BlitzWolf – BW-D1 120G 2.5 inch SATA3 Solid State Drive SSD vs China SSD’s

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We got the opportunity from Banggood to test the BlitzWolf BW-D1 Solid State Drive. To be honest, we are no SSD or HDD experts. But, we know a lot about buying from China and the overall quality. What to buy and what not? SSD’s from China are products which are getting more interesting every day. But, how do they perform? Because of that, we did some research on the about Chinese SSD’s and different benchmarks. How does the Blitzwolf BW-D1 perform against his competitors?


About BlitzWolf

Chinese brands are getting more known in the rest of the world, and BlitzWolf is one of them. Most of the time we compare prices for different shops and brands. However, Blitzwolf is at the moment only available at Banggood or Amazon. The brand sells all kind of products and focuses more on creating quality stuff. We reviewed some BlitzWolf products in the past:


Should you buy a SSD from China?

The discussion, if you should or should not purchase a particular product from China, is not something new. First, we did not know if buying Remote Control products was reliable in China. Later, we were a bit hesitating if the purchase of a Phone or Tablet from China was a good idea. The answer to that question is clear by now, buying a Phone or Tablet from China is a real good value for money deal. For Solid State Drives and laptops we are now in the convincing phase, we are researching if those products are good quality and good value for money. So trying an SSD from China is certainly worth trying.


Compare China SSD’s

In order to get a nice overview we compare a few China Solid State Drives from 120GB and around the same price. In that matter we could actually define what value to money actually is and how the BLitzWolf is performing against those other models. The information about the other SSD’s is found from reviews around the world.

Which SSD gives most GB’s for money?

Of course, these numbers are at the time of writing, and you should always check our search engine for actual pricings.

  • BlitzWolf – 120GB – $54.99 = 0.45825
  • Netac NT620 – 120GB – $45.99 = 0.38325

  • KingDian S280 – 120GB – $45.99 = 0.38325
  • Eaget S600 – 120GB – $51.92= 0.43267

In the first analysis, the BlitzWolf does not win against the competition. The price for each is GB is higher than from his competitors.


BlitzWolf BW-D1 – Benchmark

First of all, the BlitzWolf BW-D1 does only contain the SSD itself. Extra needed cables, mounts or adapters are not included. So, to use the SSD, you need to buy those parts separately. The official BlitzWolf BW-D1 page.

Read Write
Seq 498.44 377.31
4K 24.77 66.67
4K-64Thrd 92.46 122.33
Acc.time 0.059 ms 0.478 ms
Score 167 227
Overall 484

Over here you can find a really comprehensive review with many graphs/benchmarks/numbers about the Blitzwolf. The main conclusion from that article is that the Blitzwolf performance well on reading capability, but scores on the lower end for writing performance. Next, to that, the BlitzWolf got some nice features like; Device Sleep for ultra-low power consumption in sleep and different hibernation modes.


What do we Measure with a SSD benchmark?

We should explain it briefly. There are three factors which determine the performance of an SSD. They measure the capability in how many input and output (IO) operations the Solid State Drive can perform in every second, called IOPS. The three most important factors concerning this are; how often, how long it takes, speed of data in and out.

IF you are looking for more explanation about the different tests: Read this explanation. For now, how higher the score how better. Except for Acc.time, we want to score as low as possible there.

Eaget S600

We were not able to find a proper brand website from Eaget, we only found this website.. but we are not sure if that’s the official one. Eaget is a USB, HDD, NAS, and SSD specialised manufacturer from China. The video below explains the question, “does it suck?”.

Read Write
Seq 329,32 73,26
4K 22,60 44,24
4K-64Thrd 28,70 57,03
Acc.time 0,282ms 0,123ms
Score 84 109
Overall 233

Netac NT620

The official Netac website.

Read Write
Seq 500,40 296,88
4K 26,04 82,10
4K-64Thrd 275,29 230,23
Acc.time 0,054 ms 0,046 ms
Score 351 342
Overall 872

We could only find a youtube video of the 256GB variant. The Netac NT620 is the best-tested SSD from our comparison.

KingDian S280 120GB SSD

Read Write
Seq 483,69 357,25
4K 18,24 38,55
4K-64Thrd 458,00 81,62
Acc.time 0,097ms 0,116 ms
Score 525 156
Overall 946

You can find a comprehensive review over here.

Compared to the Samsung EVO 850 250GB

How do these “cheap” Chinese SSD perform against the top model from Samsung, the 850 EVO.

Read Write
Seq 504,97 487,08
4K 39,46 88,39
4K-64Thrd 363,16 120,39
Acc.time 0,110 ms 0,046 ms

Overview All Tests

Al total overview of the results from each all SSD’s and each test.


Overall Score and Best Price

How does the Blitzwolf BW-D1 perform against his competitors?

If we compare the BlitzWolf against other Chinese SSD’s it is not the best buy. The Netac and KingDian are delivering more GB’s for a dollar and perform better in the benchmarks. However, the BlitzWolf has two main features. It’s quite, got a ultra-low power consumption in sleep and different hibernation modes.


In the end, buying a Chinese SSD is certainly something to consider.

Find the best actual price on SSD’s in China:

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Buy BlitzWolf BW-D1 directly

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