Compare Imports Life Story – January 2014

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On April the 30th in 2013 our website launched. Since then many updates and upgrades were made and we still keep improving.

At the beginning we only displayed five China wholesale webshops: Deal Extreme, MiniInTheBox, PriceAngels, FocalPrice and Banggood. It was possible to browse their products through the categories, however updating the content was a slight issue. In order to fix those problems we invested in a background process-server which created a sustainable/maintainable system for the future. The main purpose of this server is to execute automated services without using processor power or bandwidth from the hosting server. As example, updating the pricing, description and availability of each product.

Our first major upgrade was the price filter at the top of each category, together with the stars and text filter. In this manner products can be easily distinguished from each other. Later on we integrated the products from other sources. They were already searchable but not yet viewable in the categories. In this way it is possible to view available product data from more than ten web shops through the search function. These updates made choosing and viewing products easier but of course this is far from perfect. That is our main concern for the future, better and more functionality in browsing compare imports so that you find the wanted product faster.

Anyhow we encountered some problems and the developing schedule went loggerheads. Our system to categorize products could not cope with more than five websites. So from there on we started over again, building a better system to categorize products. With the latter manner we could easily cope an uncountable number of web shops. One problem, it takes time. Almost one year later we are still working on this issue, but learned from our earlier thoughts!

Besides solving these issues we also added new pages;

The Blog –

Best Buy Guides –

A Coupon Page –

Daily Deals –

So what can you expect in the near future: more blogs! More reviews! New Best buy guides! Better browsing! More relevant products in category! Filters in categories! More web shops! But the most radical change will be the design! A new logo and new site will be elaborated soon.

Hence, a small update from our side. Hopefully you are enjoying the website so far!

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