Automatic Mechanical Watches

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The mechanical automatic watch is an old piece of fine technology (since 1770, The Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet said to have invented a self-winding mechanism). Its working is based on the principles of kinetic energy, every movement is energy. So it works “without” a battery and you don’t need to wind it. Just by moving you are using energy and in this same idea when something moves it produces energy, like a car is making energy out of movement through a dynamo (energy which is mainly used to make the lights and radio work).

An automatic watch will do the same, it will use your arm movements as new energy; when you turn your wrist, pull your arms up or down, or just by walking. Hence, the watch creates and stores the energy. This process of recording and transforming movement into energy  is carried out through an ingenuous system of radars, gears and wheels in the housing of the watch. All automatic watches have their price, but also their durability. After five years, just oil the mechanism inside and it will charge itself as new for another five years

Cause of this complex system most mechanical watches are very expensive. Starting prices are around a 100 dollar, but in China they are able to make everything and they will sell most stuff for normal producing prices, closer to the production cost and therefore much cheaper.

As a member of the compare imports team I was caught by this fantastic piece of engineering and I wanted to buy an automatic watch for a while. And since we discovered China’s wholesale shipping it is not that expensive anymore. Compare Imports has a collection of more then 200 mechanical watches, in a price range of 7,88 USD to 98,04 USD. My first automatic watch bought a few years ago at DX (My Watch) is still working fine. Even the wristband (made of artificial leather) fits well and remains beautiful. Even through the fact that at first it was a bit hard and rigid.

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