BlitzWolf BW-LT5 Pro LED Camping Latern Waterproof Powerbank Emergency

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The BlitzWolf® LT5, also known has the BW-LT5, is a lighting solution for different purposes like camping, hiking, reading light or emergency light. The LED light has a stunning battery life up to 75 hours depending on the light mode. Using the compact designed LED light and its 5 different lighting modes is very easy. A good English manual with clear information is provided.

Innovated Successor

The BW LT5 Pro is the successor of the BW LT3 Pro or BW-LT3. This newer light is improved with a Panasonic battery (3350 mAh), waterproof IP68 case (up to two meters under water) and a red or white light option. Besides using the BW-LT5 as a light you can also use it has a powerbank. With its capacity of 3350mAh, you can charge any USB device.

blitzwolf bw-lt5 pro


Light Modes

Turning on the light and choosing the brightness mode is done but pressing the green button on top. Turning off the light is done by holding the button for 2 seconds. A big surplus is that the BlitzWolf LED light can be charged with a universal micro USB port so you don’t have to rely on batteries.

Another advantage is the magnetic bottom which has become quite useful several times, for instance, you can attach the light to most metallic parts of your car or on a space in your barn. And if no metallic surface is available you can use the lanyard to hang the light for instance in your camping tent. Our advice would be to keep one in your car in the case your car breaks down.

BlitzWolf BW-LT5 Pro


The brand BlitzWolf is a very reliable brand and all their products are higher quality products for a nice price. Besides that, they give 18 months warranty on their products.

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