Chupad D501 – Car DVR – Review

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Insurance and evidence in while driving are essential these days. When was the last time you encountered a lunatic next to you on the road? This is where a dashcam or Car DVR comes in, you will have your proof. Maybe you will record the new internet sensation!


  • Name: Chupad D501
  • Chipset: Novatek 96658
  • Internal memory: 1GB
  • Max External Card Supported: TF 32G (not included)
  • Screen size: 2700 mAh
  • Screen Resolution: 432 x 240
  • Wide Range: 170 degree wide angle
  • Video: 1080P (1920 x 1080)
  • Night vision: No
  • GPS: No
  • Size: 17.95 x 10.70 x 7.30 cm / 7.07 x 4.21 x 2.87 inches
Upsides Downsides
  • Video Quality is great
  • Mounting with a sticker, sticks really good
  • Effective but simple menu
  • When “on” it starts auto recording
  • Cycle recording
  • A bit unclear how to dismount
  • Only a car charger
  • Not ‘that’ secret
  • Mount only on the window

Chupad D501 Package

The package contains not much, just the D501 itself and a car charger. You need to buy an SD card yourself. However, you don’t need much more. The space on the SD card is not important, the Chupad will just overwrite earlier recorded movies.

Chupad D501 Video Quality

See the following video for an example of the film quality. The wide angle and 1080p video quality are clearly visible. The shots are nice.

Chupad D501 Looks

Chupad D501

Chupad D501

Chupad D501

Chupad D501

Chupad D501

Chupad D501 Stealth

The Chupad is so called looking “stealth”. For me it’s not clear why they call it stealth, it’s easy visible behind the window. And with the chrome lens at the front, it will obviously attract attention. I would more think of a dashcam which actually fits on the desk and not on the window.

Chupad D501 Design

Most parts of the design are made of plastic. However, it has some good and bad points. The Chupad fit’s perfect on the window and with the adjustable eyepiece, you could always find the right corner to film. The mount sticker (on the window) works great. This part was also our blunder when trying to remove the Chupad. We actually broke the mounting system, because the sticker wouldn’t come off the window. Tip for the next one: Just slide it off, that’s how the system works.

Besides the good features there were also some bad. One of them is the charger input, the L-shaped plug will always go up. Which is a bit inconvenient because the charger is most of the time somewhere beneath the window. A possible solution is to put the Chupad upside down 😉

Should you buy the Chupad?

We think it’s definitely a good value for money. It works out of the box and the menu is user-friendly. Some say this Car DVR makes the best pictures out there. We are not sure if that should be the reason, but that’s definitely a plus. *The price at writing this review is around $60 dollar.

The Chupad D501 is only available at Gearbest and Dealsmachine.

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Maybe the next version is something for you? The Chupad D502. It’s slightly more expensive, you can find it over here.

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