Is This China Shop Trustworthy and Reliable?

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It is evermore complicated to determine if an online shop is credible and honest. And with that many (online) Chinese webshops, it is hard to find out if it is indeed a reliable one.  Normally you would say:

If it is too good to be true? It is not true..

Except, in the case of China shops, some prices seem too good to be true, right? And the uncanny thing is, those prices can be true. However, there is a counter side to that part. Plenty of questions will pop up when you order from a store at the other side of the world.

  • – How do they ship?
  • – How long do I need to wait for my package?
  • – Do I have a warranty?
  • – And what to do when sending the package/product in return?

We don’t answer these questions separately today, but we are trying to help you with the most important one.

How to Determine if A Chinese Shop is Trustworthy

One of the reliability factors to check if a shop is legitimate is checking if they are transparent and accessible about their business. Are they providing genuine information about their shop, or are they hiding information?

We decided that clarity about their office location is a major factor in authenticity. And this post will first focus on that part.

So, we did this extra research for you…

Online shops from China are not always that good in the clarity element. Just a small search to find their (main) office or warehouse locations is often challenging. Below you will find a comprehensive list of main China shops and their offices on the map.

China Online Shops Location Map

I Cannot Find All The Shops On The Map?

This project is still ongoing and in progress, we try to update the map with every new information we get.

But there can be other reasons why the shop is not on the map? When researching the known Chinese shops we found two major reasons for not finding their addresses. We just could not find it anywhere on the internet, or they simply don’t exist anymore.

We will first start with the not existing shops, then we will discuss the straightforward and shabby shops.

Does This China Shop Stil Exist?

Shops which were big and famous earlier can be gone in a flash. And the last couple of years some earlier ‘reliable’ shops are now stopped with selling.

Why bothering about not existing shops?

Some of the mentioned shops below are gone for real. However, there are some shops still out there. Not the shops like we knew, but other people who are using their website domain to fool customers!


Pandawil, in the earlier days we bought electronics from them. Now you can still visit their domain. However, when browsing nothing works anymore. Which is unmistakably better than a scam.



PriceAngels, they have never been that exceptional. Although we always followed them with our price search machine. Yet, approx one year ago they were gone in a beat. And now they are back?

This is an odd situation and there are major red flags on our part. Their chat system is not working, their website looks different and their affiliate deal is offline (so promotors like us, don’t earn any money by advertising for them). Because of those signals we especially warn you to stay away from them.



Chinabuyeanother weird story. This was a reliable Chinese shop, we also compared their products on CompareImports. Momentarily, you will still find a webshop on the domain.

We think Chinabuye is a scam nowadays.

A Shopify shop with a strange cheap vibe, it does not show any signs of the old Chinabuye. But, if you don’t know how it should look you maybe fall into this trap.




Espow, also a webshop which was recently still selling. Their domain is still active but you cannot find anything useful there.


Comebuy, for what it is worth. They left us at the beginning of 2017. Looking for their brand will now give you a tea shop.



Antelife, formerly a shop where you could find many phone accessories for all brands. The main company of Coolicool acquired them. Browsing to will lead you to



Which Shops Are Not Honest and Clear?

Some China shops are not telling us anything about their situation. Which is not always something to worry about, but in some cases certain a point of consideration.

There is no way to find their office or warehouses locations.  Besides, we could not find any company name and their ‘live chat’ is not available. When you want to contact them you need to submit a ticket. So regarding our findings, we should warn you when ordering from Everbuying.

The same counts for Dealsmachine. They and Everbuying have the exact same site. We came across this issue when we found a product image on Dealsmachine, which had the Everbuying logo.


CooliCool, Cafago, and Camfere

In another order of magnitude, we got a similar situation with CooliCool, Cafago, and Camfere. Three shops which are either not transparent with us. We are not able to find their full addresses. On their contact pages, you can find the same contact information and telephone number though.

But there’s a catch..

But, when we contacted them by the live chat app (available on Cafago and Camfere). We found something weird and ridiculous. It looks like we were going to chat with a service employee. However, when typing ‘Hi’ we got prompted toward a submission form. We needed to submit our question and they will get back the ‘first time’.

How can they ever contact me without knowing my telephone or e-mail? 

All companies are registered under the name of ‘A&Ke Limited’. Which is located in the UK (108e, Fountain Court, Victoria Square, Victoria Street, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom AL1 3TF).

Did You Know That Numerous Shops Are Associated with Each Other?

As we mentioned earlier there are various shops which look different but have the same owner.

This can be good or bad, right? If we knew that the shop is related to an honest example, then it is a good thing to rely on. But the examples earlier in the article show us the bad examples.

It is hard to find which shops are related with one or another. But it stands for sure that numerous Chinese shops have the same owners.

Tidebuy, Ericdress, Tbdress, and Shoespie

Tidebuy, Ericdress, Tbdress, and Shoespie are all working under the following name Tidebuy International Limited Polish Branch. Their head office is located in Poland, which is remarkable. Most other shops have their offices in the Shenzhen area or Hong Kong.

After some research that is their European returning address. The lady at the live chat was gracious to explain this to me.

Eforchina and Sunsky-Online

Another good example of two related and trustful shops are Eforchina and Sunsky-Online. They are an example of giving insights into their organizations, with no hidden information.

Which Shops Did Provide Their Address In an Appropriate Manner?

Out of all the research, we did we can estimate some winners and losers. Which shops are not afraid to reveal their fundamental company address information, and on the other side which are ‘purposely’ hiding their information.

This is just about address information, there are many other factors which we will explain later and are also need to be considered.

Transparant Not Clear
  • Sunsky-Online
  • Chinavasion
  • TVC-Mall
  • Eforchina
  • Tmart
  • Tinydeal
  • Geekbuying
  • Fasttech
  • Newchic
  • Zapals
  • Miniinthebox
  • Lightinthebox
  • CooliCool
  • Everbuying
  • Camfere
  • Dealsmachine
  • Focalprice
  • Rotita
  • Gearbest
  • Banggood
  • DealExtreme

This list is not complete, and obviously not the only indicator if a shop is reliable. There are shops in the not clarity side which are probably the ones with the best customer service from all (e.a. Banggood and Gearbest). In following posts and articles, we will try to take other factors also into consideration.


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