2014 FIFA World Cup

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Getting ready for the world cup; shirts, fun gadgets

12 juni in Brasil, first kick off of the World Cup 2014. A lot off people will enjoy this event. Pubs, homes and squares will fill with soccerfans all dressed with jerseys, hats, scarves and flags ect. Will you be the one not wearing orange, blue, yellow or the official jersey?

With a small investment you’ve a big eyecatcher. Below a couple of exampels

Lot of different team shirts

Lot of different team shirts

Dinodirect sell you for less than $30 a teamshirts.Click on the picture above. Or try the direct link by clicking the dutch shirt.


With a smaller investment there are nice t shirts with you country’s flag. DX sells the t-shirt below only $10.

shirt cameroon

Not a shirt but a horn to make some noise! For less then $ 2.

Enjoy the game!



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