Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband ID107 and Teclast H30

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Smartwatches to track your heart rate, measuring steps, sleeping time, miles/km is an hot gadget this year and probably you are interested in one as well. You can set your health goals, monitor your daily movement, the quality of your sleep and it reminds you to have a rest. Gearbest gave us two Smartwatches to review, the ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband and the Teclast H30 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband.

Let’s first review the ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband.

ID107 Wristband Introduction

The ID107 is one of the devices which controls heart rate and steps, it has a lot additional function like an alarm clock, call reminder, calories burned measuring, distance recording, camera remote control (Android Phone) and a sedentary reminder. The ID107 Smartwatch should be connected with your device with an application called Veryfit.

ID 107 review

APP Veryfit 2.0

ID107 Main Features / Specification

  • nRF51822 chip and Bluetooth 4.0 technology: Adopt nRF51822 chip and Bluetooth 4.0 technology that it can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of your life.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Measure the value of your heart rate, let you know about your heart rate during sports.
  • Pedometer / Sleep monitoring / Sedentary reminder: Your private management expert, monitor the daily movement, the quality of your sleep and remind you to have a rest. Enjoy unfettered moment while helping you achieve your health goals.
  • Distance measurement: Measure your daily walking distance precisely.
  • Calorie consumption management: Calculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burned calorie.
  • Remote camera: Can control your smart phone to take photos, and you can enjoy the pleasure on your wrist.
  • Call reminder: When a call is coming, you can check it without taking out of your mobile phone.
  • Anti-lost: Unique proximity sensor system, take good care of your smart watch and phone.
  • Normal using time: about 3 – 5 days, standby time: about 7 days
  • It can be set 10 alarm clocks
  • Only can use the APP called VERYFIT

ID 107 Wristband User Review

In the package there is a smartwatch, a USB charging cable and one English manual. First thing you should do is downloading the Veryfit app on one of your devices. Then you could utilise all the additional functions. The pairing with the wristband and my android device was very easy, you only have to put your Bluetooth connection on and synchronise. You will have an main page, details, device and user section. In the device section of the app you can switch the functions on or off. The app could store up to 7 days of data.

The wristband design is futuristic, and with the tip of your finger it is very easy to attach it to the wrist. There is a swipe function on the wristband where you could see your heart rate, distance, steps, monitor calories burned and time & date. I did not use the camera function and the anti-lost alert function. The charging time is about 1 hour and the battery will last 3 days with normal use of daily movement and sleeping time.

Upsides Downsides
  • Battery life (3-4 days)
  • Functions
  • Veryfit App
  • Price
  • Waterproof
  • Lot of light while sleeping
  • Simple Design

Teclast H30 Wristband Introduction

The second review is about the Teclast H30 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Wristband. The Teclast H30 is the newest fitness wristband from Teclast. This cheap wristband has a lot of functions as well. Like an Alarm Clock, Avoid phone loss, Call reminder, Calories burned, Camera remote control, Distance recording, Find your phone, Measurement of heart rate, Notification of app, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep management, SMS Reminding, Steps counting and time. And some extra additional functions are the notifications from Facebook, Wechat and Whatsapp which the Teclast H30 will show.

Battery status Teclast H30

Teclast H30 functions

Teclast H30 Main Features / Specifications

  • Heart rate monitoring: it has a AGC intelligent heart rate monitor, which can make accurate calculate of heart beat and adjust the power
  • Detachable dial: you can detach the dial from the wristband, easy charge for it
  • Information pushing: it includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat, SMS and calls
  • Remote camera: it’s convenient to take photos by watch controlling the phone
  • Raise your hand, bright the screen
  • Bidirectional anti-lost function: you can use the H30 to find your phone, or use your phone to find H30
  • Sedentary remind, sleeping monitor, WeChat sports, etc.
  • Life waterproof, no need to worry about splashed water when wear it to wash hands, face, etc.
  • Screen: 0.86 inches OLED with 96 x 32 resolution
  • DA14580 chip
  • Bluetooth function can not be turned off
  • Note: the wristband clasp has been upgraded from single-row into double-row, meanwhile, Teclast official website has been updated

Teclast H30 Wristband User Review

The box contains the Teclast H30, a USB charging cable and an English manual. The display is 0.86 inch OLED display which can give you a lot of information if you have paired this to your smartphone. There is a small touch button on the display which allows you to cycle through al the functions. The following functions are displayed on your wristband: battery status, time and date, burned calories, heart rate, traveled distance. I did not test the message and call notifications.

With the Tsports application you can see all your daily activity and you could set up which functions you would like use from the Teclast H30. Teclast promises that the battery will last for nearly 30 days but with normal use you should charge this device every other day. The charging time is about 1 hour.

Upsides Downsides
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Price
  • Oled Screen
  • Phone Notification
  • Fast Charging
  • Only black
  • Battery life (2 days)

Which one should you buy?

It depends on how often you will use it and if you would like to use many phone functions. The ID 107 works perfectly with the app but has no notification for WhatsApp or Facebook. I preferred the ID 107 since the pairing is easier and the app is more friendly. An extra plus is the battery lasting time is better for the ID 107 as well. If you would like to have many phone notifications then you should buy the Teclast H30. The prices at the time of writing are for the Teclast H30 about $16 dollars and the ID107 about $17 dollar. We think they are both definitely good value for money!

The Smartwatches are available at Gearbest and Dealsmachine, Banggood and more Webshops. Just hit one of the beneath buttons to compare the prices and find out where to find them.

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