we unmounted the car fully and dried everything with the hair dryer. Sand particles blocked and malfunctioned the engine. After removing this particles and assembling we could use the car as we did before.

TIP 7: Try to stay out of the water :)! 

Overall conclusion

If you are searching for an indoor RC Car you should definitely buy the WL2019! This car is small, handy, quickly charged and is easy to control. When you want a RC Car mainly for outdoor purpose with proper battery time, decent control distance and that can take jumps you should choose the FS Desert Buggy.
The L959 is CompareImports best car! This all rounder can be used as well indoor as outdoor. The L959 has great steering and response is easy to control with a great control distance and is very fast (up to 50 km/h!). Besides that it can take jumps, a camera can be mounted. The WLtoys L959 can already be bought for just $ 57,20 dollar!  A disadvantages is the relative short play time and therefore we advice a spare battery.

overallscoreWe hope we gave you a good view on what to except when buying a RC car from china. Remember that a RC cars always have to be charged and playtime is endless!

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