Budget ($40) – Alfawise S95 Android Kodi TV Box – Review

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Alfawise is a re-branding company of electronic household goods who offer their products mainly through Gearbest.

Alfawise simply asks electronic manufacturers to integrated their hardware in its own desired look. The S95 in the plastic case with LED display looks modern and feels proper. But in the end, this TV box performs exactly the same as other TV boxes with the Amlogic S905W chip and Android 7 OS.

The chip has a Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU and the Mali-450 GPU which are quite common in new TV boxes and still are far better the SMART-TV chips.


What Did We Get?

Plug and Play – Preinstalled Apps

The S95 is really a plugin device in where nothing much needs to installed or configured. When plugged in in the LED display indicates “BOOT” and after a minute or so the 00:00 time appears which can be adjusted in settings. In the settings menu, you can also connect the device to the internet with the built-in 2.4G WiFi, the remote itself works like a charm. Although it has the latest Android the home screen is really basic and the main focus is that the user opens Kodi.

The main application which has the largest icon is of course “Kodi”, this is open source software which is a must-have if you want to use your TV BOX or other devices as a media center. Several other apps are pre-installed which will save you time setting up the TV Box. Other functional popular network and broadcasting apps like Media Center, Miracast, Mobbro, PPPoE, and Netflix are included. In the applications menu, you can update you S95 with the newest ROMS, if they will be released :).


Kodi Media Center & Player

After launching Kodi for the first time we noticed it was not the latest version and all the extra pre-installed apps on the home screen where included as Kodi-addons. We updated Kodi to the latest version by downloading it on Kodi.tv. After updating this we installed and updated desired add-ons as Netflix and Exodus.

To determine the maximum video bitrate and resolution we downloaded several JellyFish video samples from http://jell.yfish.us/ and played it. The specifications indicated that 4K movies decoded with H.265 can be viewed. Due to this the expectation where high but none of the 4K files display flawless so the first file which runs smoothly was:

File jellyfish-110-mbpshd-h264.mkv | Bitrate 110 Mbps | Resolution 1920×1080 | CODEX H.264 | Profile High | Level 5.0 and size 394 MB.

Is The S95 a Good Buy For Me?

For a price below the $40 this simple and basic S95 TV box works quite well. If you are not looking for a better quality than 1080p, this box will be fine (So if you only watch Netflix you can go for this one).

It will be much better than most smart-tv operation systems but don’t expect a high-class mediacenter box with a fancy layout. The menu was in our view the most disappointed part since you expect something fancy after seeing the marketing pictures on the websites. If you are looking for a TV box with similar specifications, you will often pay 50 percent more.

So in the end, for the basics, this is a good buy! If you want more? You will need to increase your budget.

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