BlitzWolf Speaker BW-F3 Review

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There are times in life when the average phone speaker just won’t do, but you also don’t want to haul your entire stereo set along with you. The BlitzWolf BW-F3 Bluetooth speaker may just be the solution.

BlitzWolf BW-F3 – Features

Bluetooth connection
3.5mm jack (3.5mm cable included)
Micro USB connection for charging (USB cable included)
Shockproof, dustproof, waterproof
Power, volume, and play/pause/answer button
2*5W stereo speakers
Compatible with a camera stand.
Battery lasts up to six hours

Both 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth work well. The range is about 10 meters when there are no obstacles in the way, which is according to specifications. The buttons work well, and seem to be compatible with (at least) Android phones: even on apps like Youtube the buttons can be used to play/pause and skip songs! When turning the speaker on, and when pairing it, a tune is heard to indicate success. When controlling it, there is also audible feedback. Though useful, these tunes and the feedback are a little loud to our liking.





BlitzWolf BW-F3 – Build Quality

The speaker appears to be very well built. Though it is made almost entirely of plastic and rubber, it looks like it will withstand the occasional drop. There is a little rubber flap to cover the inputs, and as there are no openings around the buttons, the housing looks quite water and dustproof. Although we did not put it up to the real test.. we trust that the IPX5 label will hold place.

BlitzWolf BW-F3 – Sound Quality

As the speaker consists of two small drivers, we would be very surprised if the speaker performed as well as your average home cinema set. That being said, the speaker sounds truly good. There is a stronger bass than we would expect from such a small speaker, and the speaker hardly distorts, even at loud volumes.

The range of the speaker, according to spec, is 160 to 20,000Hz. When playing a frequency sweep, we found that the speaker actually starts at around 50Hz, though the volume for these low frequencies is much lower than of high frequencies, and thus you probably won’t experience them when playing music. The specs, therefore, appear realistic.

The microphone works considerably well, though it seems a bit weak. This likely won’t be a problem when using it indoor, but outdoor (or when seated a distance away from the speaker) this may be more of an issue.

BlitzWolf BW-F3 – Conclusion

This is a decent portable speaker. For its size, the sound quality is surprisingly good. It does not come anywhere close to a HiFi system, but it’s a great speaker to take along on a trip where power is not immediately available, and even in somewhat more hostile environments, like a canoe or the beach. Thanks to the built-in microphone, it may also be used in combination with a cell phone to enhance sound quality for conference calls.

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