Are Those 11-11 Deals Really That Great?

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Mentioned in an earlier article we are now offering a new feature, the Price History Tracker. In that article, we show a quick overview of the premium prices Chinese shops offer and the real discount compared to the earlier price of the product.

For today we do the same but just grab some pre Single’s Day 11-11 Deals. Almost every Chinese shop is offering a warm-up promotion in front of the big 11-11 day. However, are those outstanding 11-11 discount deals honestly that great?

We compare meaningful shops, TomTop, Banggood, and Gearbest. There are so many deals; they cannot be all that great right?

Are TomTop 11-11 Deals Remarkable?

We chose some Xiaomi products from the TomTop 11-11 Promotion.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K HD Smart TV Box – Global version

TomTop points that this product was sold for 109.99 dollars. According to our price tracker, the highest price for the Xiaomi Mi TV Box was 79.89 dollar. You can now get it for $69.99. So you get a 10 dollar discount, but the same discount deal was also available at half September.



The actual price of the Huami Amazfit was $132.99, and now it is sold for 116.99 dollars. According to TomTop, the regular price was 198.54 dollar. The Amazfit got the same discount in an earlier promotion, just like we noticed with the Xiaomi TV Box. So 11-11 is not a reason to give us more discount.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Smartphone 4G Phone 5.5 inches

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is an excellent value to price deal even without the discount. However, for the sake of this research, we checked the specialness of the deal.


And just like the two other products, the Redmi Note has the same premium price as with the earlier TomTop promotion. The normal price is $195.99 (their regular price: $255.62), and now you can grab it for $186.99. A small 9 dollar decrease.

TomTop 11-11 is Not That Special

The deals from TomTop (pre 11-11) are not that special as any other regular promotion, in some cases exactly the same. They present their deals far more interesting than they are, but this is something every shop (not only from China) does.

Of course, a discount is a discount, it is obvious that you will not find those products this cheap outside their promotions. Go directly to the TomTop Single’s Day promotion page. They offer coupons on top of their offers for every category, specials for new users, and they keep their real 11-11 one day snap sale as a secret. So maybe worth to give it a quick look next Saturday.


How Are The Banggood Deals Doing?

We picked a small JJRC and Eachine Drone from the Banggood Promotion Website for their fire baptism.

JJRC H37 Mini Baby Elfie

The max selling price of the JJRC H37 was $45.57 dollar. You can get it now for $34.99. Which is more than 10 dollar discount. Banggood tells you that the product was $49.99, which is apparently not true. But, they are not lying as much as other websites about the regular prices.


Eachine E012HW Mini

The average cost of this Eachine E012HW mini quadcopter is 31.12 dollar. The deal is now $26.99. The best price since we started the price history analysis. However,
we found it earlier for the same price, $26.99. The list price at Banggood indicates $62.99, which is far higher than they ever asked. In the end, you will get a $6 discount ( 18% pure discount ).


Banggood Gives Some Margin at Singles Day

In comparison with TomTop, Banggood is offering relatively larger discounts. In consideration that we researched less expensive products. Their regular prices are sometimes just as absurd.


Besides the regular discounts you can also find coupons for 10-15% OFF and many prizes to win. Their main 11-11 promotion is from 10 to 12 Nov.

Do the Gearbest 11-11 Deals Keep Up?

The first thing we immediately noticed. The 11-11 discount deals are better than any other price in the past according to our history checker. So we have some real deals at Gearbest.

Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO Notebook

The price history for this Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro is going up and down. But now it is lower than ever at Gearbest. It was juggling between $250 and $294.27. You can now get it for $219.11


Gearbest does not show the regular price but a discount percentage, they express the product for 26% OFF. Like with any other webshop, this is not from the last price. Then it would be around 13%, which is nevertheless a good discount!

Anet A6 3D Desktop Printer Kit

The Anet A6 is never been that cheap at Gearbest. But the relative price decrease is fairly small. You can now get it for $175.99, and the highest price was $182.99. A $7 dollar discount.


Don’t be dissapointed. Gearbest is the best Anet A6 deal with free shipping!

The Gearbest Deals are Still Standing!

Their 11-11 deals are for sure the best price you can get on Gearbest. So that makes the day more special than any other promotion.The regular price is like any other shop a bit overdone.

Their Singles Day promotion also offers some great sitewide coupons , don’t mis them.


*small note about the price history tracker. The graph only checks if the deal is good for the specific product at the particular shop. It does not compare the product with other stores.

*Prices in this article can be incorrect due to the fast changes.

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