Banggood Easter Egg Hunt Game “Walkthrough”

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From the 7th till the 27th of March Banggood has a Easter Egg Hunt Game. When you find 5 different colors of easter eggs you will get some coupons ($2, $3 or $7 dollars coupons corresponding with a spending amount of $4, $6 or $14 dollars). Other prices are Banggood points(10,20,30 points), the UMI Rome X Smartphone, the JJRC H20 Quadcopter or the Blitzwolf LED Light. We already searched and have find many eggs so you wont have to look for yourself!

eastern banggood
There are 5 colored Easter eggs and once you put them to your wishlist you will see on the Easter hunt page a machine slot where you can get your bonus.It is not necessary to share this on Facebook! Just Play the game.

Main link to the Hunt game:

Here are the links where you can find other eggs:

Purple eggs can be found over here:
Green eggs can be found over here:
Red eggs can be found over here: and here
Blue eggs can be found over here:–c-140.html
Yellow Eggs can be found over here:

There are three of each color, so you can put the lever with a maximum of 3 times a day.
Check this post frequently since Eaters eggs locations will be updated.
If you want to search for yourself don’t click on those links and enjoy searching!

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