Banggood Xiaomi Earphone Coupons with 25% Discount

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Banggood is offering some nice earphone coupons. They have discounts on all the available Xiaomi (In-Ear) Earphone Models.

Original Xiaomi Hybrid Pro

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Now: $19,49
Discount: 25%
Coupon: ff9e70
Valid: 2017.9.12


Original Xiaomi Sport In-ear

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Now: $21,59
Discount: 20%
Coupon: fce616
Valid: 2017.9.10


Original Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Wired Control Earphone

Now: $14,88
Discount: 20%
Coupon: 68a397
Valid: 2017.9.29


Original Xiaomi Youth Version Mini Light Wireless Bluetooth Earphone 

Now: $10,39
Discount: 20%
Coupon: 6f186e
Valid: 2017.9.17


Original Xiaomi Piston Air Capsule 45° Semi-in-ear Wired Control Headphone

Now: $12,79
Discount: 20%
Coupon: d5a972
Valid: 2017.9.12


Original Xiaomi Active Noise Canceling USB Type-C Hybrid Driver Earphone 

Now: $51,65
Discount: 18%
Coupon: 20b289
Valid: 2017.9.10


Original Xiaomi Mini Version Sport Lightweight IPX4 Waterproof Earhooks Bluetooth Earphone With Mic

Now: $34,19
Discount: 10%
Coupon: CellAcc
Valid: 2017.12.28


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